Star Ring Mission Chapter 278


Chapter 278 Notice (Second Update)

In the city of black glory, Xiao Wen and Chen Shan stand in front of the map in the office , looking at the latest battle situation in Yuechuan Plain.

The two laughed until their stomachs hurt.

“Are you saying that the guys from the Wet God Guild shot themselves in the foot? It took a lot of effort to eat Yuechuan Plain, and forcibly I was almost killed by myself.”

“human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food, when there is a leader taking the lead, no one has to go crazy to get a piece of the pie. I tell you, not to mention those wanderings, I am all I’m very moved, I’m so poor right now, it’s a windfall to grab a mine.”

Chen Shan said with emotion.

“Okay, don’t complain.”

Xiao Wen is in a good mood and replied, Qian Chengxue and Su Mo have given them too many surprises recently.

At this time, a subordinate came in and saluted, respectfully reporting.

“Report to Corps Head, the latest news, the Fourth Legion of the Wet God Guild, the Fifth Army has gathered more than 200,000 troops and headed to the Yuechuan Plain.”

“This group of Wet Gods The people in the guild are really crazy.”

Chen Shan was speechless after hearing the news.

“This time it’s troublesome, our current troops are fighting with the Free Victory Guild and the others to snatch the largest military base left by the Dragon Kingdom, and there is simply no force to be dispatched to help!”

Xiao Wen also felt very troubled when he heard the news. Under normal circumstances, with such a large-scale Legion transfer by the Wet God Guild, they should have responded.

The problem is that their troops are now on the main battlefield.

“You better inform Lin Ming immediately, Qianchengxue and the others should evacuate.”

Chen Shan thought about it and suggested.

“That’s the only way to do it.”

Xiao Wen nodded, this is the default plan.

Yuechuan Plain, a gold mine in the Eastern District.

The players of the Martial God guild are mining like crazy with large excavators, and tons of gold ore are being dug out.

Lin Ming, who was wearing a soldier’s armor, looked at the gold ore that was dug up, and was in a very happy mood. Although the current income is not comparable to the previous one, there is an advantage. Now the gold mines dug up do not need to be handed over, so it is also very considerable.

Give him a little more time, and he can make up for the damage from the previous attack.

It’s a pity that there are no such good things in the world.

Lin Yao hurried over and said anxiously to Lin Ming: “I received the latest news from the military, the guys from the Wet God Guild are crazy, and they have sent two regular troops to support us. We estimate that we have to withdraw. It’s gone.”

“Withdraw? How to withdraw? How long have we dug more? If we withdraw now, how can we make up for our losses?”

Lin Ming looked at the tons of gold ore Some don’t want to.

“If you don’t withdraw now, it will be too late to turn around.”

Lin Yao was also stunned.

“What are you afraid of, there are so many people here, do you see anyone withdrawing? No one else is afraid, what are we afraid of, there is no risk for anything! If they dare to come, we dare to beat them, is it possible that we Dignified a Martial God guild, how dare a Legion from the Dawning guild?”

Lin Ming’s imposing manner was fully replied.

Of course, the reason why he is so confident is because there are too many people here to make a fortune this time. Even if you are beaten, there are people who help you fight.

“Hey, well, starve to death for the cowardly, and to die for the daring.”

Lin Yao is also ready to fight.

Qianchengxue also received the notification in the Coteto Gold Mine area, and she briefly explained the matter to Su Mo and the others.

“What do you guys think?”

“Keep digging, let them go!”

“That’s right, dare to come and beat us together!”

None of Sun Li and the others were cowards, but each of them became more and more daring.

Qianchengxue turned her head and looked towards Su Mo, she wanted to hear Su Mo’s opinion.

“Su Mo, what do you think?”

“I don’t think the situation is too bad, we can continue to dig. After all, so many players are pouring in every day, and The Martial God Guild has no sign of withdrawing, even if the Wet God Guild support army comes, it may not be able to take advantage of it.”

Su Mo thought for a while and replied.

“Then it’s decided. Recently, everyone has been working hard and staying in the company to deal with sudden battles at any time.”

Qianchengxue finalized the matter.


Five days later, the distraught Amorkady finally ushered in a savior.

The Fourth Corps Head Sharut and Fifth Army Chief Akshay, who had traveled all the way to support, finally arrived, and the three embraced each other.

“You are finally here.”

Amokadi said excitedly.

“Don’t worry, brother, we have brought enough weapons and personnel this time, and we promise to help you clean up all the rubbish.”

The grumpy Sharut solemnly vowed replied.

“Okay, then let’s take down the Coteto mine first.”

Amokadi said fiercely. The culprit behind everything was the Legion of the Dawning Guild, which made his heart bleed all the time.

“I heard that there is a third-generation mecha in that gold mining area? However, no matter how strong a mecha is, we will help you kill him!”

“Yes, kill him. And you don’t have to bother to get the mines back one by one, let’s fight together!” Now, they didn’t plan to work in vain at all. The hard bones are to be chewed, but the soft ones are even more to be chewed, and they can be taken away directly after they are chewed.

As for attacking Coteto, they are not really interested, because it is not theirs to fight.

Amokadi naturally saw what the two meant, and he could only barely answer with a smile.



In the early morning, Yuechuan Plain, a small gold mine.

A stray player opened his eyes, stretched, and stood up.

“Xiao Yi wakes up.”

The companion next to him shouted.

“Wake up, wake up, how did you do yesterday?”

Xiao Yi asked in a good mood.

“It’s not bad. In one night, we scoured about five kilograms of gold.”

“Damn, so much. Last night, we made 10,000 yuan. There are more than 30 brothers, each of them can be divided into 300 yuan, which is also very profitable!”

“Look at your promising appearance, I tell you that as long as you can dig for a month, we will You can go home to eat and drink spicy food.”

“It’s so profitable!”

Xiao Yi excitedly replied.

As they chatted, the ground suddenly began to shake.

“What’s the situation?”

“I’ll go and take a look at the Prospect Stone.”

Xiaoyi hurriedly ran to the boulder next to him, and he wasted a lot Kung Fu climbed up, but the scene in front of him made Xiao Yi completely stunned.

I saw the grandiose mechanized troops approaching in the distance.

Immediately afterwards, countless fighter jets whistled past in the sky, the size of which stunned Xiao Yi.

not very long The whole game forum is frying again.

Photos and videos of Yuechuan Plain, a soldier of the Wet God Guild, were posted on the forum.

The casual players who were digging for gold suddenly fell into panic, and they posted inquiries on the forum one after another.

“What should we do with so many troops?”

“Are we fighting or withdrawing?”

“What are we withdrawing, this is our territory, Why give it to them?”

(end of this chapter)

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