Star Ring Mission Chapter 279


Chapter 279 slogan (adding sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

“It’s easy to say, you can beat it Others? You see those weapons, the number of which can crush you.”

“Aren’t you raising the prestige of others and destroying the prestige of your own?”

When everyone didn’t know what to do, the Martial God guild sent a video to the forum.

In the video, Lin Ming gathered other Four Great Guilds representatives and solemnly announced.

“Dear fellows, Yuechuan Plain has always belonged to us, although we have had many internal conflicts and even conflicts about this. But we can do whatever we want with our family’s affairs behind closed doors. It is not our turn to take advantage of us. So here we call on everyone to follow us in resistance, and let the Wet God Guild know who is the master of this area!”

β€œLin Ming Mighty!”


“That’s right, do them, what are you afraid of.”

Soon the trend of the forum turned to resistance and In battle, a large number of stragglers regained their confidence. After all, they now have the backbone.

So everyone began to sharpen their knives and prepare for battle.

In the lounge of the Tenth Building of the Breaking Dawn Group, Su Mo opened his eyes and got up, sighed, feeling a little tired.

He took a look at his phone and slept for almost six hours.

Due to these extraordinary times, everyone has only eight hours off the assembly line.

It’s still early, Su Mo smelled the scent on his body, couldn’t help but frowned, and moved towards the bathroom. He plans to take a shower first and then go to eat.

As for changing clothes, don’t worry too much, there are many new clothes in the lounge that can be changed. But the style is quite satisfactory, of course, Su Mo does not care about this kind of thing.

On the other side, in the corridor of the company, Zhou Qian was running in a hurry.

“What are you doing, Zhou Qian? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Lin Zinuo stopped Zhou Qian and asked while drinking a cup of milk tea.

Zhou Qian panted anxiously: “Urgent notification, the enemy is coming, I am going to notify Su Mo now, his mobile phone can’t get through.”

“What! The enemy is like this. It’s coming soon. I’m going to call Su Mo right now, and you go to inform the others.”

Lin Zino was also jumped and almost spilled the milk in his hand.

“Okay, then I’ll call someone else first.”

Zhou Qian hurried back after seeing Lin Zinuo say this.

Lin Zino immediately moved towards Su Mo’s lounge and ran. This guy couldn’t get through every time at a critical moment.

“Su Mo!”

Soon Lin Zino came to the lounge door and shouted.

As a result, there was no response, so Lin Zino didn’t care so much, he pushed the door open and went in, but the rest room was empty.

“Where’s the person?”

At this time, Lin Zino seemed to hear a little noise, and immediately reacted, moved towards and ran towards the bathroom door.

“Su Mo!”

Lin Zino stepped forward and pushed open the bathroom door.

Su Mo, who was taking a shower at this time, also seemed to hear something. One of the quick-witted hands pulled the towel next to him and wrapped it around him, while the other hand directly pressed the door and pushed it back.



A slaughtered pig-like howling sounded.

Lin Zino, who was caught in his hand, let out a pained cry.

Su Mo quickly released his hand, opened the bathroom door, and asked Lin Zino angrily.

“What are you doing?”

“What can I do? I’m just here to call you online. Are you so ruthless?”

Lin Zinuo Covering your hands in agony, panting with rage’s replied.

“If I’d been ruthless, your fingers would have been broken. Next time, don’t open the door randomly, just shout outside if something happens.”

“che, why are you so serious? , as if someone is looking at your figure very rarely.”

Although Lin Zino said so, his eyes still looked at Su Mo’s upper body honestly. Wow, those muscles seem to be very strong, and the vest line is so sexy.

“What do you want me to do online? Isn’t the rest time not over yet?”

“Don’t talk to you. , the enemy is coming, hurry up!”

“I see.”

Su Mo’s expression sank when he heard this.

Soon after, Su Mo and Lin Zino boarded the game, and saw that the entire mining area entered an emergency battle state, and a mecha started to start.

“Su Mo, be careful, the enemy who came this time seems to be very strong.”

“Understood, be careful yourself.”

Su Mo instructed Lin Zino before rushing to his mecha.

Not very long, Su Mo climbed up the killing blade of the III mecha.

At this time, the all around anti-aircraft missile vehicles started automatically, and the missiles rose into the air.

And it’s wave after wave, and it doesn’t mean to stop at all.

Seeing this situation, Su Mo’s heart skipped a beat, and no matter how stupid people are, they know that they are in big trouble.

So Su Mo controlled mecha to fly, intending to see the situation.

As a result, Su Mo saw the densely packed troops encircling the entire Keteduo mining area.

In the communication channel, Qianchengxue officially announced.

“All fighters, all enter the fighting state.”

Su Mo took a deep breath, looking at the countless enemies, he also felt a lot of pressure and many ants It can also kill an elephant.

At this time, Amorkadi couldn’t wait, he waved his hand and issued the attack order in person.


In an instant, a mecha and a tank rushed up, and at the same time, a fighter in the sky broke through the first round of anti-aircraft fire to intercept the whistling.


Qiancheng Xue decisively issued an order to fight.

Su Mo didn’t hesitate, he controlled the killing blade and rushed up first, and the slender beam saber swept across.


Taiwan mecha was beheaded!

But this time, the players of the Wet God Guild did not collapse. Instead, they rushed forward one by one like fighting chickens. Although their skills were not very good, they were extremely heroic.

It made Su Mo’s impression of them greatly changed, of course, only before he didn’t hear the slogans shouted by these guys.

“Come on, kill one for 100! Kill ten for 1000! If you kill the opponent’s main force, you will have no worries in your life.”

Su Mo is speechless, yet he can be so motivated Law?

As a result, Su Mo soon discovered that he was indeed young and underestimated the power of money. I saw a player from the Wet God Guild, holding a bomb and grabbing various gaps to rush up, just to perish with himself.

What kind of rocket car, tank, all lock themselves, even if Qianchengxue kills them in front of them, they don’t care.

He banged at Su Mo.

Su Mo controls the killing blade to move at super speed, dodging all kinds of attacks.

At the same time, Su Mo desperately swung his beam saber to kill the rushing enemies, one after another.

Although they looked like they were here to give away people’s heads, they also made Su Mo tired, and his hands were somewhat numb.

On a distant hilltop, an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is taking pictures of the war.

In the Yuechuan base, Emaya watched as Amokadi’s three Corps Heads besieged the Kotedo Gold Mine, and they couldn’t breathe.

(end of this chapter)

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