Star Ring Mission Chapter 28


Chapter 28 Observation

“It’s like this, Lan Xi’s team is destroyed, this kind of thing is also very common .Sisters present, your team has more or less attrition, does anyone want to add new players? Lan Xi’s performance in all aspects of the training camp is still very good.”

As a result Wu As soon as my sister finished speaking, no one said a word. No one is willing to accept Lan Xi, of course not stupid, and no one is willing to be a standout and refute.

Tang Zhi’s smile grew even stronger when she saw this scene.

Lan Xi lowered her head in disappointment. Although she had long thought that there might be such a scene, she still felt very uncomfortable.

Seeing that no one spoke, Sister Wu turned her head and looked towards a girl.

“Zhuoli, didn’t your team downsize by three people? Or Lanxi will join your team.”

Zhuoli was very aggrieved when she heard what Sister Wu said. The appearance of replied: “Sister Wu, aren’t you making it more difficult for me? I already brought Xiaoyi’s oil tow bottle, you can put another one for me, how can I bring it with my team!”

Just kidding, who wants to bring a betrayer for glory, when the time comes it’s okay to be sold.

even more how, they don’t like Lanxi themselves. When nothing happened before, how many boys circled around him every day, and she always looked up to herself and ignored him.

Sister Wu took a deep breath when she heard Zhuoli’s words. Although she was very annoyed, she couldn’t force Zhuoli. So she looked towards the other sisters present. Each team of the sisters had more or less attrition. Before, they were still applying for personnel with themselves, but now they are hiding faster than anyone else.

“Are none of you willing?”

“Sister Wu, don’t embarrass us, how good the guild is for the welfare of survival. We don’t want the unfathomable mystery to be eliminated. , retreat to the offline to be the logistics.”

A girl with a more aggressive temper was not polite at all to replied.

A formal member of a generally speaking guild, you can get a high salary every day when you go online. The more you get paid if you make a creative contribution. But if you are unfortunately killed, you will retreat offline and become an intelligence collector, and you will get very little salary.

“I have a vacancy here, but I don’t know if younger sister Lan Xi is willing to come.”

Tang Zhi said suddenly.

Everyone looked towards Tang Zhi in surprise, and several sisters asked suspiciously.

“Tang Zhi elder sister, do you want to accept her?”

“I don’t want to either, but you see how embarrassing Sister Wu is!”

Tang Zhi looked like she was thinking about Sister Wu. She thought to herself, if Lan Xi agreed to join her team, she would have every chance to kill her. If she doesn’t agree, it will make her more pretentious, and everyone will only bother her more.

Just when Lan Xi gritted her teeth and wanted to say refusal, Sister Wu said, “No need, there’s no downsizing in your team.”

Sister Wu is not stupid, just like a girl Intrigue, she is very clear, and she has fought like this before.

“It’s okay, one more is not much.”

Tang Zhi responded with a smile.

“No need, since you are all unwilling, Lan Xi, you will follow my team.”

Sister Wu turned her head and said to Lan Xi.

Lan Xi nodded lightly, and said to Sister Wu, “Thank you, Sister Wu.”

“Okay, everyone is gone.”

Sister Wu Said to many sisters.

The sisters who were present were laughed and left without saying anything.

When everyone was gone, Sister Wu patted Lan Xi’s shoulders and said to her: “Don’t care about other people’s eyes, just work hard, they are not you, there is no way to feel your sadness. .”

“I understand, Sister Wu.”

“Okay, I still have things to do, so I’ll go first.”

” Okay.”

Lanxi nodded replied.

Sister Wu then left.

Lan Xi turned her head, looked towards all around, and everyone in the guild disappeared. Although Sister Wu finally accepted herself, there is no team.

But Lan Xi felt extremely uncomfortable, she understood that she was completely isolated. Some of the sisters in the group just now had good friendships, but they didn’t say a word from beginning to end.

She went to the corner and sat down by herself, curling her legs and burying her head between them.

Tears fell, she knew she was doing something wrong, but she really had no choice.

If you can’t survive in the game, all hope will be turned into clouds of the past

The cool wind blows, Lanxi feels colder and colder, and her thin body curls up more powerful.

I don’t know how long it took, a footstep sounded from far to near, and finally stopped in front of Lan Xi.

Lan Xi slowly lifts the head, only to see Su Mo standing in front of her, her red eyes showing a trace of panic.

Without waiting for Lan Xi to speak, Su Mo extended the hand indifferently,



Lan Xi slightly startled, subconsciously took out the drone from the backpack and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took the drone, turned and left.

Lan Xi looked at the back of Su Mo’s departure, her eyes getting darker and darker

On the other side, after Su Mo got the drone, he found a quiet place, plugged in the line and started Charge the drone.

Don’t look at the Safety Sector here, Su Mo is not optimistic at all.

This is the place where the beasts are trapped. One day the monster riots, or there are other changes, this place will end sooner or later.

You must find valuable things and equipment as much as possible and keep arming yourself.

Although he still can’t figure out the background of this game, one thing is definitely true. Since there are so many monsters that are beyond common sense, there must be corresponding powers that can be obtained.

It’s just that they haven’t figured out how to gain power in this world.

And staying here all the time is not in line with Su Mo’s original intention. The reason why he came to a safe place in the early stage was just to be able to rest.

So we have to go out sooner or later.

But if you go out rashly, it is easy to be dumped, and the essence is to die, so you need to explore.

Under normal circumstances, relatively large guilds will send reconnaissance teams to find more valuable places, and then go out in droves.

This road won’t work for Su Mo, but drones can replace it.

Su Mo checked out this portable portable power supply, and it was no problem to charge the drone three times.

However, it is a bit troublesome that the charging time is a bit long, and it takes a full three hours to fully charge. The maximum battery life of a fully charged drone is 80 minutes, and the Safety Sector, where Su Mo is now, happens to be in the city center. Therefore, the drone’s activity radius and wireless signal are sufficient, and it can basically cover the entire city.

Time flies and Su Mo waits patiently for the drone to fully charge, then unplugs the charging cable and packs everything away.

He lifts the head and looks around the huge stadium, looking thoughtful.

A moment later, Su Mo appeared on the glass roof of the stadium, and he also chose a relatively remote corner, and the players below could not see him very much.

After everything was ready, Su Mo took off with the drone.

This world technology looks, although it does not seem to be anything new for the time being, but from the perspective of its technological products, the quality is still very good.

Su Mo started to take a comprehensive view of the huge city through the drone.

(end of this chapter)

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