Star Ring Mission Chapter 280


Chapter 280 failed (adding sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four updates)

“Count all the strong magnetic bombs Come out, let the mechanic modify it, and install it on the first-generation mecha. Also, disguise those first-generation machines as the mecha of the Wet God Guild, and then select the ten best pilots and prepare for suicide attacks.”

“Is this possible?”

York asked worriedly.

“It would be very difficult to change it to normal, but under the strong attack of the idiots from the Wet God Guild, maybe we can really succeed, hurry up and prepare.”

“Got it!”

York didn’t say much.

At this time, on the outskirts of the Coteto mining area, Akshay and the two of them watched Su Mo make such a big killing, and their intestines were almost regretful.

They thought that the third generation mecha was strong, but really didn’t expect it to be so strong.

The losses were big this time, but they had to hold on.

At this time, the following people ran over to report: “Report, Akshay Corps Head, our troops attacking other mining areas also received strong counterattacks. Not only did those guys not flee, but instead confronted us. It’s gone.”

Akshay’s expression became a little stiff, he looked towards Amokadi.

“How about we adjust our strategy for Amokadi? Let’s not hit the Cote Do mining area first, and deal with the guys below first?”

“Aren’t you all a coward? Right? We agreed before we came?”

How could Amorkadi not see the two of them, Xiaojiu Jiu, and directly blocked them back with a sentence. If you want to take advantage, but don’t want to contribute, how can there be such a good thing.

“Okay, keep fighting, one day, two days, two days, three days!”

Akshay’s faces were also a little bit awkward, and they didn’t believe in evil. .

“Okay, I like to hear this sentence, give it to me!”

Amokadi also regained his confidence.

However, the idea is beautiful, but unfortunately the reality is cruel. Su Mo used his behavior to teach everyone a lesson.

He is like a war weapon that doesn’t know tiredness, beheading the enemy crazily.

And it just so happens that the power system of Killing Blade is nuclear fission, and the power battery life is super long, and it will not fall off the chain at a critical moment.

But even so, the Amorkady and the others didn’t give up, so they have already died and too many people have died here. If you go back like this, then everything will be lost in vain.

“Give it to me!”

The three of Amorkady’s flustered and exasperated roared.

So another wave of mecha came from all directions.

Su Mo took a deep breath and swept away with one knife after another.


One mecha exploded, and ten mechas rushed up at the same time.

Su Mo raised the beam saber in his hand high, he was going crazy, and his eyes started to turn scarlet.

β€œTotal annihilation!”

Double beam saber swept away.

The ten mechas that were surrounded suddenly accelerated and slammed into the beam saber actively, just to get as close to Su Mo as possible.

At this moment, Su Mo’s eyes shrank, he smells danger keenly, and there is something wrong with these ten mechas.

Too late!

The ten mechas were blasted by the beam saber swept past.

The terrifying red lightning rumbling spread out, swallowing the killing blade instantly.

In the cab, a red warning box pops up immediately on the console screen.

“Warning: Strong magnetic interference”

Su Mo pulled the lever and found that the entire III mecha didn’t respond at all.

His heart suddenly sank to the bottom of the valley, but he was still careless, and he was actually overshadowed by the other party!

At this time, the eight second-generation silver light mechas rushed out extremely fast.

The weapon in the hands of the lead Emmaia mecha was also replaced with a special pry tool, and its goal was very clear, that is, to force open the Su Mo cockpit.

“Hold him down for me!”

“Got it!”

York and the others replied in unison.

At this time, Qianchengxue immediately noticed something was wrong, she immediately controlled the mecha with a sword to sweep away the fighting mecha, and rushed towards Su Mo with full power.

However, it was still a little late, York took the lead to grab the left hand of Killing Blade, and the rest of the team grabbed its right hand, left foot, and right foot.

At this time, Emaya rushed to the front of Su Mo, raised the pry tool in her hand and inserted it.

There was a burst of air breaking.


The pry tool in Emaya’s hand was hit by the thrown Dawn Shield and flew out.

“Damn, York, you take someone to kill that mecha.”

Emmaia heart shivered with cold, roaring in anger, at the same time she rushed towards the flying pry.

York immediately let go and let a player next to him take over, and then rushed towards Qianchengxue with two silver light mechas.

Qiancheng Xue lowered the beam cannon and moved towards York and slammed it in the past.

Unfortunately, it missed, and York controlled mecha to swerve and dodge to the limit.

The other two silver light mechas came into contact with Qianchengxue in an instant, and the two mechas waved their alloy sharp blades at the same time.

Qianchengxue spread a knife sideways, raised the alloy blade in his hand to block another knife.

However, a silhouette covered her at this time, York appeared in front of her in an instant, controlled mecha and kicked Qianchengxue mecha’s chest fiercely.

The Dawnguard flew straight out, hitting the ground hard.

In the cab, Qianchengxue’s face was extremely ugly. He couldn’t fight one-on-three at all.

At this point, Emmaia retrieved the pry tool and rushed towards the Killing Blade at a very high speed.

She had her heart in her throat, success or failure in this.

Emmaya rushed to the Killingblade and inserted the raised high pry tool.

“It’s done.”

However, at that moment, the drooping head of Killing Blade, the rays of light in his eyes suddenly lit up, and Killing Blade was paralyzed in an instant. Suddenly lifts the head.

Go straight into overclocking mode without too much struggle. Instead, all the power is input to the eight pairs of jet auxiliary wings on the back.

In an instant, the crowd that suppressed him was pulled into the air.

Immediately in midair, Su Mo controlled the mecha and threw the silver light mecha out.


With a scream, he fell heavily to the ground.


Seeing Su Mo get rid of the bondage, Emma Ya’s heart sinks to the bottom. There is a saying that don’t let an opportunity slip by.

The many subordinates who were threw away immediately got up. They heard Emmaia’s order and immediately executed it without any hesitation.

Including the three Yorkers who were about to kill Qianchengxue, they also gave up decisively and fled in all directions.

“Want to run?”

Floating in midair Su Mo was thoroughly provoked and pushed the lever directly.

The inside of Killingblade’s palm cracked open, nicked, and caught in the handles of the dual beam sabers.

The two beam sabers are powered directly.

Here we go!

In an instant, the two beam sabers grew by half, and the particle halo emitted became more intense.

Su Mo directly locked onto Emaya and swooped over at a low altitude.

“Protect the Corps Head!”

The retreating silver light mecha saw Su Mo hit Su Mo at high speed, and immediately gave up running away, changed direction, moved towards Su fearless Mo rushed over and slashed with a sharp alloy blade.

(end of this chapter)

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