Star Ring Mission Chapter 281


Chapter 281 Accident (Adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (Five more)

Su Mo wields the beam saber sharply moved towards getting in the way The silver light mecha sweeps over.


All the alloy blades were cut off, and then the beam saber slashed on silver light mecha.

The silver light mecha that came up to block was directly knocked down.

In the distance, the three Amokadi were also bewildered by the sudden change, and then it was reflected that the faces of the three of them were not very good-looking.

Anyway, they are allies. These people hide in their own troops to sneak attack and don’t tell them.

It’s clear that they didn’t take them seriously.

Su Mo’s eyes were fixed on the silver light mecha holding the pry tool, obviously this mecha took the lead.

At this time, after meeting with Emaya, York, who was running away, turned his head and glanced. Seeing that Su Mo was about to catch up, he controlled mecha to make an emergency stop and said to Emaya.

“General Emmaia, you go first!”

Emmaia had no choice but to grit her teeth and abandon the car to keep her handsome. No one knows the performance of the Killing Blade better than she, after all, it is a mecha for herself.


York stared at Su Mo who was approaching at high speed. He didn’t choose to shake it directly. He lowered the beam cannon and opened the missile launch port in his abdomen.

A salvo at Su Mo!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Su Mo just waved the beam saber in his hand and swept over, killing all of York’s attacks.

York didn’t feel too surprised, he immediately controlled mecha to bend down slightly. Immediately, the entire mecha power broke out, if the swift cheetah rushed towards Su Mo, it would slash over it.

He is confident that even if he can’t beat Su Mo, he can stop him!

Unfortunately, he still underestimated Su Mo, Su Mo accelerated further, ignored the attack, and slammed into it.

York also didn’t expect this situation, the alloy blade slashed on the body of the Killing Blade, but some sparks were wiped out. The next second the two mechas collided, and there was no doubt that York was knocked out.

Su Mo controlled the killing blade mecha to speed up again, without any sluggishness, and directly caught up with Emaya, a huge shadow shrouded her mecha.

Emmaya bit her lip, she had already met her end.


Su Mo raised the beam saber high, just about to slash. Suddenly Su Mo was acutely aware of the extreme danger. At this time, a red streamer, like a meteor, fell from the sky and struck.

Su Mo jerked around the mecha, raising both beam sabers in his hands to block.



A huge shock wave spreads.

I saw a scarlet spiral long spear collided with the beam saber, and sparks flew directly.

Su Mo hurriedly reversed the rear jet auxiliary wing, and the whole mecha swept back sharply, widening the distance.

I saw one with a height of 18 meters. The red armor on the surface is all one after another natural pattern. The hands of the wild beast sharp claw hold the scarlet spiral long spear, and there is a long spear embedded in the shoulder. The III-generation mecha of the large-caliber beam cannon.

Emmaia looked at this III mecha in shock, who is this?

She had never seen this mecha at all.

At this point, the third-generation mecha made a cynical sound.

“tsk tsk, Emmaia, how come you were beaten so badly! (translation)”

Hearing the voice of mecha in front of her, Emmaia immediately recognized who was in front of her. Who, she cursed angrily.

“Gergil, you scumbag!”

“Baby, what did you say? Did I save your life?”

Gegil was also annoyed, and cursed back angrily.

“You are the one who scolds you! You bastard”

At this time, Emaya’s subordinates were stunned when they saw this scene. It was the first time they saw the general lose self-control like this. of.

So someone asked York.

“Instructor York, who is that guy?”

York looked at the red mecha and said in a complicated way: “It’s General Gegil and Emma. Ya’s fiance. But that third-generation mecha is new, I’ve never seen it before, and it’s not within the range of the five third-generation mechas.”

“Since he’s a fiancΓ©, why are you scolding so fiercely? It’s like an enemy.”

“The two marriage contracts of General Emaya and General Gegil were decided by their families, so they don’t have much affection. But that’s okay, it’s normal to see the most The other party is not pleasing to the eye, and it will not become an enemy. But something went wrong on the wedding day. General Emaya had already changed his wedding dress and waited in the church. All relatives and friends were present, but General Gegil was not present.”

“Oh, it turns out that the pigeons were released?”

“It’s not as simple as releasing the pigeons, and it’s not that you don’t know about General Emmaia’s temperament. She immediately took someone to find Gegil to check in. Hotel, forcibly kicked the door, and as a result, forget it.”

York sighed.

At this time, Emmaia and Gegil were still scolding each other.

“You bastard, Dead Sea King, scumbag, go as far as you can.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Emmaia, I am fraternity.”

“You really make me sick, who was still fooling around the day before the wedding? believing or not, my mother has broken your third leg right now?”

“What are you saying? That’s not right, just because I’m about to get married, I’m about to lose the entire forest, so I have to indulge myself to comfort the youth I’m about to lose. I was very restrained that night, so I found seven, no It’s only eight girls, not much.”

Gergil solemnly vowed.

Emmaya’s lungs were about to explode with anger.

At this time, a sudden voice sounded.

“Are you guys done arguing? You really think you’re at home here?”

Gegil controls the third-generation machine Β· Red Ghost turned his head, looked towards Su Mo, and twisted his neck extremely He said arrogantly: “Yo, boy, your eloquence is good! However, no matter how much trouble I make with Emmaia, she is also my fiancee, and her mecha is not something you can open if you want.”

Emaya, who was on the side, heard Gegil’s words, and her originally angry heart suddenly calmed down, and her heart was slightly touched.

“Come and take it back if you have the ability!”

Su Mo replied coldly. He was also impressed by this dog food.

β€œcourting death!”

Gergil controlled himself to rush towards Su Mo extremely fast, and shot through the scarlet spiral long spear in his hand.

Su Mo directly controls mecha to raise the beam saber in his hand to block the incoming long spear, and swing another beam saber in his right hand to sweep it.

Gergil drew back the spiral long spear and dexterously opened another blow, then swung the spiral long spear to stab Su Mo like a torrential rain, the entire attack in one go without any pause.

Su Mo can only control the mecha to keep going backwards, temporarily avoiding its spear glow.

It was a very fierce battle, so they consciously gave the two of them enough space, and neither of them wanted to be affected by their battle.

“Just this ability!”

Gegil the more fights the more brave is, and the scarlet spiral long spear in his hand is about to be tricked by him.

Su Mo’s brain is spinning rapidly, constantly predicting the opponent’s attack trajectory, evading and blocking, and devotes himself to the battle, simply not affected by the trash talk he says.

Although he hates each other, he has to admit that this guy’s fighting skills are very good.

Every time a shot strikes, it seems to be chaotic and irregular, but in fact, one shot is the foundation for one shot. Therefore, his next attack will become more and more ferocious and unstoppable.

All of a sudden, Su Mo’s imposing manner was at a disadvantage, and there was a sense of being pressed and beaten.

It really made everyone put their hearts to their throats.

(end of this chapter)

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