Star Ring Mission Chapter 282


Chapter 282 both sides suffer (one more update)

However, although Su Mo fell into the disadvantage, he did not have a trace fear. He had put his life and death aside for a long time. If he had to use anything to describe him at this moment, it would be the excitement that came from his heart.

Since I got the third generation mecha, although I have been killing all the time, every time I fight Su Mo, I always feel that something is missing.

Now he knows what is missing, which is the life and death battle of the same level, and his heart has always been eager to become stronger and better.

Su Mo didn’t even notice his own expression, so calm and chilling, both of his hands quickly entered one command after another.

The killing blade that was suppressed to the limit suddenly burst out, and the two beam saber crossed at a very strange angle, stuck with great precision, like a long spear from a rainstorm attack.

Gergil’s heart thumped suddenly, his arrogant face was replaced by a dignified expression, and he was keenly aware of the extremely dangerous breath.

The next second, the killing blade enters the overclocking mode, the power is fully turned on, and the speed is extremely fast, sweeping away the long spear of the red ghost, and slashing down with a volley.

Gergil can only control the red ghost to dodge to the limit, the beam saber almost cleaved against its mecha, and the sputtered beam particles rubbed on the red ghost mecha armor, bursting the sky with electric sparks.

When Emmaia and the others saw this scene, they were all startled, and their hearts were raised. Gegil should not have been hit hard.

Fortunately, in the next second, Gegil controlled mecha to pull back a little distance.

But at this time, Su Mo controlled the killing blade and charged fiercely, with a perish together imposing manner, frantically waving two beam sabers, slashing towards Gegil like an afterimage.

Gergil turns the long spear in his hand to block with precision!

The two mechas collided violently,

Gegil kept cursing in a low voice: “Damn, who is the other party? It’s so fierce, like a crazy wild Beast is the same!”

The high-intensity operation made Gergil miserable, and he was always highly concentrated in all aspects and could not relax. Moreover, the opponent’s imposing manner has not decreased at all. Gegil clearly feels that the fighting skills of the enemy in front of him are just mediocre, including many tactical moves that are not very standard. However, the accuracy and reaction speed of its attacks have reached an unimaginable and unimaginable level. He even suspected that the other party was doing this deliberately in order to paralyze the opponent.

However, Gegil did not know that Su Mo had no system training at all, nor did he know any tactical moves and standards. It all depends on your own exploration and feeling. To put it bluntly, it is unorthodox style of play, do as one pleases. It all depends on eyesight, hand speed, feeling and reaction.

At this time, Su Mo became more and more excited, and the control speed became faster. The Slaughter Blade seems to be completely alive, its shape is erratic, and its attack is as sharp as a knife.

Gergil’s face is completely unbearable. As a top battle strength member of the Free Victory Guild, he can compete with an outer sect Han, so how can he get along with it?

I saw that he controlled the red ghost mecha figure stopped, the mecha was fully powered, and the whole mecha made a humming sound.

Suddenly, the red ghost mecha burst into overspeed control, and the long spear very ruthless head of the slaughter blade in his hand.

Su Mo calmly controlled the mecha flashes, but Gegil drew back the long spear sharply.


Sparks flew, and a scar was drawn on the body of the Killing Blade.

However, Gegil’s attack has only just begun. As a top expert of the Free Trade Union, his ability is not just that little bit. Then he turned around, and the long spear in his hand struck again like lightning.

Su Mo’s eyes were fixed on Gegil’s attack, his eyes became colder and he entered a state of extreme rationality. He turned from offensive to defensive again, constantly raising the beam saber in his hand to block.

Gergil was at the limit of his patience, and there was a hint of madness on his face.

So he frantically pushed the operating lever and entered commands, the entire Red Ghost mecha back spray device was turned on, and the overall mecha power was further strengthened.

The entire red ghost mecha turned into a scarlet streamer.

“Spiral shot!”

“Be careful!”

Qianchengxue and the others shouted nervously on the communication channel when they saw this scene .

However, at this time, a surprising scene appeared, the power of killing mecha skyrocketed again, and the beam saber in his hands vibrated at high speed.

The mecha body squatted slightly, the right foot leaned forward, the double beam saber fast as lightning, with one after another afterimage, cut out horizontally.

“Lightning flash!”

Qianchengxue saw this scene like Five Thunderbolts, and her eyes showed disbelief. Su Mo actually used her secret skill, and it was a double cast.


The beam saber and the scarlet long spear collided and sparks flew.

The next second, another beam saber in Su Mo’s hand slashed at the red ghost like an afterimage.

Immediately, the third-generation red ghost mecha was swept out, and a ferocious wound was cut on the armor plate of the chest. The internal parts were Faintly discernible, and many of them had been damaged and exposed to electric sparks.


Lin Zinuo shouted excitedly when she saw this scene.

At this moment, the red ghost that was slashed and flew out suddenly bounced off the launch port in its abdomen, and a black missile was shot out unexpectedly.

Instantly hits Su Mo’s mecha.


The terrorist explosion swept away, and the third generation mecha Β·Killing Blade was directly blasted out by the explosion, and fiercely hit the ground.

In the cab, Su Mo was also confused.


Emaya controlled mecha to rush up, helped the damaged red ghost mecha, and at the same time gave orders to her subordinates.

Amokadi, who had been watching the game, immediately became excited when he saw this scene.

“haha, both sides suffer, heaven helps me. All of them go to me, take them down!”

Immediately, the troops of the Wet God Guild rushed up again like mad dogs. .

Su Mo controlled the killing blade mecha to get up, his face was very ugly, didn’t expect to be overcast, and Qianchengxue’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Su Mo, are you alright?”

“It’s alright, but the mecha is slightly damaged, but it doesn’t affect the battle.”

Su Mo watched the operation The screen pops up one after another yellow prompt.

“I understand, everyone obeyed the order and stopped the attack of the Wet God Guild. All logistics personnel stopped operations and immediately blew up all mining equipment and air defense weapons that could not be taken away. Fifteen minutes later All retreat.”

Qianchengxue took a deep breath and made a rational decision.

This didn’t surprise Su Mo very much. After all, the third-generation mecha has been damaged. If it keeps going, it may be damaged. In addition, the number of troops in the Wet God Guild is too many, and the main force is also targeting them.

If you keep at it, maybe you will be wiped out.


Although Zhao Han and the others were very unwilling, they still resolutely carried out Qian Chengxue’s order.

So Lin Zino and the others picked up one after another time bomb and threw them on the mining equipment and fixed anti-aircraft missile launchers!

“Hurry up, throw each one, and be sure not to leave any valuable equipment for the other party.”

“Got it!”

Everyone They responded.

Fifteen minutes later, Qianchengxue left a person behind and poured out all the weapons. He led the crowd and began to withdraw from the mining area. Taking advantage of the situation, the time bomb was detonated to block the pursuers, and the explosion in the sky soon rose directly.

Amokadi immediately jumped and cursed when he saw Qianchengxue blowing up the equipment in the mine.


(end of chapter)

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