Star Ring Mission Chapter 285


Chapter 285 Terror (Adding sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

The business executive turned his head to take a look The subordinates behind him were used to seeing their retreating expressions one by one.

So he turned his head and said to the new employee who was standing at the end with a delicate and pretty appearance, fair skin and a little immature.

“Chen Yue, this person will be handed over to you.”


“Any problem?”

“No, no, I’ll go to receive it.”

Chen Yue responded somewhat disappointedly. Don’t look at their glamorous job, but who would know the sadness and pressure in it.

In the hall, Su Mo stood there, looking around.

He also looked puzzled, why no one came to receive him? If he remembered correctly, there should be special personnel to receive them, and they are all one-to-one dedicated services.

Waiting for about has several points of Zhong, Chen Yue ran over with some breath, and she quickly apologized to Su Mo.

“Sorry sir, I kept you waiting.”

Although the guest in front of me has no money, but if you want to anger the other party and get a complaint from the other party, it will be a big trouble.

Su Mo doesn’t care, as long as someone welcomes her.

“It’s fine.”

“Excuse me, sir, what kind of business do you want to handle?”

“cough cough ~ that’s it, I want to check me The assets under your name can be operated and traded by the way.”

“Don’t you have your card?”

“I don’t have my card.”

“Then please come with me.”

Although Chen Yue doesn’t quite understand, the following branches can handle this kind of ordinary business. I don’t know why the customer in front of me came here to do it, but she still serves wholeheartedly.

Soon Chen Yue brought Su Mo to a terminal next to her, and she was very politely introduced.

“Sir, please verify your identity here and you can inquire.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo put his hand on the designated position of the machine.

“Fingerprint recognition!”

“Face recognition!”

“Iris recognition!”

“Prompt for identification Become, ordinary customer Su Mo, with a bank card under his name, with a balance of 100.”

Seeing the displayed amount, Chen Yue’s expression suddenly became a little unnatural. She looked at Su Mo with a hint of pity, and it seemed that survival at the bottom was getting more and more difficult.

The next second, a prompt box pops up.

“For secondary authentication, please go to the VIP room and enable new permissions.”

After seeing the prompt, Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Lin Yue.

“Excuse me, could you please take me to the second identity verification?”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Chen Yue’s face showed a look of incomparable astonishment, and the whole person was stunned. in place.


Su Mo saw that Chen Yue didn’t respond, so he reminded him.

Chen Yue immediately came back to his senses, her heart was beating wildly, of course she knew what secondary authentication was.

In this era of very developed big data, anyone who goes to a shopping mall may be identified by a camera.

In order to serve some special businesses that like low-key top rich people, Commonwealth Bank provides two-factor authentication.

A person has two identities and is used to disguise his identity.

β€œMr. sorry, please come with me.”

Chen Yue brought Su Mo moved towards the VIP room, she hurriedly used the miniature communicator on her ear to talk to him. Contact the business executive.

“Chen Yue, worker number C135, officially applied for VIP0 reception room for VIP guests’ secondary identity verification.”

In the waiting room, the business manager’s face changed when he heard Chen Yue’s words. Changed, showing a hint of regret.

It’s really a misunderstanding, didn’t expect that the guest turned out to be a top VIP customer.


Colleagues all around were stunned, and then their bowels were all regretful.

“No, that’s a hidden VIP client?”

“I heard that only the top 100 richest people are eligible to apply for this business.”

“Chen Yue is really lucky.”

Chen Yue soon took Su Mo to the VIP0 reception room.

There is a dedicated machine here.

“Sir, what would you like to eat or drink?”

Chen Yue asked nervously.

β€œNo need.”

Su Mo was in no mood to eat those, so he stepped forward to operate the machine.

Chen Yue turned her back to Su Mo. According to the rules, she could not watch the client’s operation without the client’s permission.

Su Mo pressed his hand on the machine again.

“Identification in progress.”

A crisp voice sounded.

Immediately following a special halo, Su Mo’s whole body was scanned, and soon a prompt sound came from the room.

“Hello, respectful color diamond users.”

Chen Yue’s body trembled involuntarily when she heard the color diamond user’s prompt, and she became more and more nervous.

She feels like a pie has fallen from the sky. After this service, if the customer in front of her gives her a good review, at least one year of performance will be free.

Su Mo reaches out to call up his account and open the balance.

This time he intends to look at the fancy diamond card left by grandfather, is there any money left? Let’s see if he can move it out to use it, after all, he is also the first to use this card.

Usually I can’t spend all the money in my account, so naturally I won’t use this card.

However, when Su Mo saw the numbers above, his eyes almost went out. The whole person was dumbfounded, with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Fuck! So much money?”

Balance of fancy diamond card: 133 billion (10 billion locked).

Black Diamond card balance: 1.1304 billion (1 billion locked).

Su Mo took a deep breath and then clicked on the account details. He was curious about how the money came from.

As a result, he found that the money had been deposited in the past fifteen years.

The first, the Federal Science and Technology Excellence Award Β· 500 million.

The second, the Federal Best Invention AwardΒ·200 million.

The third, the Federal Science AwardΒ·300 million.

The twenty-first, pollution treatment patent fee of 1 billion.

The 22nd, the pollution treatment patent fee is 1.2 billion.

To the thirty-first, the pollution treatment patent fee is 5 billion.

At this time, the thirty-second deal, the pollution treatment patent was bought out for 82 billion yuan.

Su Mo took a deep breath, he finally knew where his money came from. The feeling is that the pollution treatment patent has been obtained, and the amount of the account will be seen.

It is clear that patents are making money every year.

It should be that the various countries couldn’t stand it, so they simply bought out jointly.

At this time, Su Mo saw his identity prompt, which showed a sign, NO.3!

If there is no accident, it should refer to his wealth on the personal list, Ranked 3rd.

But that doesn’t matter, after confirming how much money is on the card. Su Mo turned off the interface, turned his head and said to Chen Yue next to him.

“Hello, I would like to apply for the use of a large-value transaction terminal.”

“No problem, I will apply for the arrangement for you.”

Chen Yue responded immediately.

β€œThank you.”

Su Mo responded politely.

Immediately, Chen Yue started to contact her supervisor, not very long Chen Yue respectfully said to Su Mo.

“The application is approved, and then the Federal Bank artificial intelligence service steward Β· Xiaoling will serve you.”

The voice fell, and a holographic projection gathered in front of Su Mo.

Then a cute-looking artificial intelligence illusory shadow bell appeared.

“Hello Mr. Su Mo, please come with me!”

(end of this chapter)

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