Star Ring Mission Chapter 287


Chapter 287 Return to the original owner

Qianchengxue mortgaged a total of 160 million assets. Due to the short time, However, there is not much interest, and a total of 161 million needs to be repaid including the handling fee.

“Ms. Ye, you only need to repay this number, and you can get back all your assets, including 100 million shares and real estate, and 60 million necklaces.”

After hearing this, Qian Chengxue fell into a daze. tangled state.

It’s not that she can’t take out the money, but if she takes out the money, she won’t have enough money to pay her salary.

After weighing it again and again, Qiancheng Xue sighed.

“Redeem the shares and real estate first, and then redeem the necklace later.”


The manager politely replied.

Xiao Jie, who was standing on the side, said at this time: “Xiaoxue, if you are short of money, tell me, why do you need such trouble, I will redeem this necklace for you.”

Although the Golden Point turmoil has suffered heavy losses and there is not much money left in his hands, Xiao Jie is still ready to take it out.

“No, thank you.”

Qianchengxue shook the head and rejected Xiao Jie.

“Why are you being polite to me?”

“I understand your kindness, but I don’t need it.”

Qianchengxue insisted abnormally. She knows better than anyone that there’s no free meal in the world.

Xiao Jie saw Qianchengxue say so, so he didn’t insist anymore.

At this time, Su Mo and Chen Yue were next door, clearly watching everything in Qianchengxue’s room.

The two rooms are separated by a mirror, which is also a single-sided perspective mirror.

Su Mo was silent for a long time, then asked Chen Yue: “I will pay the mortgage money, can I?”

Chen Yue respectfully responded to Su Mo: “It’s normal. In this case, it is not possible to follow the procedure. But as far as your VIP privileges are concerned, this is no problem.”

“Okay, then do this, please send the things over.”

Su Mo slightly agrees to snatch the gold mine. In any case, the reason for the failure of the gold mine this time has nothing to do with him, but after all, it is his own idea.

“Okay, I’ll do it now.”

Chen Yue responded quickly.

After a while, Qianchengxue entire group walked out of the bank and moved towards the apron.

Xiao Jie said at the invitation of the gentleman.

“Ye Xue, let’s have a meal together at noon, I know a very good restaurant has opened nearby, and it tastes amazing.”

“No, I still have it. Things have to be done.”

Qianchengxue still refused, as if she was reluctant to have anything to do with Xiao Jie.

“Are you still worried about funds? Actually, you can tell me if you need it.”

“This is my own business, thank you Good intentions.”

Qianchengxue stopped in front of the helicopter and thanked Xiao Jie.

At this time, Liu Mei on the side said with a very worried expression; “Sister Xue, our funds are indeed too tight, if there is any”

“Liu Mei!”

Qianchengxue interrupted Liu Mei’s words coldly.

Seeing this, Liu Mei quickly closed her mouth and did not continue to speak.

Xiao Jie hurriedly said to Qianchengxue: “Don’t be angry, the people below you are also thinking of you, the friendship between us doesn’t need to be so raw.”

“Thanks, I’m leaving.”

Qianchengxue said and prepared to board the plane.

At this moment, Chen Yue hurried over and shouted, “Miss Ye, wait!”

Qiancheng Xue stopped when she saw the bank’s people running over, There was a hint of confusion on her face, she was done with her business?

“Who are you?”

“Hello, my name is Chen Yue, I’m an employee of Commonwealth Bank. This is your mortgaged jewelry in our bank, please keep it.”

“I didn’t release the deposit!”

Qianchengxue brows slightly wrinkle, and asked puzzledly, the bank is not a philanthropist, but it can’t provide timely help, let alone would be so generous.

“Your mortgage has been settled by a gentleman.”


Qianchengxue was even more surprised after hearing this , that’s not a small sum of money, who is so generous to settle it for her.

“It’s inconvenient to reveal, but the gentleman asked me to give you a sentence.

“What. “

“He said it would be better to return this necklace to its original owner.” “

Chen Yue conveyed it word by word.

Qianchengxue was silent for a long time after hearing this. In fact, she was unwilling to accept others to redeem things for her. A necklace is indeed her most cherished thing, she said to Chen Yue: “Miss Chen Yue, can you tell me who paid the money, so I can pay it back in the future. “

“Sorry! Miss Ye, I can’t tell, and I don’t know the identity of that person. I’d take the liberty to disturb you, so I’ll go first. “

Chen Yue saluted Qiancheng Xue and turned to leave.

On the side Xiao Jie watched this scene, the muscles on his face twitched suddenly, but his expression did not change. It’s a big change, but his eyes are gloomy.

Someone did what he couldn’t do. The key is that he can’t say anything.

Sun Li sees Chen Yue After leaving, he asked Qianchengxue in a gossip: “Sister Xue, who is so generous to redeem the necklace for you? “

“I don’t know, but I’ll definitely find out later.” “

Qianchengxue thought about it for a long time, and really couldn’t think of who it was. In fact, her first reaction was her own father, Ye Tian. But he immediately denied it, which was ironic. When he was still there, the father took care of him in every possible way, even giving away such an expensive necklace. Later, when people took the tea to cool off, he no longer cared about himself, nor gave any large financial assistance, and even more impossible to redeem it privately. I’m back.

Xiao Jie smiled persuaded: “This is a good thing, don’t worry, since the other party is willing to redeem the necklace for you, it must be a close person. “

“I will pay back the money no matter who it is.” Well, let’s not talk about this, I still have something to do, Mr. Xiao Jie goodbye. “

“Goodbye.” “

The response of Mr. Xiao Jie.


In the office of the administration building of Imperial Capital Center, the old council president is correcting documents.

Tang Qin hurried in.

“President of the Council. “

“What’s the matter?” “

“Someone is at the lowest point, and a lot of bargain hunters have made the golden point.” Now the huge amount of gold dots in the market are missing, and those financial giants who are shorting gold dots are going crazy now. “

“People who have been hawking all the time have been pecked and blinded in the end. This kind of thing happened a lot in history, but these people never have a long memory.” “

“Sir President, you are right, but many of the stolen gold points were produced by our side, and it is also a blood loss for us. “

Tang Qin quickly explained.

The old council president put down the pen in his hand when he heard this, and he solemnly asked: “How many golden points were copied?” “

“120 million points. “

“So many?”

Hearing this figure, the Speaker of Parliament also brows tightly frowns.

“That’s right, now except for what countries are holding in their hands Reserve points, the market has basically been copied. That is to say, except for newly mined or occasional selling in the federal system, there are basically not many gold points, and the exchange rate of gold points has returned to 2000 again. And there has been a trend of skyrocketing recently. Fortunately, the members of the Federation have taken control. ”

(end of this chapter)

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