Star Ring Mission Chapter 288


Chapter 288 Voting

β€œHow much did he copy.”


“That is to use 120 billion yuan of funds, which is not a small amount. So far, the following has been able to spend so much money, only the top few in the wealth list. But they don’t have such a good mouth, maybe they will I’ll hold myself to death, but if it was a joint meal, the news would have been leaked long ago, who would it be? No, there is one person.”

The old council president seemed to think of something.


Tang Qin asked curiously.

“I know who it is, you don’t need to worry about this matter. Let’s do our best to deal with the upcoming Cup of Earth, that’s the highlight.”

The old council president looked calm. replied .

At this moment, Tang Qin’s cell phone vibrated, she picked up the cell phone and glanced at it, and said to the old council president.

“President of the Council, there is a temporary remote federal video conference that needs your participation.”

“Well, get ready.”

The President of the Council lightly delegated , The sudden meeting at this juncture is not a good thing no matter how you look at it.

A moment later, the remote video conference started, and the virtual images of the representatives of all parties were connected one by one.

After a series of polite greetings, the president of the Free Victory Guild, an old man with a full of energy solemn expression, spoke first: “Before the meeting officially begins, I have an application that needs to be voted on by all. Someone deliberately created financial turmoil and prepared huge sums of money to buy gold points. This kind of speculation is extremely shameful, and it also undermines the fairness and justice of the market, so I once again applied to retrieve the internal transaction data of the Commonwealth Bank.”

Listen Hearing the other party’s speech, the old council president also found it ironic. These days, vultures are qualified to accuse crows of eating carrion.

“Voting begins!”



A series of people raised their hands in approval.

At this moment, the old council president hoarsely opened the mouth and said: “No!”

Hearing the president of the Free Victory Guild, Augustus, his face was stunned. like eating flies.

“Voted, the vote is over!”

The official in charge of statistics announced calmly.

To retrieve the internal data of the Federal Bank, the five core members must unanimously approve. As long as there is a veto, there is no need to vote.

“I said Long Ming, it’s a good way, and we won’t call us even if we eat alone.”

Auglas’ face twitched, and things couldn’t be more obvious. Since the Heavenly Dragon guild voted against it, it is obvious that they did this.

Long Ming was also a little puzzled, this matter really had nothing to do with him. But it is estimated that it is useless to explain, and no one will believe it.

Of course, the reason why Long Ming initiated the veto is because the golden dots flow into the territory of the country, which is a good thing anyway.

“It’s okay, let’s continue the meeting.”

The next day, Su Mo was still sleeping under the covers in the apartment.

dong dong!


Su Mo asked dazedly when he woke up.

“It’s us, can you come in?”

“Come in.”

Su Mo sat up.

The door was pushed open, and Han Na and Zhang Wenjing walked in.

“It’s so early.”

Su Mo asked with a yawn. Last night, he was in bed, browsing the forum all night, and the whole forum was as lively as possible.

All of them are talking about gold points, and more than 70% of the posts are scolding people who buy gold points, no matter which camp they belong to.

Su Mo feels very interesting and has become the public enemy of the whole people.

“It’s so early, it’s already afternoon, and you’ve slept for more than twelve hours.”

Hanna complained.

“Okay, what’s the matter?”

“It’s like this, you know that more and more people are killed now, and many people have left the company. Waiting places As soon as the Cup is opened, it is estimated that more people will leave. To put it bluntly, our gaming career may come to an end.”

“It’s not so sad to say, the Cup of Earth is over, isn’t it still there? Where’s the Cup of Heaven?”

Su Mo sighed replied.

“Earth’s Cup has been playing so badly, the ghost knows what the Heaven’s Cup will look like. Let’s not talk about that, let’s sum it up and think it’s rare to get together, why don’t you have a good meal? Pause?”


Su Mo nodded.

“But I think about it again and again, everyone is very poor recently, so if you buy your own food and cook it at home, it’s better and cheaper.”

Hanna suggested.

“I’m fine.”

Su Mo replied casually.

“Since there’s no problem, get up quickly and accompany us to grocery shopping, we just need a coolie.”

Han Na said with a wicked smile.

“You want to buy a lot? Do you still need me?”

Su Mo asked with some puzzlement.

Zhang Wenjing on the side replied coldly: “She wants to buy wine and buy it in a box.”

After listening to this, Su Mo turned dark and looked at Han Na. Maybe you organized it because you wanted to drink.

“Don’t look at me like that, get up quickly”

Han Na directly pulled Su Mo to get up.

In the evening, Su Mo returned to the apartment with three large and small bags carrying super sumptuous dishes.

Su Mo let out a long sigh. Even someone like him who has practiced can’t stand it. Han Na and the others have really strong purchasing power.

“Yes! Su Mo, you have good endurance, which is a plus.”

Hannah laughted and praised Su Mo.

“Don’t call me next time for this kind of thing.”

Su Mo sighed.

“I just praised you, but you are so stingy.”

Just then the doorbell rang.

ding dong!

“It should be Sister Ziqing and the others.”

Hanna said excitedly.

“No, Zi Qing told me that she will be late, and the Helan still needs to deal with the aftermath.”

Zhang Wenjing was also a little puzzled.

“Whatever you do, Su Mo, go open the door.”

Hanna shouted to Su Mo.

Su Mo stepped forward and opened the door, only to see Lin Zino standing at the door, smiling at Su Mo.


“Why are you here?”

Su Mo asked very puzzled.

Lin Zinuo’s face suddenly gloomy, she replies angrily: “I can’t come?”

“Sister Zino?.”

Zhang Wenjing and Han Na also came over, and they were surprised to see Lin Zinuo coming.

Lin Zinuo coughed, picked up envelopes one by one, and said to Han Na and the others, “This is your salary letter, I’ll take it back for you by the way.”

“Wow, the salary has been paid!”

Hanna jumped up excitedly.

“No, it’s only half a month, and it’s not time to pay the salary yet?”

Zhang Wenjing asked very puzzled.

Lin Zinuo explained helplessly: “No way, Legion has fought two wars in a row recently, many casualties, and most of the dead have to change jobs, so Sister Xue decided to pay wages in advance. I’m done.”

“What’s the matter, isn’t it good to pay wages early? If I knew the wages were paid today, I would have bought a few more cases of wine.”

Han Nayi A very pity look.

(end of this chapter)

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