Star Ring Mission Chapter 29


Chapter 29 Surprise

The streets are full of zombies in ragged clothes, and players can still be seen from time to time silhouette. It can be confirmed that in addition to this Safety Sector, there should be many surviving players.

But none of this concerns Su Mo, who is now looking for special buildings as his next quest.

Soon he found hospitals, schools, and old administrative buildings.

It’s a pity that all these places are occupied by players, and it can be seen that the entrances of these buildings are blocked by debris.

Soon the drone’s battery was down to half, and Su Mo returned with the drone.

He plugged the drone back in, with a silent expression on his face. He was not satisfied with the results of this exploration and found no targets of too high value.

But Su Mo is not annoyed, it is normal to have no harvest, how can it be possible to be so lucky every time.

He sits in place and waits for another three hours, and when the drone is fully charged, Su Mo packs everything into his backpack and chooses to log out.

The world in front of me began to collapse like snowflakes, and then I fell into the endless darkness.

Wait until Su Mo opens his eyes and he is in the game pod, which opens automatically.

Su Mo walked down, he checked his phone, it was almost six o’clock.

It’s dawn.

gu lu~~

His stomach made a protest sound.

Su Mo walked out of the private room, and along the way met a girl wearing various COS costumes, looking sweet and carrying a hearty breakfast.

When they saw Su Mo, they greeted each other sweetly.

“Good morning.”

Su Mo responded slightly with a nod and walked down the stairs to the front desk.

Xiao An greeted with a bright smile: “Mr. Su Mo, good morning, are you having a good time?”

“It’s alright, keep the machine so that no one can move, and the time will take a photo. Count.”

Su Mo replied faintly.

“No problem.”

Xiao An replied respectfully.

Su Mo put his hands in his pockets and moved towards the door.

Xiao An looked at the back of Su Mo leaving, and was a little dazed for a while. I don’t know why Su Mo has a very special temperament and is very attractive.

“Xiao An, what are you doing in a daze? Why did you see the handsome guy?”

At this time, a cheerful girl in a maid outfit came over and asked curiously.

“No, Xiaokui.”

Xiao An came back to his senses and said quickly.

“Okay, even if you see me, I won’t tell others, and you should go to rest, it’s time to change shifts.”

Xiaokui said jokingly with a smile.

“No way, by the way, the guest in the high level VIP07 room is offline. But he asked to keep the machine, so he will let someone in to clean it up, then close the door, and don’t let others in.”

Xiao An explained to Xiao Kui.

“Who is so rich, 1,000 yuan an hour, just leave it like this?”

Xiaokui was also very surprised.

“It’s none of our business, we just need to do our part.”


At this point Su Mo arrives Opposite the old street breakfast shop, raised his hand and shouted at the Boss.

“Meat bun.”

“Come on, isn’t this Su Mo.”

The breakfast boss greeted in surprise.

“Three buns, a bowl of broth.”

Normally, they can only see Su Mo when they pay the rent, which was just paid not long ago pass.

“Okay, okay, I’ll serve it for you.”

The Boss reacted and hurriedly brought Su Mo a bun.

After Su Mo finished eating, he put the money on the table, got up and left, he wanted to go home and rest for a while.

Although lying in the game cabin, the body is dormant. But the brain cells are still in a state of high tension. You still need a deep sleep to rest, otherwise you will be tense for a long time and it will be easy to neurasthenia.

On the way home, Su Mo saw a lot of promotional posters for the Star Ring game.

Each poster is printed with photos of different popular stars.

Simply said, all-star promotion!

He was also a little surprised that this game was so popular. How can the propaganda be so strong, there is a feeling that the whole people need to participate.

“Handsome guy, why don’t you join our Sabrewielder guild, let’s play together in the game, and be powerful!”

While Su Mo was thinking about it, several young people with immature faces were holding propaganda Walking alone to Su Mo’s side, he warmly invited him.


Su Mo flatly refused and went home.

In the evening, Su Mo returned to Xingyou Cafe again, except for eight hours of rest. I also did some exercise. After I was sweating, I came over after taking a shower.

The Star Tour Cafe is very lively at this time. In the center of the first floor, a holographic projection of a player’s image is being done.

Of course, this player is not a live player of Xingyou Cafe, but a video downloaded by an online live broadcast platform.

I saw a handsome man lying on the roof, holding a heavy sniper, killing a crawling monster. The monster was dark and scaly, with a mouth in the form of a crocodile, four legs, ruby eyes, and fast as lightning.

Everyone’s nerves are tense, and their hearts are in their throats.

At this moment, the young man keenly seized an opportunity. Immediately fired, but the moment the fire was fired, the muzzle lifted a little.


β€œAiya, you’re on the wrong side!”


The players watching the battle patted one after another The thigh, however the next second, a shocking scene appeared. The monstrous seemed to sense danger, and at the moment when the bullet came, it rushed forward.

As a result, the next second, the head was directly shot in the middle.


“Too cool, worthy of being Hai Ge.”


The atmosphere at the scene was instantly detonated.

Su Mo is slightly unlucky, this guy is a professional, not only with good skills, but also with accurate predictions, and of course there is a trace of it.

Because after the hit, the man named Hai Ge also excitedly patted his thigh.

Su Mo didn’t read any further, he moved towards his private room.

Soon he was in the pod and logged into the game.

While Su Mo opened his eyes, he was still sitting on the gym. He slowly took out the drone and started operating again.

I saw the drone take off and quickly moved towards the distance.

In order to maximize efficiency, when Su Mo controls the drone, the speed is maximized, so as to maximize the capture of images.

See as many buildings as possible.

At this moment, Su Mo’s eyes narrowed sharply, and he found a military camp near the suburbs in the Western District.

This camp is full of zombie corpses all around, and a large number of players with weapons are guarding this place.

Su Mo pulled the drone back decisively.

In the camp, a middle-aged man wearing a bulletproof suit put down the sniper in his hand and said with a pity.

“How good a target is, just run away, and your vigilance is good.”

“Okay, then maybe it is the apple of one’s eye of which player. You just put it like this. When the time comes, I won’t cry to trouble you.”

(end of this chapter)

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