Star Ring Mission Chapter 290


Chapter 290 Pendant (One Update)

In the middle of the night, Su Mo returned to the Tenth Building of the Breaking Dawn Group.

The whole building looked a little deserted compared to before. Su Mo remembered that when he first came to the guild, even in the middle of the night, the building was very lively.

But it’s normal, too many people are leaving now.

Su Mo walked into the elevator, swiped his card, and pressed down to the top floor.

Not very long, Su Mo came to the top floor, he moved towards Qianchengxue’s office.

“Su Mo, why are you here.”

Su Mo turned to look and saw Tang Yao walking out of another elevator with a lunch box in his hand.

“I have something to do with Sister Xue, you haven’t eaten yet?”

“It’s not me, it’s Sister Xue who is busy and hasn’t eaten yet, so I thought I’d bring her some The meal is packed from the restaurant outside, if you are looking for Sister Xue, just help me deliver it.”

Tang Yao smiled and handed the lunch box to her.

“Okay, then I’ll go first,”

Su Mo took it.


Tang Yao waved his hand and turned away.

A few minutes later, Su Mo walked to the door of Qianchengxue’s office, but the door was not closed.

Su Mo looked inside and could clearly see Qianchengxue wearing gold-rimmed glasses, her silver-white hair hanging down on the table beside her, holding a pen in one hand and a calculator in the other. Careful accounting of financial statements.

This scene also made Su Mo’s heart beat.

But he quickly adjusted his mind and slowly extended the hand and knocked on the door.

dong dong!

“Come in.”

Qiancheng Xue didn’t look up.

Su Mo walked in and put the lunch box on the table.

Qian Chengxue, who was reviewing the financial statement, saw the lunch box on the table and said, “Tang Yao, don’t bring it to me, I’m not hungry.”

Su Mo hesitated and said, “It’s better to eat.”

Hearing Su Mo’s voice, Qianchengxue lifts the head in surprise.

“Why are you here? Is there something wrong?”

Su Mo took out the salary letter from his pocket and handed it to Qiancheng Xue, and said seriously.

“The salary is too much. You should take it back. I know that the guild has no money now.” Back to Su Mo.

“The guild has enough money, you don’t have to worry about that. In addition, I didn’t give you more money, you deserve it. As the main combatant, you played a great role in the last operation. The key role.”

“Let’s forget it, the last action was my idea, although the gold output was a lot. But the time is too rushed, I feel that I can’t make much money, and capital preservation is a problem. .”

Su Mo shook the head, others didn’t know the inside story, but he was very clear. If the guild is really rich, she doesn’t have to take the mortgage.

“Su Mo, you have to know that you have done a good job, you deserve the money. Logically, I should have given more, but it has been a bit more difficult recently, I will make it up for you later. Also, your family is not very good, and you are not too young. You will definitely use the money in the future. After all, this kind of opportunity to make a lot of money is very rare, so you must take good care of it. If you accept the money, it is a good choice to save it or buy a house. Remember, you must learn to cherish yourself and think about yourself in everything.”

“Okay, then I’ll go first.”

Su Mo didn’t say much after seeing Qianchengxue’s insistence.


Qian Chengxue suddenly stopped Su Mo.

β€œWhat else is there?”

Su Mo looked towards Qianchengxue suspiciously.

Qiancheng Xue took out a cute, dainty and delicate doll pendant from her pocket and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo froze in place, replied in a flustered speech: “I don’t hang up on this thing.”

As soon as the words came out, for some reason, a trace of regret rose in my heart.

Qianchengxue startled slightly, came back to his senses, and replied with a smile: “This is a USB flash drive.”

“Ah? Take it.”

Su Mo’s cheeks were slightly red, and he quickly left with the doll pendant, which was indeed a little embarrassing.

After a long time, Su Mo returned to the apartment in a trance. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Han Na in pajamas.

She said with a wicked smile: “I thought you weren’t coming back tonight, it’s so disappointing.”

“What are you thinking about? Rest early. “

Su Mo replied helplessly, then moved towards his room.

After returning to the house, Su Mo turned on the computer, he picked up the little white bear pendant and fiddled with it. As a result, with a little force, the little white bear’s head was pulled out, revealing the socket.

Su Mo inserted the USB flash drive into the computer. He was also very curious about what was inside.

Because of the embarrassment just now, Su Mo’s mind was a little confused, and he forgot to ask Qianchengxue what to do with his USB flash drive.

After inserting the USB flash drive, a mini-Q version of a thousand city snow villains popped up on the computer desktop, and she pulled at the screen.

A file interface opens with a large number of videos and materials.

This scene also left Su Mo stunned.

But soon his eyes narrowed, and he opened the video and read the information carefully. Here are all videos of mecha military combat techniques and related expert images.

And Su Mo also saw Qianchengxue’s message.

“Su Mo, I’ve watched your fights carefully. Although you’re strong, I’m sure you’ve also noticed that your mecha tactical skills are terrible. If I’m not mistaken , you should not have been trained and trained by the system. Let me make a simple analogy. You can defeat your opponent now, relying entirely on your own powerful innate talent and attributes to crush the opponent. From the simplest For example, every time you swing your knife seriously beyond the standard, this will greatly affect your next attack. Because of excessive action, it will affect your return to the knife, which will affect all aspects of your next actions. expert The duel between them is often a thousand miles away.”

“There are also problems with your body shape and pace, cluttered and disordered, and many movements are too large and unnecessary. You often It needs to rely on strong reflexes and anticipation to make up for mistakes in action.”

“There is also a big problem in coordination, sometimes too much do as one pleases, so that too many Achilles’ heels are exposed. .”

“If I’m not mistaken, many of your combat skills are learned by stealing.

It can be seen that your learning, memory and imitation ability, How strong, I believe that you are learning through the system, and your strength will bring it up a level.

For this reason, I will organize these materials for you in the system, I believe it should be useful to you”

The information in the U disk is very comprehensive, and the first is mecha’s military tactical action explanation.

In the back is the advanced operation method, as well as some very practical combat skills.

In the back is the battle video of the highest mecha expert in various countries

Su Mo looked at a catalogue and felt warm inside.

With so much information and so well organized, how much time and effort will it take?

(end of this chapter)

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