Star Ring Mission Chapter 291


Chapter 291 Departure (Second Update)

The next day, in the port area of Hongshan Bay Base, Su Mo came over .

I saw Ziqing directing the people below to move all kinds of supplies to the Helan.

“Has the Helan been repaired?”

Su Mo asked.

Ziqing nodded replied: “It’s almost repaired, but the strength will definitely drop a little. After all, the repaired ships are definitely not as good as new.”

“This is normal .”


Zi Qing’s face was a little sad.

“What’s the matter.”

“It’s not that Legion’s stockpile was consumed in the last war, and now we don’t have enough supplies. What, but the Cup of Earth is about to open, I feel that I am not fully prepared, and I have no confidence in my heart.”

In fact, Ziqing said it more euphemistically. emboldened.

Su Mo pondered.

“We can supplement it ourselves.”

“Ah, where should we supplement it?”

Zi Qing is also a little puzzled.

β€œI know where it is, we need supplies, and they are in great quantities.”


β€œSeabreeze Island.”

Su Mo’s expression was said in a tranquil voice, as if she was saying something ordinary.

“Ah! Don’t you want to hit Sea Breeze Island again? Wouldn’t this be a bit too much?”

Zi Qing was also a little scared, After all, when they went to Sea Breeze Island, they almost sank there, and she had seen the power of the monster on the island with her own eyes.

“No, think about it. In fact, the reason why we felt so difficult in the previous trip to Haifeng Island was not the monsters, but more caused by the players of the Amaterasu Guild. The really powerful one is the Type III general-level monster, I really couldn’t do anything about it in the past, but now it’s really not sure.”

Su Mo said calmly to Ziqing.

Zi Qing gradually calmed down. She carefully recalled Su Mo’s words, as if thinking about it carefully. The seemingly crazy idea is not completely missed.

But this matter is beyond Ziqing’s authority, so Ziqing said to Su Mo very seriously: “I personally think your proposal is feasible. But such a large-scale operation still has to go through snow. Sister agrees. Sister Zhao Han can’t make a decision. After all, if things go well, if something goes wrong, the trouble will be big, and Legion’s situation is not very good now.”

“Well, then let’s go to Qianqian. Snow in the city.”

Su Mo nodded.

Soon after, Su Mo and Ziqing searched the base and the group office, but couldn’t find Qianchengxue.

Immediately they found Sun Li, who was busy commanding and repairing the bay base.

“Hurry up, if the buildings over there are too damaged, they will be demolished. When the time comes, all the camps will be built.”

“Sister Sun Li.”

Zi Qing shouted.

“Why did you come here? Is there something wrong?”

Sun Li was a little surprised when Su Mo and Ziqing came over together.

“We were looking for Sister Xue, but we couldn’t get through on the phone, and she wasn’t in the office. I asked inside the base, but I didn’t see it.”

“That’s right, Xue. My sister has been dealing with affairs all night recently, and she was a little tired, so she went home to rest. When she left, she handed over the affairs of Legion to me for the time being, and if you have anything to do with her, you can tell me.”

Sun Li explained to Su Mo and the others.

“After the last war, isn’t there a shortage of supplies recently? We just wanted to hit Haifeng Island, which has a lot of supplies and weapons depots.”

Su Mo didn’t hide it, and said directly to Sun Li.

After Sun Li heard Su Mo’s words, her first reaction was that it was crazy. However, she did not refute Su Mo, but stood in the same place and thought for a long time, and finally said to Su Mo.

“It’s not impossible, but you have to consider this matter. If you really want to fight and need any support, tell me.”

Su Mo replied.

“No, you only need to dispatch the twelve members and the Helan. Even if there is any accident, you can get out of your body. In addition, I hope this operation can be kept secret, and I will announce it to the outside world as a conventional operation.

Practice to prevent unexpected changes.”


Sun Li nodded agreed.

Su Mo and Ziqing turned around and moved towards the Helan, but Ziqing was still a little uneasy and asked: “Will this be a bit too big, don’t you bring more people?”

“No, I don’t plan to attack Haifeng Island in an all-round way. I plan to use the method of boiling frogs in warm water to clean up the monsters on the island little by little. Although it will take a little longer, it is better than casualties. It will also be a lot less, after all, the group has fewer and fewer staff now.”

Su Mo shook the head.

“It’s possible, I’ll go call the staff now.”

Zi Qing took a deep breath, she replied a little excitedly.

A few hours later, the Helan slowly sailed out of the harbor. Su Mo, Lin Zinuo and the others stood on the deck, waving goodbye to the guild personnel.

“Good luck!”

After the ship was far away, Lin Zinuo asked Su Mo curiously: “Su Mo, why is there a temporary combat exercise mission? This mission What is it?”

“Secret, you’ll know when you get there.”

Su Mo replies in a good mood while blowing the sea breeze.

“I found out if you’ve been drifting recently, and asked if you’re keeping it a secret? Believing or not I’ll take care of you.”

Lin Zinuo was also so angry that she gnash the teeth, she suddenly found Su When Mo first met, a lot had changed. Although the emotional intelligence is still not too high, at least it has enlightened a lot, and the tone is not so cold.

“Okay, I won’t tease you, I’ll tell you.”

Su Mo saw Lin Zinuo holding a face and smiled dumbly, so he leaned into Lin Zinuo’s ear and said softly .

“Sea Breeze Island.”

The hot air from close breathing directly touched Lin Zino’s ears, Lin Zino’s body was slightly trembled, his entire cheeks were red, and he ran away in a panic. .

Su Mo saw Lin Zinuo lose one’s head out of fear and ran away. He also had an unfathomable mystery on his face. What happened to Lin Zinuo recently?


A few days later, the Helan sailed to the outskirts of Haifeng Island.

Zhou Qian and the others were speechless when they saw Haifeng Island in the distance.

“Isn’t this Haifeng Island? How did we get here?”

Zi Qing cleared her throat and said seriously: “Everyone, be quiet, we are doing this operation. The target is Sea Breeze Island. But don’t worry, we are only in charge of supporting, and the main battle will be handed over to Su Mo.”

“Will this be a bit too big?”

Lin Zinuo Some said worriedly.

“I’m measured, and if things don’t go right, I’ll withdraw immediately.”

Su Mo said.

“Okay, then be careful.”

Lin Zinuo nodded, as if apart from this, there is no other way.

Su Mo turned to Ziqing and said, “Don’t let the Helan get too close, and be careful of the black salamanders crawling out of the sea. I’ll drive the mecha up to investigate.”


Ziqing nodded.

(end of this chapter)

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