Star Ring Mission Chapter 293


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At this moment, Su Mo rushed out At the turn of the front passage, I saw the fleeing monster in the distance.

Humanoid body, face with gills, eyes like obsidian, body covered with barbs, extremely sharp claws, slender tail, standard I-type alien mutant black salamander.

Su Mo squinted his eyes and accelerated to catch up. Thanks to this monster, he didn’t run into the narrow area, otherwise the Killing Blade would really not be able to catch up.

But just as Su Mo was about to catch up with the monster, the two rushed to the edge of the silo at the center of the base crack.

The black salamander crawled straight down like a gecko.

Su Mo walked to the edge and looked into the depths of the center silo. It was pitch black and bottomless.

Not long after, Lin Zinuo rushed over with a group of people.

“Su Mo, are you okay.”

“It’s okay.”

Su Mo replied lightly.

“Have you caught that monster yet?”

“I-type black salamander.”

“Wow, after a long time, it turned out to be a monster Type I black salamander, I thought it was a monster.”

Lin Zino sighed in relief.

“The problem is that it climbed down and escaped.”

Su Mo said solemnly.

“Let’s escape, just let it escape. An I-type monster can’t make any waves. Let’s move this place first, and then I’ll let Zhou Qian and the others be careful.”


Lin Zinuo didn’t care too much.

“That’s not what I said. I couldn’t find the monster on the island, so I thought it was weird. Until I saw the monster crawling down just now, I finally understood what I was missing.”

“Where to ignore?”

“It’s the bottom of the silo, the bottom of this base. You think about one thing carefully, how did Xiaowen Corps Head and the others get raided, wasn’t it? That type III monster suddenly appeared from the inside?”

“Wait a minute, you mean those monsters didn’t leave, they were all down there.”

Lin Zinuo responded immediately Come on, the complexion slightly changed.

“Although it’s not 100%, it’s most likely not wrong, how is the transfer of things.”

Su Mo asked.

“There are a lot of weapons in the arsenal, and it will take some time. But the precious weapons have already been transported out. Wait, why are you asking this?”

“Wait for your transfer. Almost, I’ll go down and have a look.”

Su Mo simply replied.

“No, you’re crazy, if it’s the gang of monsters’ lair, you don’t mean to stab their ass.”

“Always give it a try, see Can we get rid of these hidden dangers and truly occupy Haifeng Island? Although the production areas left by the Heavenly Dragon guild are more or less damaged, most of them can still be used after repairing. And the most important point, I feel that the land As soon as the cup is opened, the bay base is not necessarily safe, but Haifeng Island is much safer.”

Su Mo explained his thoughts to Lin Zino.

Lin Zinuo: “Why don’t you bring someone.”

“No, I can handle it alone.”

Su Mo is very sure of replied.

“Okay, I’ll let them go faster.”

Lin Zinuo didn’t say anything after seeing Su Mo’s insistence.

In the early morning of the next day, when the sun was shining on Haifeng Island again, Zhou Qian ran over to report.

“The arsenal is empty.”

“Well, Su Mo, you can do it now.”

Lin Zino lifts the head to Su Mo .

Su Mo takes control of the Killing Blade and leaps into the silo.

After a period of free fall, the Killing Blade slammed into the base of a steel frame.

Su Mo controlled mecha to look around, and did not imagine a nest of monsters rushing up. However, Su Mo was still on the base and found some sticky traces left by the monster crawling over.

He followed the trail and quickly came to the edge of the base.

Near the bottom of the mountain on this side, there is a large passage opening, and the light height is seventy or eighty meters.

“Should there be an underground base?”

Su Mo was also very surprised.

Of course Su Mo didn’t hesitate, he controlled mecha to go inside.

As soon as you step into the channel not very long, a prompt will pop up on the screen of mecha.

“Hint: The highly toxic ingredient is scanned, and the internal circulation system is turned on.”

Su Mo just glanced at the prompt and continued to control mecha to move forward.

After walking about more than a hundred meters, Su Mo saw a huge metal partition gate, but the gate had been violently destroyed.

The ground is stained with blackened blood, and the atmosphere becomes even more eerie.

Su Mo controls the mecha to go inside, and another prompt pops up on the mecha.

“Hint: Strong heat radiation response detected.”

Su Mo glanced, scanning the radar, and there was a huge red dot flashing in the depths. But unexpectedly, not many small red dots were seen.

He continued to move forward, and the passageway under his feet was slanting down. It could be seen that the base below was deeply buried.

At the same time, Su Mo began to see some shredded pieces of protective clothing, but did not see the remains of the corpse. No accident, it should have been eaten clean.

A moment later, Su Mo came to the end of the passage.

A messy and spacious giant biochemical laboratory comes into view. In the innermost part of the laboratory, there is a giant biochemical pool, surrounded by some scattered black salamanders.

An incomparably bloated, red-brilliant whole body, with a head like a flower bud, full of sharp teeth inside, and ten scarlet eyeballs along the edge of the mouth, the whole body is anthropomorphic , has two sharp claws hands and bifurcated feet, and the tail section is divided into strips of black tentacles.

I saw the scattered black salamanders tied by the tail of the Type III general-level salamander, directly pulled into the biochemical pool.

The next second, the black salamanders that were pulled in turned into a pool of blood.

The entire Type III general-level black salamander emits a super heat radiation reaction. If there is no accident, it should be that the underground biochemical laboratory has a strong isolation effect.

Su Mo’s eyelids twitched slightly, he felt that the monster seemed to be a whole circle bigger than the previous form, and the breath it exuded was even more terrifying.

In addition, this black salamander seems to be at a critical moment of evolution, its eyes are closed, even if it is binding those black salamanders, they are not open.

And there was no immediate attack on Su Mo either.

If you continue to strengthen according to this trend, give this guy some time, maybe the template will strengthen Level 1.

Su Mo didn’t immediately attack, he first observed the laboratory and didn’t see other powerful monsters.

The laboratory is full of precision instruments and equipment, most of which are damaged, and the highly toxic gas permeates the passage, which should be leaking from the equipment here.

There is still a small part that is not damaged, but the value is not estimated to be very large.

Because there will be a fight later, it is estimated that it will not be much better.

The only thing worth paying attention to is that in the area on the right side of the laboratory, there is a sealed circular partition door, which is a bit like the door of a vault, and there may be something inside.

After confirming that there is no problem.

(end of this chapter)

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