Star Ring Mission Chapter 294


Chapter 294 Axolotl Demon (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Su Mo narrowed his eyes, he was ready Give it a shot and see if you can give the other party a surprise first.

He decisively connected the dual beam sabers to the power system for amplification, and at the same time activated the overclocking mode with full power.

In the next second, the Killing Blade flew at a low altitude and rushed over.

Just as Su Mo approached.

Lying in the biochemical pool, the Type III general-level black salamander seemed to sense danger, its eyes snapped open, and its tail section differentiation tentacles swept towards Su Mo.

Su Mo vigorously waved his beam saber.

“Cross Beam Slash!”


The viscous blood sputtered out, and the tentacles were cut off at the same time, and its sharpness was not at all before. The second-generation machine black steel can be compared. Then he swung the beam saber, fiercely’s moved towards the black salamander’s head and slashed.


The two terrifying wounds were split directly out, and the brown tissue inside the head was exposed.

The Type III general-level black salamander suddenly let out a painful howl.

It’s a pity that the Type III general-level black salamander didn’t die because of this, and the eyeballs on the bud-like head locked Su Mo one after another.

Here we go!

One after another beam came at close range.

Su Mo withdrew the beam saber to block, and sparks flew.

At this time, the huge body of the Type III general-level black salamander stood up from the biochemical pool, and the sharp claw swept across it.

Su Mo controls the killingblade mecha double beam saber cross block.

Here we go!

The entire Killing Blade slid out dozens of meters as if it had been hit hard.

Immediately, the Type III general-level black salamander, the tail section splits its tentacles one by one, and runs towards Su Mo like a long spear.

Su Mo controls mecha to move at high speed, dodging tentacle attacks.

However, the equipment displayed here suffers. They are like foam, and they are smashed.

However, Su Mo didn’t get beaten blindly. He operated mecha with extremely fast hand speed to evade attacks, and adjusted two beam cannons at the same time.

Here we go!

One after another beam cannon shot out, hitting the injured head of the black salamander.

Such a close distance is almost a hit and miss.


The violent explosion directly blew the black salamander’s head into a bloody mess.

The black salamander became more and more furious, and it directly ripped the sharp claw towards Su Mo.

Su Mo controlled mecha dexterously to dodge, and then the back spray device turned on, rushed up, and slashed his chest one after another, leaving one after another horrible to see incision.

Su Mo feels more and more excited at this moment and enjoys the fight very much. He found that after getting rid of some of his own shortcomings and drawbacks, his overall movement and flexibility improved a lot.

In the base of Haifeng Island, Lin Zinuo and the others looked down to the silo one after another, and there was a terrifying roar from one after another.

Zhou Qian swallowed and spit.

“Sister Zinuo, it seems to be fighting fiercely down there!”

“Su Mo will be fine, right? You really don’t need us to help?”

The brother sister next to her asked worriedly.

Lin Zinuo took a deep breath and said: “Everyone is ready.”

“We know that Dao Child Nuo is the most worried about Su Mo, so we will prepare Go down and help.”

“What are you doing, I’m getting you ready. Once Su Mo can’t beat us, we’ll immediately retreat as far as we can.”

Lin Zi Nuo rolled the eyes, joking about how strong the Type III general-level monster was. Lin Zino had a deep memory.


Zhou Qian and the others didn’t know what to say.

“Ah what, going to help, doesn’t it mean that it will cause trouble? Su Mo can still escape if he can’t beat him by himself. If we go up to kill people and drag him down, he will run away.”

“Sister Zinuo, what you said makes sense.”

Everyone suddenly realized.


Suddenly, a terrifying cry came from the bottom and shot into the sky, and then everything was calm.

“Hey, why is there no sound at all?”

“Is there no sound? Let me listen.”

Lin Zinuo was also stunned, and quickly Listen attentively.

In the laboratory, Su Mo’s double beam saber penetrated the head of the Type III general-level black salamander. His sharp claws had been removed by the beam saber, and his bloated body was also chopped off. Dozens of knives.

The viscous and foul-smelling blood directly flooded the biochemical pool.

Su Mo took a deep breath and finally finished. At first, the heavy damage to the opponent, coupled with the successful close-up, the beheading was smooth.

At this time, the body of the Type III general-level black salamander floated up a little bit of sparks, and these sparks slowly condensed together to form a bright red fire.

Su Mo opened the cockpit, jumped out, and found a glass bottle in the laboratory. Turn on the auxiliary power of the second-generation mechanical armor and jump on the body of the black salamander to collect the fire.

Now that kindling is getting more and more expensive, the key is that it is still very difficult to buy, so Su Mo plans to collect as many as possible.

Then Su Mo returned to mecha. He glanced around the messy laboratory, and his eyes fell on the partitioned metal door that resembled a vault door.

He controlled the mecha to rush up, wielding the beam saber on it!


A few knives down, the metal partition door was cut open, and an inner laboratory came into view of Su Mo.

In the center of the laboratory, a very special mecha is parked.

70% of this mecha is purely mechanical, but the hands are inlaid with monster hands and metal special treatment.

At the same time, many biochemical catheters are connected to mecha’s body, which penetrates unknown blood.

The black armor on its surface has some special bloodshot patterns.

It looks a bit like having one’s hair stand on end.

β€œBiochemical mecha?”

Su Mo whispered to himself.

Suddenly, a picture flashed in Su Mo’s mind. The Snake of Resentment he killed at the Valley Lab Base seemed to be a biochemical mecha in a sense, but the biochemical proportion accounted for it. Over seventy, this is just the other way around.

Su Mo looked around and found a metal console on the right.

He opened the cockpit, jumped out, and walked to the console, where he saw an instruction manual and a special sealed box.

Su Mo opened the manual and read it.

Body type: SC-01 type composite biochemical nuclear power mecha (III generation) Β· axolotl mecha.

Manufacturer: Longguo Laboratories

Initial equipment: M.E77 years.

Technical Parameters

Interior Environment: Standard Cockpit.

Dimensions Full height: 18 meters.

Weight: 210.07 tons.

Armor material and structure: Strengthened Luotitanium synthetic metal, biological framework.

Coating: black

Waterproof rating: A-Rank (Classification S, A, B, C, D, E.)

Powerplant: MC-02 nuclear fission engine.

Operation system: Dragon system version 3.0.

Fixed electronic equipment: TC-32 night scanning device, 360-hour circulating air system, SAI intelligent auxiliary combat system, CRE anti-jamming device.

Backup: 3rd-layer emergency escape.

Fixed armament: R-type concealed shoulder high-energy beam cannon*1, strengthened sin bone chain gun.

Auxiliary devices: Eight groups of FY-3 rear-mounted rotary vector auxiliary injection devices (supporting 3W-meter altitude limit climbing).

Use of hand weapons: general

Seeing the instructions here, it is quite satisfactory. But turning to the back, there is a line of reminders handwritten in red notes.

“Those with insufficient mental strength are strictly prohibited from driving this machine!”

(end of this chapter)

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