Star Ring Mission Chapter 295


Chapter 295 mutation (one more)

Su Mo looked at this prompt, his eyelids jumped, he still The first time I saw this dangerous driving warning.

An indescribable feeling swells up, and a momentary loss of consciousness arises.

In a trance, Su Mo came back to his senses, and he picked up the precision box next to him.

A special metal key is pressed under the box. If there is no accident, it should be the start key of the axolotl mecha.

Su Mo took a close look at the box and applied a little force.


The box was opened, and a gust of cold air came out, and a gene injection that looked like a sapphire came into view. At the same time, there was an instruction manual under the gene drug.

Su Mo cautiously picked up the manual and read the contents above.

Type II Gene MedicineΒ·TSDI Omnipotent Gene Enhancement Injection (Perfect)

Components: Gene Synthesis Stock Solution, Solar Staircase

Remarks: This injection will greatly Strengthens physical potential, mental resistance, pollution resistance, life toughness, and does not change life form.

After reading the manual, Su Mo was overjoyed. The interface is called up.

Tier 1 tinder evolution (60%)

Su Mo It is a pity to see this evolution, it is not at full value, otherwise you can use this gene medicine directly.

But it’s normal. During this period of time, apart from attacking the Gulf base, I didn’t hunt and kill staged monsters, and the evolution of the fire was a bit slow.

The 40% progress within the 60% evolution degree was contributed by the Type III general-level black salamander that was killed just now.

Immediately, Su Mo closed the gene injection box and put it away. Now that the medicine is available, it can be used when the evolution value of the spark is full.

It really doesn’t work, so I can only make a special trip to farm monsters.

Immediately, Su Mo picked up the key and walked to mecha, the third generation axolotl. He climbed to the vicinity of the cockpit and inserted the key into the emergency hole.


The cockpit opens automatically.

Su Mo glanced at the cockpit as if it was the same as the cockpit of his Killing Blade.

However, there is a set of III-generation single-body mechanical armor, axolotl in the driving position.

Su Mo decisively replaced the mechanical armor on his body and replaced it with a higher level suit. Not to mention it is more comfortable to wear. Due to the overall use of soft nanofibers, it has changed from the usual bulkiness, greatly improved the sensitivity and comfort, and has a special shape. However, the fly in the ointment is that this third-generation mechanical armor is not equipped with special individual weapons, more like it is designed for drivers.

After the replacement, Su Mo inserted the key into the designated position and started the III-generation mecha Β· axolotl with some excitement.

He was very curious about how strong this mecha was.

The light of the operation panel lights up in an instant, and the next second, the whole cab wall emits green fluorescent light.

A prompt pops up in Su Mo’s eyes: Thermal radiation pollution is rising!

Suddenly Su Mo felt a trance, and then began to feel a bit of nausea, which was similar to motion sickness.

At this time, Sea Breeze Island was all around the sea and suddenly became a film Dyed black.

A girl in charge of vigilance shouted in horror when she saw the change in the sea water.

“The sea is not right, hurry up and call Sister Ziqing to come over.”


The sister next to her hurriedly moved towards the control room.

Soon Ziqing ran over, without her companions saying, she glanced at the sea water, then looked towards the coastline of Haifeng Island in the distance, and black salamanders crawled out of the water.

Her expression changed drastically, and she immediately moved towards the control room and ran.

Back in the control room, the first thing she shouted to Zhang Wenjing eagerly.

“Contact Lin Zino immediately! The monsters have landed on the island, let them flee to us immediately, and when the time comes we will cover them with firepower to make way for them!”

“Okay. .”

Zhang Wenjing immediately operated the communication system.

At this time, the launch silos of the Helan were also opened one after another to prepare for the battle.


There is a loud noise from the communicator.

“How is it, can you connect?”

“I’m trying to communicate wirelessly, there is still some interference, but the interference is weakening”

Zhang Wenjing explained.

“Come on, time is running out.”

Ziqing was extremely anxious, those black salamanders had already climbed onto the island. They are all rushing towards the base, and they will be able to rush to the center base in a short time without blocking.

Inside the base, Lin Zinuo and the others were curiously listening to the movement under the silo.

At this time, the infinite communicator is carrying a loud noise.



Lin Zino picked up the communicator and replied .

On the Helan, Zhang Wenjing and the others immediately shouted when they heard Lin Zinuo’s voice.

“Sister Zinuo, retreat immediately, a large number of black salamanders are flocking to you!”

“Hey, hello, I can’t hear what you said.”


“I said the monster is coming, run away!”

“What? I can’t hear clearly!”

In the base, Lin Zinuo patted the communicator and threw it around Go, keep shouting.

“I can’t hear you clearly, say it again! What kind of quality is this, it’s so poor.”

At this moment, the communicator sounded Ziqing’s voice, which was much clearer this time.

“The monster is coming, run away!”

This time Lin Zinuo heard it clearly, she was startled, and quickly turned to Zhou Qian and said, “Zi Qing said there is monster, go out and check the situation!”


Zhou Qian hurriedly ran to the other side and looked out.

“Sister Zinuo, what should we do now?”

The other sisters next to her asked one after another.

Lin Zinuo immediately shouted loudly to the bottom of the silo: “Su Mo come out soon, the monster is here”

Unfortunately, there was no response after a while.

The entire base also began to vibrate slightly.

At this time, Zhou Qian ran back in a panic, shouting in horror: “Sister Zinuo, there are so many monsters, like the tide!”

Lin Zinuo was in a hurry when she heard this. .

“Everyone shout!”

“Su Mo come out soon, the monster is coming”

“Su Mo come back soon.”

The crowd shouted loudly.

The voice kept reverberating in the silo, but no matter how Lin Zinuo and the others shouted, they didn’t get any response.

“What should I do, Sister Zinuo, it’s too late.”

Lin Zinuo was also in a hurry. But she was unwilling to withdraw. She wanted to inform Su Mo of the news and couldn’t sell him, so she said to Zhou Qian and the others.

“You withdraw first!”

“No, Sister Zinuo, we’ll be with you.”

“Alright then, let’s continue shouting together.”


“Su Mo!”

Time flies, Su Mo still reacts!

“No, I’ll go down and call him!”

Lin Zinuo was also in a panic and couldn’t bear it any longer. Because if you delay any longer, it will be too late.

“Sister Zinuo, this is too dangerous.”

“I can’t take care of that much anymore”

Lin Zinuo is going to risk it now.

At this moment, a rumbling sound sounded from the bottom of the silo. Before Lin Zinuo and the others could react, the third-generation mecha salamander rushed up and finally fell behind them.


(end of chapter)

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