Star Ring Mission Chapter 296


Chapter 296 Shock and Deterrence (Second Update)

Zhou Qian and the others shouted with joy, but in the next second The moment they saw the axolotl, the joy on their faces turned into panic.

“What’s this?”

Lin Zinuo and the others were so scared that their faces turned pale, it wasn’t Su Mo’s mecha, Su Mo shouldn’t have an accident, right? And they have never seen this kind of mecha, the regular mecha is to give people a kind of fear oppression, this mecha gives people the feeling of having one’s hair stand on end, and it looks very weird.

I saw the axolotl mecha turning his head and looking at Lin Zinuo and the others.

An air of terror pervades.

Lin Zinuo and the others subconsciously wanted to step back, as if they saw not a mecha but a monster in front of them. Unfortunately, they suddenly remembered that there was a ten thousand zhang deep silo behind them, and there was no way out.

At this time, the axolotl mecha moved!

Zhou Qian and the others rushed towards them with a sudden heartbeat.

However, the frightening thing did not happen, instead it was a very funny scene. I saw the axolotl mecha, and after walking a few steps, it began to turn in circles on the spot, and then the whole mecha fell forward, pressing the ground with both hands, and doing push-ups.

Even doing one-handed push-ups.


Lin Zinuo and the others are a little confused, what are they doing?

Just when everyone was puzzled, a tide of black salamanders swept in, led by two Type III elite black salamanders.

They immediately surrounded Lin Zino and the axolotl.

But for some reason, these black salamanders didn’t rush up immediately. They seemed to sense some kind of aura and were very afraid of that salamander mecha. Under normal circumstances, the black salamander had already swarmed up and launched an attack.


The two Type III elite black salamanders opened their mouths and let out a terrifying low roar at the salamander demon mecha.

Everyone was also very nervous, and all entered a state of battle.

At this time, one of the Type III elite black salamanders seemed to have made up their minds, and rushed up frantically as if to defend its own territory.

At this time, the eyes of the axolotl mecha lit up, the aura of the terrifying creature spread out, and it quickly greeted it. The black sin bone chain gun fiercely was thrown out, turning into a terrifying dark streamer.

In an instant, it penetrated through the mouth of the Type III elite black salamander, the back of the head, and the disgusting viscous liquid splashed out.

The whole process happened in an instant, too fast.

Immediately, the axolotl mecha pulled the bone chain on its hand and retracted the pitch-black bone gun, and the Type III elite black axolotl beast fell to the ground.

The remaining type III elite black salamander seemed to be frightened, turned its head and fled immediately.

Immediately after, the black and black salamanders scattered like a bird with a bow.

Seeing this scene, Lin Zinuo and the others were speechless in astonishment. It was the first time they had seen a large number of monsters collapse without a fight, which was simply incredible, completely beyond their understanding.

On the Helan, Han Na shouted in amazement.

“Sister Ziqing, come and see! Those monsters seem to be running for their lives!”

“How is that possible?”

Ziqing turned on the optics in disbelief Looking at the mode, the result is really as Han Na said.

The black salamander is like a dumpling, rushing to jump into the sea, escaping faster than a rabbit.

Zi Qing was speechless in their astonishment.

Inside the base, Lin Zinuo and the others looked at the black salamander mecha with extreme tension.

That’s when the mecha cockpit opened.

Su Mo jumped down from above and landed on the ground.

Lin Zinuo and the others rushed to see Su Mo in surprise.

“Su Mo is you!”


But in the next second, Su Mo hurriedly took off the transparent helmet and covered it. Mouth, look pale and vomit to the extreme.

“What’s the matter with you?”

Lin Zinuo and the others were stunned for a while, and asked one after another.

“A little nauseated.”

Su Mo also felt a rush in his stomach and felt dizzy.

“No, you must be airsick, right?”

Lin Zinuo said a little taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

Su Mo rolled his eyes at Lin Zinuo, and he was dizzy. He felt like he had been on a roller coaster, how could he be airsick. But as soon as he opened his mouth, he couldn’t help but continue to vomit, but he didn’t spit out anything.

“Hey, are you alright.”

Lin Zino only found Su Mo at this time, and it seemed that he was really uncomfortable.


Su Mo endured discomfort replied.

Lin Zino quickly took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpack, unscrewed the cap, and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took a sip and sat on the ground to rest for a while, and the nausea disappeared a lot.

Then he stood up and said, “It’s alright.”

Lin Zinuo and the others followed sighed in relief and asked, “Where did you get this mecha?”

“There’s a biochemical laboratory down there, and I got it from there.”

“And that monster is down there too?”

“It’s dead, These are not important anymore.”

After Su Mo replied to Lin Zino’s words, he circled around the third generation salamander mecha.

To be honest, although the power center of this mecha is the same as that of Killing Blade, Su Mo can clearly feel that this mecha has significantly stronger power. There is another point that this mecha gives him the illusion that it is alive.

Thinking of this, Su Mo pulled out Mo Xue and slashed at the biological tissue of Mecha’s arm.

The extremely sharp Moxue cut a shallow wound on the surface of the mecha, and the wound began to recover slowly in the next second.


Su Mo’s heart skipped a beat, didn’t expect the biological machine to have this ability.

However, Su Mo’s expression was not happy, but even more tangled. The performance of this mecha is indeed very good, and the battle strength is also extraordinary, but the problem is that it uses a bone chain gun.

It’s not that Su Mo doesn’t like the long spear, but he likes it.

It’s just that he knows his own skills best. His mecha skills are actually very general and need to be practiced.

Although the penetrating power of the bone chain gun is strong, its lethality is still worse than that of the beam saber.

In fact, the best way is to replace the mecha’s weapon with a beam saber. But this has a new problem, that is, there is no charging port on the axolotl mecha, so there is no way to charge the beam saber.

And the most troublesome point is that the resistance requirements of this biological mecha to the body are really not very high.

Once you turn it on, you feel like you’re in a radiation room, and it’s flawed.

Su Mo guessed that without the use of type II genetic medicine, there is no way to drive this mecha for a long time.

Thinking of this, Su Mo thinks it’s okay, the Killing Blade is easier to use.

“Su Mo, what are you doing in a daze?”

Lin Zino asked.

Su Mo came back to his senses, coughed and said to Lin Zino: “It’s nothing, you wait for me, I’ll go down and drive up the mecha, and then we’ll be ready to return.”


Lin Zino nodded replied.

(end of this chapter)

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