Star Ring Mission Chapter 297


Chapter 297 Gift (Add more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

When Su Mo was about to climb down , stopped suddenly, turned to Lin Zinuo and the others and said, “Forgot to remind you, don’t touch this mecha.”

“Don’t be so stingy, right?”

” This mecha has strong radiation, keep away from it.”

Su Mo explained helplessly.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Lin Zinuo and the others stepped back decisively and stayed away from the axolotl mecha. Just kidding, there is a chance that you will die if you are irradiated. Don’t die in the hands of monsters, but in the hands of spills of war, it will be a big shame.

Su Mo had a smile on his face and started to climb down.


Hongshan Bay Base, Qianchengxue just went online, and saw a lot of people running to the seaport.

She also felt something was wrong, so she followed along.

As soon as they arrived at the seaport, they were stunned. They saw cranes working in the seaport, unloading boxes of weapons and supplies from the Helan.

“A lot of weapons and supplies!”

“I heard that this is only the first batch, and there are many more to come.”

Everyone at the scene was excited of discussion.

At this time, Qianchengxue saw Sun Li who was directing the storage of supplies, and walked towards him.

“Your hands and feet are quick, take them off quickly.”

“Sister Xue!”

“Sister Xue, you are here.”

Sun Li heard the greetings from everyone, turned around and saw Qianchengxue, and hurried up to meet him.

“Sister Xue, you’re here.”

“What’s going on?”

“Sister Xue, you didn’t go back to work today. What. Then Su Mo and the others applied to attack Seabreeze Island, and I thought you approved it.”

“Attack Seabreeze Island? Seabreeze Island is not that easy to attack.”

Qianchengxue is also a little stunned, the impression that Haifeng Island has left on her is very deep.

“I think so too, and I didn’t have any hope. But didn’t expect they really took Seabreeze Island. It is said that there are not too many monsters on the island, and they found a lot of weapons, There are also a lot of materials left by the Heavenly Dragon guild, we are going to make a fortune.”

Sun Li said excitedly.

Qianchengxue also felt inconceivable when she heard Sun Li’s words, but judging from the current unloading posture, it was most likely true.

At this time, a sudden burst of excited screams sounded.


“It’s Su Mo!”

I saw the third generation mecha Β·Killing Blade holding an oversized giant packing box in both hands , flew over from the Helan.

“Everyone make a move!”

in midair Su Mo opened the mouth and said to everyone.

The crowd dispersed, and then Su Mo placed the giant packing box in front of Qianchengxue.

“What is this?”

Qianchengxue asked curiously.

“I brought you something good.”

Su Mo is in a good mood and replied. There is a saying that it is good, and it is good to communicate with others.

If there is no accident, Qianchengxue will definitely like this mecha. Judging from her professionalism in collecting mecha data, Su Mo can be sure.

The last time I got the third generation killing blade mecha, Su Mo was sure Qiancheng Xue must be very excited. But she didn’t show any thought of what she wanted all the time, without the slightest hesitation for herself, Su Mo actually saw it.

He unpacked the box, and the third-generation axolotl mecha was exposed.


Qianchengxue saw this third-generation mecha, and she was in a trance and a little lost. She never thought that Su Mo had brought a third-generation mecha back.

“Where did you get it?”

Qianchengxue asked with a look of disbelief.

“I picked it up on the island, you should be able to use it.”

Su Mo casually’s replied.

“Oh, then thank you.”

Qianchengxue rarely shied away, showing a faint smile. She really wanted a gen III mecha.

“cough cough, there is something I need to explain to you in private, or let everyone disperse first.”

Su Mo saw Qianchengxue did not refuse, and suddenly remembered this. The side effects of Taiwan mecha seem to be huge, some guilty said.

Qianchengxue turned her head to look at Sun Li, and Sun Li said to the brothers all around.

“Follow me, everyone.”

Immediately leading everyone away.

Su Mo coughed and explained: “This is not an ordinary third-generation mecha, it is a semi-biological mecha. So it is a little different from the regular mecha operation. It is relatively dangerous and will cause mental damage. Strong oppression, and at the same time activating the mecha, it will also generate strong radiation. I test-drive it a little, and the body has a lot of rejection, so this mecha should have a must for genetic evolution.”

“It’s okay, I’ve already been injected with type II genetic medicine, which is resistant to radiation to a certain extent. In addition, there are side effects, which means that the performance of this mecha is better.”

Qianchengxue didn’t care very much, She is very confident in herself.

“Well, this is the third generation of protective clothing, do you want to try it now?”

Su Mo was still hesitating, thinking about whether to take the genetic medicine. Come out, but looking at this posture, it should be unnecessary.

Qianchengxue took over the three generations of protective clothing, unfolded it and looked at it, and suddenly said with a slightly embarrassed look.

“Forget it, let’s try again later, today is not very good.”


Su Mo was also shrugged and didn’t notice it. what is the problem.

At this time, in the distance, Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo who was talking to Qianchengxue, and his expression became even lower.

“Sister Zino?”

Zhou Qian extended the hand and patted Lin Zino’s shoulder.

“Uh, what’s the matter.”

Lin Zinuo was startled and replied in a panic.

“Sister Zinuo, why are you in a daze?”

“No, have you unloaded everything?”

“It’s almost unloaded, Zi Sister Qing, let me ask you, when will you return to the voyage and continue to dress up.”

“Wait, wait for Sister Xue’s arrangement, I’m a little uncomfortable, so I’ll go offline and rest, and leave the rest to me. You guys.”

“Ah, Mrs. Zinuo, hurry up and take a rest, the online time is a bit too much today.”



At noon the next day, Su Mo slept until he woke up naturally.

He sat up, stretched, and reached for the phone from the table next to him.

Looking at the time, it was already noon, so I got up and took a shower.

Opening the door, the living room is very quiet, Ziqing and the others probably live in the company.

Just yesterday, Qianchengxue made a decision that surprised everyone. She decided to relocate some of the staff to Haifeng Island.

The reason is that the Gulf base is not very safe, and you need to make more plans.

So Ziqing and the others were burdened with various tasks.

If there are no surprises, they will be very busy during this time.

A moment later, Su Mo left the apartment after washing up.

Walking down the street, he found a small restaurant with a booming business.

Because Qianchengxue gave himself a high salary, he had some money in his pocket, and he didn’t intend to treat himself badly. It would be good to have a good meal occasionally and improve the food.

“What would you like to eat, sir.”

A waiter came up and asked.

“Let’s have a beef stew set.”

Su Mo glanced at the sign on the wall and ordered a special set.

“Okay, wait a minute!”


Su Mo finds a corner seat and sits down.

(end of this chapter)

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