Star Ring Mission Chapter 298


Chapter 298 City of Prayer for Dragons (Adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

It only takes ten minutes, The hot beef came out of the pot.

Su Mo picked up his chopsticks and immersed himself in eating. He planned to go to the company to play games after he was full, and was going to drive mecha to kill monsters.

Although he doesn’t plan to drive that axolotl mecha, genetic evolution is still very necessary.

At this time, Su Mo heard someone at the next table drinking and scolding mother.

“Have you heard of it?”

“Why haven’t you heard of that, those guys are just too arrogant now.”

“You said Heavenly Can the Dragon Guild really not be able to hold on?”

“Hey, it’s hard to say, if you say that if you play one-on-one, we won’t be worthy of them. The problem is the people in the Free Victory Guild. It’s too yin, don’t talk about martial arts, there are dozens of allies in one pull, fighting hard around us. We don’t have any strong allies here, I think bode ill rather than well.”

“That can’t be so cowardly.”

“Damn it, I heard that they are still fighting super fiercely. But it’s a pity that our people at this level in that area can’t get close at all. I don’t know what’s going on inside.”


Su Mo heard this, picked up the phone and browsed the forum.

In fact, he had heard about it last time he ate, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

It’s okay if I don’t watch it now, but I’m startled when I see it.

Heavenly Dragon guild faced 23 guilds including Freedom Victory Guild, Amaterasu Guild, Gaoli Guild, etc.

The two sides have invested tens of millions of troops in order to compete for the City of Praying Dragons. You can say, either you will die or i will die.

I heard about the strategic weapon nuclear mines, but I don’t know how many they have thrown at each other.

According to the latest information brought back by casual players who are not afraid of death, the Heavenly Dragon guild has been suppressed and is at a very bad disadvantage.

Originally this is nothing, but in the forum outside the forum, a group of foreign players with cerebral palsy.

Taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, mystifying non-stop sarcasm, all kinds of ugly words, one after another.

It’s simply, unbearable.

Immediately annoyed the players here, and the two groups of people started scolding.

Su Mo shook the head, although he said he wasn’t afraid of a god-like opponent, he was afraid of a pig-like teammate.

But there is another way of saying that no matter how high the martial arts is, one is afraid of gang fights. And the biggest population advantage on their side was also held back by the Wet God Guild.

weng weng!

Suddenly Su Mo’s cell phone rang and Sun Duoxiang called.


“big brother.”

Sun Duoxiang shouted in a low voice.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“How can there be! Big brother, how dare I make trouble.”

Sun Duoxiang too Said without tears.

“Okay, just say something.”

“Aiya! Boss, give me an idea, the Martial God guild has been recruited by the Heavenly Dragon guild and is preparing to go to giant dragon The city assists in the battle, and I was pulled in too, this time is miserable.”

“You go to assist in the battle, aren’t you going to be cannon fodder? That’s the main battlefield, to put it bluntly, the meat grinder battlefield. “

Su Mo was also surprised.

“Yes, this is obviously to act as cannon fodder, but there is nothing you can do. Now the Heavenly Dragon Guild is really struggling to the extreme. No, boss, your Dawning Group is also on the recruitment list, you confiscated it. A notification?”

“No, I just found out about it.”

Su Mo was also a little surprised.

“These are not important, the important thing is the boss. What should I do.”

Sun Duoxiang has already lost his sense of proportion.

“This kind of group recruitment is basically impossible to refuse. You can only participate in the war first, and then try your best to play soy sauce to see if we can get through. If we are also recruited, when the time comes I will think about it again. There is a way to support you, if you really can’t show your stuff, just run away and come to me when the time comes.”

Su Mo didn’t have a good way.

“Okay, I will listen to you.”

Sun Duoxiang brace oneself replied .

Then Su Mo hung up the phone, he opened Wechat and looked at the group.

Everyone is discussing the matter of Haifeng Island, and no one mentions the matter of being recruited.

So Su Mo thought about it and sent a message to Lin Zino.

“I’m asking you something! Didn’t the Dawnbreaker Guild be recruited? Why didn’t our Legion respond?”

“None of our business, First Army and Second Army I went to support. The above didn’t inform us at all, obviously they didn’t want to let Sister Xue participate in taking credit, and Sister Xue just didn’t really want to go, so just forget it.”

Lin Zinuo quickly gave Su Mo information back.

“I see.”

Su Mo sent Lin Zinuo a message back.

Then Su Mo was about to get up and leave, when suddenly the phone vibrated, and Lin Zino sent a new message.

“Su Mo, can you teach me how to open mecha? I also want to learn, so that we can fight together in the future.”

“Well, actually, my skills are not very good.”

Su Mo looked at this message and had a headache, he thought about editing the text message replied.

“Please, do you think I can believe this nonsense? Even the elites of the Freedom Victory Guild have been defeated by you. If you don’t want to teach it, just say it.”

Lin Zino’s reply , popped up in three seconds, with a few angry emojis inside.

Su Mo looked at this text message, really had no choice but to suffer in silence, having unspeakable bitter suffering.

“What I said is true, my skills are really bad.”

“che, I’m too lazy to talk to you, I just ask casually, it’s not uncommon if you don’t want to teach me , I’ll find someone else to learn from.”


Su Mo touched his forehead with a helpless look on his face, he was thinking about how to explain it.

Suddenly a strange call came in and Su Mo picked it up.

On the other side, Lin Zino was also very disappointed when he saw the silent Wechat.


The elevator at the top of the tenth building of the Breaking Dawn Group opened, and Su Mo came out.

β€œSu Mo is good!”

β€œGood afternoon.”

A colleague along the way greets Su Mo respectfully.

Su Mo responded slightly with a nod.

Not very long, Su Mo came to the door of the office, the door was tightly closed.

Su Mo knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Qianchengxue’s voice resounded in the office.

Su Mo pushed the door open and saw Xiao Wen and Chen Shan.

β€œHaha, Su Mo brother we meet again.”

Chen Shan laughed heartily stepped forward to hug Su Mo.

Su Mo> “Nodding, a little puzzled and asked: Why are you here?”

“It’s not a bit of trouble”

“Oh, what’s the trouble?”

Su Mo asked directly. He was very surprised before, why Qian Chengxue suddenly called him in person.

Xiao Wen solemnly explained: “It’s like this, our Legion is fighting against the gang of the Free Victory Guild near the City of Qilong. The situation is very bad now. We urgently need to escort a batch of important supplies. Going to the front line, and also need strategic support. So I thought of asking Qianchengxue to help, and at the same time I want to invite you to fight.”

“Well, I see. Head Xiao, you are too kind, I No problem, it’s my duty.”

(end of this chapter)

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