Star Ring Mission Chapter 299


Chapter 299 Summoning (Adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader in water) (Five more)

Su Mo did not refuse, after all, he had When they asked Chen Shan for help, they were very happy. And if the Heavenly Dragon guild loses, when the time comes they’ll be no different from a stray dog. There is a saying that if one prospers, all prospers, if one suffers, all suffers, he still understands this truth.

Of course, Su Mo didn’t know that the entire Star Ring players were moving towards two vortexes of war.

One is the city of praying dragons, and the other is the land of black liquid.

“Haha, it’s really refreshing! We owe you a favor this time.”

Xiao Wen said in a good mood.

“This is what we should do.”

Qianchengxue shook the head, modestly replied.

Xiao Wen looked at Qian Chengxue and said with some emotion: “Your father Ye Tian is indeed a little bit wrong. You are probably the most talented in the younger generation of your Breaking Dawn Group, but he is short-sighted. I didn’t let you participate in the recruitment. But this is not a bad thing. In fact, the troops who are recruited will most likely be severely damaged. After all, the battle there is too tragic. But don’t worry, you are not recruited. You are only here to support our Legion. , when the time comes we will advance and retreat together.”

Xiao Wen told the matter straight forward and upright, he would not deliberately sacrifice Qianchengxue’s troops.

“I understand.”

Qianchengxue nodded.

“Then get ready. The sooner you set off, the better. We still have a lot of things to do, so please leave everything.”

Xiao Wen is not the kind of nonsense person either. , In fact, their main purpose for asking Qianchengxue for help this time is to use Su Mo’s third-generation mecha, which is a proper main force.

“No problem, you can walk slowly!”

Qiancheng Xue Gong sent Xiao Wen and the others away.

Soon Qianchengxue and Su Mo were left in the office.

Qiancheng Xue took a deep breath, she looked towards Su Mo and asked, “Su Mo, what do you think of this support?”

“bode ill rather than well, Although the weapons we got from Seabreeze Island can completely arm us and become an army that does not lose to regular Legion. But in the meat grinder battlefield, it is still not enough to see that it is normal for the entire army to be destroyed, you really Have you made up your mind?”

Su Mo replied with certainty.

“Think about it.”

Qiancheng Xue couldn’t help but glance at Su Mo, then turned her eyes to the side.

“That’s good.”

Su Mo replied.

“Okay, let’s get ready, we’re running out of time.”


Then the two of them left the office.


In the Qilong Plain, a giant Qilong Lake with a horizontal width of 300 kilometers is located in the center.

At the same time, there is a sky canal with a width of more than 50 kilometers connecting Qilong Lake, which leads directly to the sea!

Above the Qilong Lake, a crescent-shaped base city with no end in sight envelops the Qilong Lake, and this crescent base city is the city of Qilong.

The main city of the destroyed Dragon Kingdom.

The whole city is made of steel, which is very shocking.

And leading to the city of Qilong, in addition to the sky canal, are the twelve outer fortress cities.

At this time, countless fighter planes avoided the center of the city of Qilong, and bombarded those fortress cities frantically!

Missiles seem like they don’t need money.

The sound of the explosion didn’t stop for a second.

And each fortress city has its own flag erected, of which eight fortress cities have erected the symbol of free association.

Only four fortress cities still fly the banner of the Heavenly Dragon guild.

In fact, at first, the two sides are divided into five and five, each occupying six seats, but there are too many allies that can’t stand the free victory guild.

The long battle has gradually put the Heavenly Dragon guild at a disadvantage, losing two fortress cities in a row not long ago.

But that’s not the worst, in the vast Sky Canal, countless ships sank to the bottom of the river.

The battleships fluttering with the flags of the Free Victory Guild are bombarding the Heavenly Dragon Guild’s shoreline frantically. They didn’t aim at all at all, and they just covered fire.

But even so, the Heavenly Dragon guild didn’t hold back.

Their troops were clinging to the shoreline, just unwilling to let the opposing ships attack.

In the temporary headquarters of Heavenly Dragon Guild, Li Ruiqi’s complexion ashen listened to the report of the people below.

“C2War Zone, the defending force was defeated, lost 23, 34 two high grounds!”

“The enemy is facing the direction of the Sky Canal, and once again carried out overloaded fire baptism, guarding the loss of the 8th Legion Heavy, please support.”

“T24 airspace, the Air Force’s seventh formation collided with the Free Victory Guild’s ace air combat Griffin formation. The two sides launched a fierce air battle, and the loss has exceeded one third.”

Li Ruiqi fiercely slammed the table on the table, this battle was indeed a suffocating.

The other side’s reinforcements came in waves one after another, and the weapons seemed very passive as if they didn’t want money.

“Tell the front-line troops, don’t take a step back for the fiercely fight. The enemy has already fully compressed, take one more step back and we will be defeated across the board. Hold on to me and I will give them support. Yes.”



In the tenth building of the Breaking Dawn Group, a solemn broadcast sounded.

“Emergency call order, all team leaders please recall all staff on leave immediately!”

“Emergency call order, all combat formations, please enter the Star Ring game as soon as possible.”

The originally quiet building suddenly boiled, and a large number of people hurriedly moved towards the computer room.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t heard of any special missions.”

“Could the base be attacked? Right?”

“No way, I didn’t receive any news.”

“Stop talking, let’s go!”

Gulf Base, a Player is online!

However, when they went online, they were immediately confused.

I saw that Sun Li and Taoyao were sending weapons to online players, as long as there were battle formations.

The weapons they brought back from Haifeng Island were all unpacked.

Many people are in a state of ignorance when they receive weapons.

Qianchengxue stood on the high platform of the Bay Base, waiting quietly.

Because of the sudden incident, the armed forces and the assembly were carried out together, and there was not much time for running-in. Fortunately, there is usually training, so it should be no problem to get started with these weapons.

A few hours later, the assembled troops were in order.

Qiancheng Xue said solemnly.

“Everyone is quiet!”

The originally noisy gathering scene suddenly became quiet.

β€œNow I start to announce that all the elite combat members from the first group to the sixth group will participate in the battle, the Twelfth group will participate in the battle, and the rest of the seventh to 11th groups will all stay at the base, and the seventh to 11th groups will draw out all maneuvers. The formation is merged into the first group.”


Everyone responded in succession.

The adjustment is complete in a few moments.

At a glance, you can clearly see all the troops in battle.

This time, a total of two third-generation mechas were dispatched, namely the killing blade and the salamander.

The second generation mecha has five units, one of which is the Dawn Guardian who has retreated from Qiancheng Snow, and the other four are black steel mecha, which are respectively armed to the leaders of the first five groups.

Of course, Qianchengxue also considered giving 12 sets of one, but unfortunately Zhao Han and Lin Zinuo don’t know how to drive mecha, so they can only give up.

A total of 300 I-generation mecha green shields, 200 tanks, 100 rocket vehicles, 100 armored vehicles, and 20,000 troops participated in the war.

This is basically all Qianchengxue’s family property.

(end of this chapter)

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