Star Ring Mission Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Memories

Su Mo looked at the sumptuous food in front of him and gradually fell into memory.

At the age of eight, he and grandfather lived within the walls. In his memory, the high walls were full of new and splendid houses, the environment was very beautiful, and even the air was fresh.

But suddenly one day, grandfather secretly sold all his assets and escaped from the high wall incognito overnight.

The reason is also very simple, I don’t know who offended, there are often people wandering and peeping at the door of my house.

The grandfather was already haunted by the death of his parents in a car accident, not to mention the weird things that have happened over the years.

Fearing that something would happen, he escaped.

I finally settled here and bought a lot of properties.

And every birthday, grandfather will bring himself to eat here.

As for the so-called high wall that separates the rich and the common people, it has existed for hundreds of years.

Two hundred years ago, an extremely tragic nuclear war broke out in this world. A large number of people died, and the earth, air, and ocean were polluted by radiation.

At the end of the war, the countries suffering from baptism finally realized that at the end of the war, no one was the winner, so they shook hands and established a loose federal system to discuss peace. resolve conflicts between countries.

A clear rejection of war and an embrace of peace. Conflicts that can be resolved through talks should never be used force. If not, use other methods to solve, among which is included virtual game confrontation.

So the game industry in this world is very developed.

However, the shadow of war is not so easy to fade away. Although the world is at peace, and all countries are working together to manage the environment, the residual radiation is like the gangrene of the tarsus, plaguing everyone.

All wild animals, plants and marine organisms have high radiation levels, and almost no one eats them.

But fortunately, with the explosion of science and technology, artificial synthesis technology has achieved breakthrough. Among them, starch can be synthesized in large quantities artificially, and poultry such as pigs, ducks, cattle and sheep can be cultivated with hormones to achieve rapid production.

As for vegetables, soilless chemical culture can be used, but since green plants will accumulate pollution, pollution-free freshwater culture should be used.

This also makes it unaffordable for ordinary civilians to consume.

The whole people have entered the era of meat-eating, and meat products are the cheapest in this era. And pollution-free vegetables and artificial pollution-free feeding ingredients have become the highest existence.

At the same time, due to the advent of the Great Peace, the gap between the rich and the poor has skyrocketed, and countless rich and conglomerate have been born in various countries.

The contradiction between different classes has become more and more serious.

To avoid unnecessary conflict, and drastically reduce anxiety, jealousy, violence and crime. All the rich and conglomerate were concentrated in the center of each city, building high walls. They live within high walls, enjoy the best of everything in this world, and if there is nothing special, they will not step outside the high walls.

On the other hand, civilians outside will not enter the high wall if there is no special event, so the contradiction between the two extreme classes has been alleviated a lot.

But it also caused a generation gap between the two technologies, a whole era.

In addition, the existence of the high wall is not only to restrict the activities of both parties. At the same time, it is also a self-restraint for conglomerate. It is strictly forbidden for conglomerate to arbitrarily harvest the leeks of the people below.

For the outside civilians, the state also distributes a lot of welfare, and all the people receive education for free. Of course, there are still differences between good and bad, which will directly affect future development.

Everyone in this era will be assigned to work. However, due to the development of science and technology, heavy work has basically been replaced by machinery and artificial intelligence. Most of the work is very easy, the salary is also good, enough to support myself, and there is still a little left in the end, but it is impossible to make a fortune. .

Because most people work constant hours, they can only work four hours a day. After you get off work, even if you want to have a part-time job, you can’t find other jobs because there are very few.

There are so many technological products in this world, and the remaining money is simply not enough to spend.

Those who have finished their work have nothing to do, in order to keep them from wandering the streets and becoming a factor of unrest.

Therefore countries vigorously promote all kinds of entertainment, including games.

At this time, a roaring sound of bombing the street sounded!

bang! !

Three good second-hand sports cars, one drifting, parked neatly in front of Zhaoji Hotel.

Then a young man with his hair burst and dyed golden, got out of the car wearing a floral shirt, picked up a few bills and threw them to an uncle who was charging next to him.

“Be optimistic about Lao Tzu’s car, don’t let anyone scratch it, you won’t be able to afford it!”


After the youth belt He walked into the Zhaoji Hotel with a group of younger brothers.

“Zhang Wu’s big brother, it’s absolutely right to choose this guy’s restaurant. This guy’s restaurant has the best taste around here, and the girls will be satisfied later.”

“Okay! Boss !”

Zhang Wu shouted loudly.

“Come, come.”

Uncle Zhao walked up to greet him with a smile.

“I heard that you did good food here. The university next door is after school. My girlfriend is coming over for dinner. What do you have to eat?”

“Beef, Lamb, pork, hamburgers, fried chicken, sea fish, everything!”

After hearing this, Zhang Wu pouted and said dissatisfiedly.

“It’s all meat, so there’s no vegetarian food?”

“Oh, there’s no such thing.”

Uncle Zhao responded with a smile road.

At this time, Zhang Wu inadvertently glanced at the food on Su Mo’s table next to him, and his eyes shined and said, “Aren’t those?”

“Uh, those were made by others after a long time reservation. Yes, not really.”

“It’s a disappointment, one of each signature dish.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Uncle Zhao responded cheerfully.

Zhang Wu glanced at Su Mo more than once, this kid is very strange, he is in a daze for such a good meal.

Then he found a place to sit down.

It didn’t take long for a school girl dressed very fashionably to walk in and shouted tenderly.

“Brother Zhang.”

“Aiya, Little Wen, you’re finally here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Zhang Wu stood up , in a very happy mood, extend the hand and pull the girl to sit beside her.

“Isn’t it just after school, I’m here immediately.”

Little Wen replies a little complaining.

“Big brother, I understand, you see, I ordered such a large table of delicious food waiting for you. Come and tell brother, what you want to eat, I’ll give you some.”

Zhang Wu asked diligently.

“Hey, why is there meat every day. People are getting fat, and they want to eat vegetables.”

Little Wen complained a little unhappily.

“Aiya, I also know that green vegetables are delicious, but the problem is that they are poor and expensive.”

Zhang Wu quickly coaxed.

“What, isn’t there someone eating there? Why isn’t there any more.”

“It was ordered a long time ago, so how could it be available in a while. Be obedient, Next time, brother will prepare it for you.”

“I don’t want it, I want to eat green vegetables, you don’t mean how good you are here, you can do everything. How can others eat it? I won’t be able to eat anything.”

Little Wen threw the chopsticks to the side, twisted her face to the side, looking very angry.

The younger brother next to him looked towards big brother in amazement. They knew that sister-in-law’s temper was not very good, but didn’t expect big brother’s face to hang on his face in public.

(end of this chapter)

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