Star Ring Mission Chapter 300


Chapter 300 Modesty (one more update)

The eastern camp of Moon Moon Plain, the temporary base of Heavenly Dragon Guild’s sixteenth Legion .

Compared with Qianchengxue’s troops, the lineup here is more luxurious, with 700 first-generation green shield mechas ready to go, 12 second-generation black steel mechas, and more than 1,000 main battle tanks. Several other weapons such as rocket cars.

The assembled battle players reached 100,000.

In the center of the assembled troops, heavy transport vehicles were parked, covered with strong canvas.

It contains the most important mysterious supplies this time.

Outside the command room, the fully armed Chen Shan strode open the door and walked in, shouting to Xiao Wen.

“The troops are almost assembled.”

“Where are Qianchengxue and the others?”

Xiao Wen asked while looking at the map of Qilong Plain. .

“We’ve already contacted, they’ve already set off, and they should almost arrive at us soon, just.”

Chen Shan hesitated at the end.

“Just what?”

“It’s just that this trip is extremely dangerous, and Qianchengxue’s troops are not officially recruited. It seems that they can’t enjoy post-war compensation, and when the time It is also very troublesome to apply for credit, will we cheat them?”

“I know this, but you don’t have to worry, their losses will come out of our Legion, and we will not compensate them. But must have completed the above task, and now the situation in the City of Prayer is extremely difficult. The weapons we transported this time are very important, only success, not failure! Otherwise, it will lead to the collapse of the broader market.”

When Xiao Wen said this, his expression became more and more solemn.

“We are transporting from the rear, shouldn’t it be too dangerous? Why do you feel like you are very worried.”

“Look at the map, there are twelve cities outside the City of Dragons. , originally everyone split from the middle, each occupying half. Now we only have four cities left, and it is said that the river bank of the Sky Canal is about to be lost, so there are four remaining cities, in fact, two of them are already in danger. , it means that the other party can easily go around to our rear. Now the front-line troops are very difficult to protect themselves, and there is no way to draw extra troops to ensure the safety of the rear.”

Xiao Wen pointed to the map and analyzed with Chen Shan.

“It’s a headache, but fortunately, we have a third-generation mecha here as a trump card.”

“That’s what I thought.”

Xiao Wen nodded.

Just then, a herald came in and saluted.



Xiao Wen turned his head to replied.

“Qianchengxue’s troops are already nearby and are about to join us.”

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Wen said to Chen Shan.


Outside the camp, Xiao Wen and Chen Shan stood at the meeting point and looked into the distance.

I saw the grandiose of Qianchengxue’s troops driving over.

Chen Shan was a little surprised when he saw it.

“I’m not mistaken, why do they have so many weapons? If nothing else, there are only 300 mechas in those generations. If you know that the game progresses to this point, most people’s family The property is all empty, and the scale of this weapon is almost catching up to half of ours.”

“It’s really a surprise.”

Xiao Wen was also a little unexpected. , Qianchengxue will develop so well. It’s just that Xiao Wen is also a little guilty. With so many weapons, can he afford it when he looks back?

At this moment, Su Mo and Qianchengxue drove the three-generation mecha, left the team at high speed, and landed in front of Xiaowen Wen and Chen Shan in an instant.

The aura of the third generation mecha Β· axolotl terrifying creature instantly changed Xiao Wen and Chen Shan, and subconsciously took a step back.

Immediately the two of them reacted, this is a new III generation mecha!

The two had astonished expressions in their eyes, speechless in surprise.


You must know that the third generation mecha is not Chinese cabbage. At the beginning, there was a lot of commotion for the killing blade. mecha seems to be stronger.

Immediately after the two III mecha cabs opened, Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue jumped out.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, Lord Chen Shan.”

Qiancheng Xue greeted politely.

“This is your new third-generation mecha?”

Xiao Wen, who has always been very calm, is now out of proportion. Before Su Mo and the others snatched the Killing Blade, although they were shocked, at least they were able to figure out what happened.

But it’s only been a few days, and I got another one. When the third-generation mecha looks like Chinese cabbage, I just got another one.

Su Mo looked a little embarrassed when he heard Xiao Wen ask this. This mecha was obtained from Sea Breeze Island. If you tell them, I don’t know how wonderful their expressions will be.

Qianchengxue on the side said modestly: “Su Mo got it.”

“Brother, you are very awesome, with two third-generation mechas, this mission is sure No problem.”

Chen Shan patted Su Mo’s shoulder and praised excitedly.

“cough cough, it’s okay.”

Su Mo modestly replied.

Xiao Wen took a deep breath, calmed down the shock, and said to Qianchengxue: “Since everyone has arrived, we will set off. By the way, in order to have an unexpected effect, You park the mecha on the transporter and cover it with canvas.”

“Can you ask, sir, will there be an attack on the road?”

“Not sure, but most likely Yes, because what is transported is important.”


Su Mo asked subconsciously.

Qianchengxue quickly looked towards Su Mo and reminded Su Mo softly.

β€œSu Mo.”

generally speaking This is all top secret information and cannot be inquired about casually.

However, Xiao Wen trusted Su Mo and Qianchengxue very much. He lowered his voice and replied: “It doesn’t matter, we transport all these weapons to support the main battlefield. But this is all a pretense. , the most important thing is that there are five nuclear mines hidden inside.”

Hearing Xiao Wen’s words, Su Mo and Qianchengxue fiercely suck in a cold breath of air.

“Then why don’t you choose to use it in an air strike? Instead, choose to take the risk of transporting it?”

Qianchengxue asked inexplicably.

“Our air supremacy is basically suppressed and cannot be thrown.”

Chen Shan replied helplessly.

“Understood, then let’s go.”


Two days later, on the winding mountain road, Grandiose’s troops marched north.

Drone drones circled in the vicinity, scouting everything around and ensuring road safety.

On the mountain on their right, inside the weeds, a pair of red eyes lit up, a micro-mechanical spider crawled out, and the red eyes kept turning, sending back the images they saw.

In the distance a hidden mountain within the valley.

A short-haired girl wearing a single-soldier mechanical armor and biting a cigarette in her mouth said excitedly with her white teeth as she looked at the video sent back.

“Caught, Kevin!!!”

At this time, a calm and reliable big man walked over and said.

“Lijia, the target has appeared?”

“It has appeared, but the opponent’s strength seems to be very good. There are more than a dozen of the second-generation mecha alone, and the scale of the first-generation mecha is estimated to exceed thousands. I’m done.”

Rika said with a smile.

“Why are you afraid?”

Kevin moved towards his mecha and said.

(end of this chapter)

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