Star Ring Mission Chapter 301


Chapter 301 Questioning (Second Update)

Li Jia smiled and hehe followed behind, cheerfully replied: “There is You are here, these are all scum.”

“Okay, don’t brag about me, get ready for action. The goal this time is to destroy the weapons they are escorting, especially the nuclear mines mixed in.”

Kevin said that he had walked up to his mecha, an 18-meter-high, scarlet sturdy armor, holding a 15-meter-long giant battle axe, and a giant beam cannon on the right shoulder. , the whole mecha is a whole circle fatter than the regular three-generation mecha.

This mecha is the III-generation heavy-duty mecha crusher of the Free Victory Nation Guild.

“Go to mecha!”

“Yes! General!”

The thirty-five subordinates present responded at the same time, and then they all went to the unified two Generation mecha Β· red steel.

Destroying this escort force is not realistic, but destroying the opposing escort car in a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses is nothing to Kevin.

Of course they are not fools. After everyone got on the mecha, Kevin said to Li Jia: “Send a message to the air bombing formation, and the operation officially begins!”

” Understood!”

Li Jia responded cheerfully.

Immediately after Kevin drove the Smasher to take the lead charge ahead

On the mountain road, Su Mo lay in the cockpit, squinting to rest, the journey was quite easy.

According to the current speed, as long as there is no accident, you can reach the Qilong Plain in more than two days at most.

In the communication channel, Sun Li and the others were chatting.

“Wow, it’s been so cold recently!”

“Yeah! You should wear more clothes, the temperature will drop dramatically.”

“Well, good. By the way, Sister Xue, will we meet your big brother and the others when we head to the front line this time?”

“Theoretically not, because the battlefield area is different, My big brother is going to the main battlefield, and we are going to the logistics area now. Even if we act together with Xiao Wen Corps Head in the later stage, it is very likely to participate in the battle on the side battlefield.”

Qianchengxue estimated a bit.

“Then are we fighting the Freedom Victory Guild?”

“It should be his ally guild, but you can’t be careless about it, allies of the Freedom Victory Guild. It is also very strong. Fortunately, his main ally, the Mythology United Guild, is restrained by the Violent Bear Guild, otherwise it will be too much!”

“Yes, not to mention other Amaterasu Guilds, they are quite strong.”

Everyone replied.

“Speaking of the Amaterasu guild, you must pay special attention. This guild has the most ruthless style of conduct. We have suffered a lot from its hands. You should remember it.”


“If there is an opportunity, this time I must get it back.”

When Qianchengxue said this, her tone became very firm. I wanted to teach the other party a lesson, but the other party was overshadowed by it, and the account has not yet been calculated.

In the cab of the Killing Blade, Su Mo turned over a little and lay down in a more comfortable position, continuing to listen to the chatter on the communication channel.


Suddenly there was a knocking sound from the cockpit.

Su Mo sat up with a puzzled look on his face.


“It’s me!”

Lin Zinuo whispered from outside.

Su Mo also has an unfathomable mystery, he operates mecha to open the cockpit a little.

Suddenly Lin Zino, who was wearing a green camouflage uniform, got in.

Those who didn’t know thought the thief had slipped in.

“Why are you here?”

“I’ll bring you water.”

Lin Zinuo picked up a bottle of water and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took it with a look of disbelief.

“I still have water here! No, there must be something wrong with being so diligent. Tell me, what’s the matter, do you want to borrow money again?”

“Borrow You are tall, I came to learn mecha combat from you, who told you not to reply to my text messages.”

Lin Zinuo complained angrily.

Su Mo also looked helpless. He patiently said to Lin Zino: “It’s not that I don’t teach you, I didn’t learn it myself, and my skills are really bad.”

“I don’t believe it, I want you to teach me.”

“I’m just wondering, you are a logistics team leader, why do you learn to operate mecha? Charge into battle?”

“You don’t like the charge type?”

Lin Zino murmured.

“There’s no such thing.”

Su Mo has an unfathomable mystery on his face, how could it be brought to him again.

“Not yet, I see that you have been courting in front of Sister Xue recently. Have you taken a fancy to Sister Xue?”

Lin Zinuo replied in dissatisfaction, because her intuition told her has a problem.

Su Mo was very embarrassed when he heard Lin Zinuo’s words, and answered with some embarrassment.

“No, we are just very optimistic about each other and think that they are good teammates who can be trusted. And I also do my best, do something within my power, don’t think about it.”

Actually, Su Mo himself doesn’t know what liking is, he just instinctively wants to be nice to someone and help someone.

“I don’t believe it, if you are nothing, how could Sister Xue treat you so well?”

“Please, Sister Xue is not just kind to me, she is to everyone. It’s all good! Besides, I’m a main player now, isn’t it normal for her to be nice to me? We’re called heroes cherish heroes!”


“Of course it’s true, what’s so strange about it. Besides, isn’t this world about the right place? How could a poor fellow like me, the Eldest Young Lady dignified in a group, like me?”

Su Mo explained in a panic.

Hearing this, Lin Zinuo secretly sighed in relief, then smiled brightly, pointed to his face and asked Su Mo.

“Then what do you think of me?”

Su Mo, who was in a panic, was stunned when he heard it, subconsciously replied directly.

“How about what? You don’t have anything on your face.”


Lin Zinuo was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. How can the guy be confused when he gets down to business!

“What’s up.”


Lin Zino didn’t even bother to complain to Su Mo, she was mad at her.

“But I have something to tell you.”

Su Mo suddenly said to Lin Zino seriously.


Lin Zinuo looked at Su Mo expectantly, this guy probably won’t be enlightened.

“Have you been taking the wrong medicine recently? How come your personality has changed so much? It’s a bit like that, yes, it’s a motherfucker.”

Su Mo asked with concern.

“Ah!!! I’ll strangle you!”

Lin Zinuo was instantly furious, and frantically extended the hand to choke Su Mo.

“Stop making trouble.”

Su Mo subconsciously raised his hand to block, the chick’s brain cramped again.

Just as the two were fighting, Lin Zinuo took a step back and pressed the button on the console.

In an instant, the radar system of Killing Blade was deployed at full power, and red dots appeared on the screen in an instant.

Su Mo’s expression changed slightly when he saw it.


“Don’t stop! I’ll strangle you!”

“Stop making trouble, enemy attack!”

Su Mo hurriedly told Lin Zino.

“No, is it really coming?”

Lin Zinuo was stunned for a moment, then stopped quickly and turned to look at the display.

(end of this chapter)

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