Star Ring Mission Chapter 302


Chapter 302 Succeeded (adding more sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

At this time, Su Mo quickly adjusted the communication channel shouted.

“Qiancheng Xue, Xiaowen Corps Head, the enemy is outflanking!”

“Marine troops, or air formations.”

Xiaowen immediately asked.

“What I’m seeing now is an air formation!”

Su Mo replies.

After hearing Su Mo’s warning, Xiao Wen immediately announced on the public communication channel.

“Everyone pay attention, a large-scale enemy air force formation is attacking us! All anti-aircraft missile vehicles are turned on, pay attention to protect the transport vehicles!”

In an instant, the entire transport The team stopped.

A missile vehicle began to lift the launchers, a player rushed to the transport vehicles, opened the canvas, took down the launchers one by one, and began to shake the turntable to adjust the launchers.

At the same time, a mecha moved towards the transporter.

Qianchengxue hurriedly asked Xiao Wen, “Do you need us?”

“You and Su Mo don’t move, I don’t think it’s that simple.”

Xiao Wen’s intuition is still very accurate, and he has been prepared for air strikes before.


Qianchengxue and Su Mo replied calmly.

Soon groups of fighter planes appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

“Let it go!”

With Sean’s order.


An anti-aircraft missile was fired, and these missiles pierced the sky and moved towards the distant fighter jets!


In the sky, fireworks bloom, and fighter planes are destroyed.

But even so, there are still a large number of fighter planes breaking through air defense. The firepower strikes, and at the moment of approaching, a missile is fired.

The green shield mecha, who was in charge of escorting, raised the firearms in their hands one after another and kept firing at the missiles that came from the sky.


Missiles were blown up in the air, but some scattered missiles still hit transport vehicles, tanks, and mecha.

We also started to suffer casualties on our side, but everything was still In Shawwin’s tolerance range.

“Don’t panic, intercept in an orderly manner!”

Chen Shan shouted while shooting the second-generation mecha.

At this moment, in the distant mountains, trees suddenly fell, and more than 30 second-generation mechas in disguise rushed over like giant beasts.

“Enemy attack!”

A sentry riding a green shield mecha on guard yelled.

But in the next second, a sharp alloy long spear burst through the air, penetrated the cab armor in an instant, pinned the driver to the chair with precision, and spattered blood on the console.

Immediately, a red steel mecha rushed over at high speed and pulled out the alloy long spear.

Xiao Wen received a notice from the sentinel and gave orders to everyone in a deep voice.

“Everyone, don’t mess up, focus on protecting the transporter!”

At this time, a set of camouflaged red steel mecha jumped down from the mountain next to the mountain road.

In fact, the reason why they chose to attack here is because the terrain of the mountain here is limited, the opponent’s team is stretched, and the advantage of the group sea tactics cannot be expanded.

Of course, Xiao Wen also knows that this road is dangerous, but unfortunately if you don’t go here, the detour will take a long detour, and they simply don’t have time.

“Courting death! Stop them!”

Xiao Wen waved his hand.

Chen Shan immediately rushed up with a subordinate.

At the same time, Qianchengxue gave orders to Sun Li and the others.

“Go up and help!”


Sun Li and the others replied without the slightest hesitation.

A black steel mecha and a red steel mecha collided together. They are also second-generation mechas, and the performance is not much different.

And they are all experienced, so in a one-on-one situation, it is not so easy for anyone to take down the other side, although Sun Li’s manipulative skills are relatively poor.

However, there are still a lot of mecha auxiliary battles, so it is barely seen.

As long as the stalemate persists, after a long time, none of the incoming enemies will want to leave, they will all have to stay.

The only pity is that Xiao Wen estimated the number of attacks from the other side.

From the other side of the mountain road, Kevin rushed out with a group of red steel mecha in his III-generation mecha Β·Smasher.

Xiao Wen cursed in a low voice after seeing it.

“Damn it! Come with me and stop them!”

Immediately, Xiao Wen brought his subordinates to meet him head-on.

“Li Jia took some people, stopped them, and bought me five minutes!”

Kevin said in the communication channel in a hurry, just give him five In minutes, he can easily destroy these transporters.

“No problem, but what about more than five minutes?”

“More than a minute, a sumptuous meal.”


Immediately, Li Jia pushed the power rod to the bottom, and the red steel mecha quickly moved towards Xiao Wen, and the alloy long spear swept over, directly blocking Xiao Wen who took the lead.

Xiao Wen can only control the black steel mecha to raise the alloy long spear in his hand to block!

The two weapons collided and sparks flew.

Kevin drove the III-generation mecha with several subordinates and rushed past, ignoring Xiao Wen and the others.

Any extra action unrelated to the mission may cause the surprise plan to change.

“Stop him!”

Xiao Wen shouted vigorously in the communication channel.


The two first-generation mechas directly moved towards Kevin and rushed over. Kevin directly ignored the two mechas, and the power accelerated!

The Crusher was like a giant beast of steel smashed directly between the two green shield mechas, and the two green shield mechas flew out and hit the ground hard.

The other green shield mecha that came up were directly killed by the second generation red steel mecha.

Don’t give them a chance to stop at all.

He moved towards the center and rushed towards a giant transporter with a very clear target, and that transporter was the transporter for nuclear mines.

In this world, there are not so many coincidences. Everything that seems to be coincidental has a certain reason behind it.

In an instant, Kevin rushed to the largest giant transporter in the center and jumped up sharply, the giant axe in his hand slashing like a meteor.

“Don’t! Stop him.”

Chen Shan hurried up when he saw this.

“It’s too late, destroy it!”


Suddenly a dull bang sounded.

The entire giant hauler had a full tire blowout, but nothing on it was destroyed.

“What’s the situation?”

Kevin was also stunned.

At this moment, there was a squirming under the canvas, and a huge force shook directly, causing the crusher to take a few steps back.

“What the hell is this general?”

The subordinates who followed him asked in shock, what was it that was able to force the general back, which was simply incredible.

At this time, the white canvas stood up like a ghost. Then a jet-black bone chain gun penetrated the covered canvas and lifted it open.

The third generation mecha salamander appeared.

“General, it seems that this machine is also a third-generation mecha!”

The subordinate who followed him shouted in horror, looking like he was alive, knowing that now, every machine Three generations of mecha are the highest existence.

Kevin’s face was so gloomy that he could drip water, and he was extremely horrified at the moment, but he still said calmly.

(end of this chapter)

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