Star Ring Mission Chapter 303


Chapter 303 mutation (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (four shifts)

“What if it’s the third generation mecha! For one is it possible that I’d be afraid he won’t make it! I’ll stop it, you guys go and destroy the transporter!”

However when he tone barely fell.


A scream rang out, and the second-generation mecha Chigang standing behind Kevin was slashed to the ground with one knife after another.

“What about me?”

Kevin turned his head to look over and saw Su Mo driving the Killing Blade mecha behind him, and directly wrapped Kevin into dumplings. .

“Killing Blade!”

After Kevin saw this mecha, he was also scolded by the Wet God Guild. It was all those idiots who lost the Killing Blade, and now it’s alright, it’s really their own weapons that are aimed at them.

Two three-generation mecha ah! You must know that the Slaughter Blade that Emaya lost, restrained him. Although I haven’t seen the other mecha, it’s very strange no matter how I look at it.

“No way! This is impossible to beat!”

Kevin made a decision in an instant and wanted to escape!

Unfortunately, Su Mo had already seen what the other party was thinking, and with full power, he rushed up quickly, and moved towards Kevin.

Kevin controlled mecha to raise giant axe to block, and sparks sputtered.

The next second, another beam saber swept over, and Kevin immediately controlled the crusher mecha to back away quickly.

But in the next second, Su Mo suddenly charged the beam saber that was swept over, and the whole beam saber skyrocketed a lot in an instant, hitting the crusher’s chest, and the flames scattered.

The super-thick armor on its chest was cut with a horrible to see incision. Thanks to its heavy weight, the armor is thick enough and not completely split, otherwise it is really finished apprenticeship Died first.

At this time, Su Mo and Qianchengxue rushed forward at the same time, giving them a good chance of two-on-one. I’m really sorry for such a good opportunity if I don’t take the opportunity to take this guy down.

Qianchengxue was in charge of the main attack. She turned on her full power and threw the black bone chain gun directly in her hand.

Kevin waves the giant axe.


Cleaves the Bone Chain Gun thrown at it.

At this time, Su Mo rushed up from the side, with both beam sabres in his hands, and swept them crosswise.

Kevin’s heart sank, and he controlled mecha to dodge sideways.


But Su Mo’s attack angle is extremely tricky, and there is no way to dodge it completely.


Its side armor was affected by the beam saber, and it was charred black.

Before Kevin could stabilize his body, Qianchengxue controlled Mecha, the axolotl demon, and jumped up front, smashing the bone chain gun in his hand.

Kevin pulls back the giant axe block!


The huge impact swept away, and the crusher mecha actually slid back.

Kevin had an incredible look on his face. You must know that his third-generation machine, which is known for its strength, actually fell behind when confronted.

What type of mecha is this mecha in front of me? If it is also heavy, why is it so nimble.

On the other side, Li Jia saw that Kevin was besieged and killed from a distance, and immediately became anxious and wanted to support Kevin.

So he charged up and swept towards Xiao Wen, trying to force him back.

But an unexpected scene appeared. The black steel mecha in front of her suddenly burst into flames, blocking the attack with one shot, and at the same time adjusting the direction, blocking her way.

β€œWhere do you want to go?”

Xiaowen indifferently asked.

“Amazing! This is a trap from start to finish.”

“It’s a trap and you have to be willing to dig into it, don’t think about past support, you can survive. !”

The next second, Xiao Wen burst into flames, and the alloy long spear in his hand swept towards Li Jia like a storm, suppressing her breathless in an instant.

You have to know that when Xiao Wen was on Haifeng Island, he just drove an ordinary second-generation black steel mecha and dared to face the Type III general-level black salamander. The technology is outrageously good.

He just let the water out on purpose before, pretending to be stopped by Li Jia, just to show Kevin.

Otherwise, how could Kevin feel at ease and attack according to the original plan.

Since Xiao Wen received the task of escorting nuclear mines, he felt very uneasy and felt that his actions might have been leaked. So when he joined Qianchengxue, he quietly replaced the nuclear mine and made a trap.

At this time, the crusher that Kevin was driving was also beaten back, and he felt extremely aggrieved.

At this time, Qianchengxue was driving the III-generation mecha Β· axolotl, and he rushed up again and shot through.

Kevin’s heart swayed, not hard resisting, but extreme dodge.

The heavyweight smasher mecha forcibly swerved, and the whistling bone gun went through mecha’s head.

“Good opportunity!”

Kevin keenly seized this mecha and waved the giant axe moved towards the salamander mecha’s head.

Unfortunately, at this time, the two beam sabers penetrated precisely and stuck the giant axe.


Kevin’s eyes were flushed, and he scolded flustered and exasperated.

“Sister Xue, take him down!”

Su Mo took the opportunity to shout at Qiancheng Xue.

“Damn it! I’m fighting with you guys.”

Kevin was also extremely angry, and was driven to a dead end. He presses a red button while typing commands.

The smasher mecha instantly entered the overclocking state, and at the same time the bloated mecha opened the ejection ports one by one, one after another red strong magnetic explosion thunder rolled down, and it exploded as soon as it touched the ground.

The lightning of red directly covers three mechas!

In an instant, Su Mo’s Killing Blade was disabled.

“You think this is useful? You can’t move.”

Su Mo solemnly said.

“hehe! Whoever said it’s useless, my crusher’s circuit is specially modified, overclocked, and can ignore interference. So you can’t move, I can! Go to hell!”

While Kevin was speaking, he controlled mecha to swing the giant axe and smashed the killing blade out with an axe.

Immediately after, Kevin violently controlled the crusher, folded his body and raised the giant axe in his hand, exerting all his strength, moved towards Qianchengxue and slashed wildly.

“Quickly move away!”

Su Mo hurriedly shouted at Qianchengxue after recovering from the impact.

But at this time, the axolotl mecha didn’t move and remained stagnant.

Just when the salamander mecha was about to be severely injured, suddenly the salamander mecha’s eyes were red, and it suddenly raised his left hand.

forcibly caught giant axe.

The huge impact swept away, and Kevin’s eyes almost bulged out.

“How is that possible?”


The metal cover of the lower jaw of the salamander mecha’s mouth suddenly came off, exposing a row of ribs, and then the whole mecha issued A monster-like roar.

Everyone was shocked!

In an instant, the axolotl mecha burst into flames, and savagely pounced on the crusher mecha and threw it to the ground.

Kevin pushed the power take-off lever to the limit, trying to break free from the mecha in front of him, but was held down by its wild beast-like claws.

Then the axolotl mecha opened its bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and bit directly on the neck of the crusher mecha.


The armor on the neck was suddenly shattered, and the internal wiring was directly torn off.

(end of this chapter)

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