Star Ring Mission Chapter 304


Chapter 304 Hard gas (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five more)

Mecha Cabin, Qiancheng Snow With red eyes and bloodshot eyes, she frantically pushed the lever.

The axolotl mecha suddenly raised his left paw into a fist and slammed the door on the cab.

The entire cockpit door was dented, the internal wiring snapped, and sparks flew.

Kevin was stunned, what mecha is this, so terrifying!

Immediately after, another punch came down, a huge shock and shock, which shocked Kevin to the point of confusion.

Su Mo was also startled when he saw this scene, and hurriedly jumped behind Qianchengxue, pinching the arms of the axolotl mecha with both hands.

“Sister Xue, that’s enough! Stop fighting.”

On the one hand, Su Mo was worried about Qiancheng Xue’s problems, and on the other hand, he was afraid of damaging the smash mecha too seriously. Just take this mecha, go back and repair it, maybe it can still be used.

I don’t know if it was Su Mo’s restraint that played a role, or if it was his shouting, Qianchengxue listened.

In the cab, Qianchengxue’s bloodshot eyes gradually faded, and she gradually regained her senses.

Immediately, Qiancheng Xue extended the hand to forcibly tore Mecha’s cockpit apart.

all around Xiao Wen’s subordinates on standby rushed up to see this, rushed into the cab, and took down Kevin who was dizzy.

Lika, who was beaten in the distance, was retreating, seeing that Kevin was defeated, bit her lip and gave an order reluctantly.


Then she flicked the buttons one by one.

Her red steel mecha opened one by one, and then rolled down one after another special ball, which exploded in an instant, sending up smoke.

When Xiao Wen saw this, he let him go, just some shrimp, no need to chase.

A moment later, the cockpit door of Mecha opened, and Qianchengxue, who had a pale face, jumped down from it.

“Are you all right?”

Su Mo asked worriedly.

“It’s all right, just a little dizzy.”

Qiancheng Xue took a deep breath and said that during the battle just now, she entered a frenzy state and exited a frenzy state. After that, various negative states emerge.

“Would you like to take a break?”


Qianchengxueshook the head.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

Xiao Wenwen and Chen Shan also came over.

“Nothing, this is what we should do.”

Neither Su Mo nor Qiancheng Xue cares much.

At this moment, the people below excitedly pressed the tied Kevin up.

“Corps Head, look who’s captured!”

“Yo, isn’t this General Kevin? Hello! haha!”

Chen Shan sees Kevin covered in dirt and laughs wildly, like winning the lottery.

“Who is he? Is he famous?”

Su Mo curiously asked.

“It’s not brother, you don’t know him? This guy is one of the seven five-star generals of the Free Victory Guild. He’s a mess, holding an ace Legion in his hand. No, I have to take a picture and save it. A memorial.”

Chen Shandu was crazy with joy.

“Enough is enough for Chen Shan, it’s almost done.”

Xiao Wen coughed a little, reminding Chen Shan not to be too embarrassed.

When Chen Shan heard Xiao Wen’s reminder, he seemed to remember something and said embarrassedly.


Kevin, who regained consciousness, said indifferently: “If you are brave enough, give me a treat.”

He is being captured After that, Immediately wanted to commit suicide, but it was a pity that Xiao Wen’s subordinates stopped him. Suicide is definitely impossible.

“It’s not that easy to kill you, and it’s not that easy for you to die. Who leaked our information to you.”

Xiao Wen asked directly.


Kevin coldly snorted, just closed his eyes.

“It’s tough enough, or if you’re a little more ruthless, you’ll be beaten first.”

Chen Shan also praised Kevin’s unworthy behavior.

Xiao Wen raised his hand to signal Chen Shan not to speak, then raised his hand to signal that all the subordinates beside him should step down, leaving only Qianchengxue, Su Mo, and Chen Shan.

Then Xiao Wen squatted down and said to Kevin politely.

“I know if I ask you about the war plans of the Free Victory Guild, you won’t say anything.”

“I still have some brains, it doesn’t matter if I die, betraying the guild is a brain-damage. .”

Kevin replied lightly.

“You’re right, but if you tell the person who provided you with the information, it doesn’t seem like it will hurt you much, right?”

“Then what? Me?”

“This is impossible, but I will treat you preferentially. You also know that if you go back alive, our people don’t know how much more people will die.”

Xiao Wen said.

β€œNo talk.”

Kevin replied neatly.

Qianchengxue shook the head and said: “It’s useless, I can’t force any information. We also impossible to let him go, otherwise the above will not be easy to explain.”

” Then what nonsense are you talking to him, kill him, put the body up, and I will find an old forest in a deep mountain to bury it, so that their people can’t find it.”

Chen Shan’s patience is almost at its limit.

Kevin didn’t say a word the whole time, and didn’t mean to beg for mercy at all.

Xiao Wen also had some headaches. He actually wanted to torture him a few times to see if he could ask anything.

But it is clear that the probability of success is almost zero. In addition, abuse is not allowed here. Once this is done, as long as the other party dies and goes offline and sues, it is basically a sue.

“Qianchengxue, the man is your captive, kill it.”

Xiao Wen turned to Qianchengxue and said.

Qianchengxue was also surprised after hearing this, and looked towards Xiao Wen.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, this is”

Xiao Wen raised his hand to interrupt Qian Chengxue’s words, and said seriously: “I know this is credit, but this credit More are created by you. And this time I asked you to help, I have nothing to give back to you, so I need not decline.”

Kevin’s face became darker and he became a meritorious baby .

But he didn’t complain, and it was not wrong to die at the hands of the woman in front of him. After all, he was indeed defeated by her.

I didn’t give his head to a second-generation ancestor, just take credit for it.

This kind of thing is not unheard of. It happened several times on the Qilong battlefield.

After hearing this, Qiancheng Xue did not shirk, took out a white automatic pistol from his waist, aimed it at Kevin’s head, and fired one shot after another!

bang! bang!

There is no doubt that Kevin collapsed.

Xiao Wen squatted down, double-checked to confirm that this guy was dead, then turned his head and said to Su Mo.

“Su Mo, you take his corpse away, remember not to be followed, and then find a hidden place to hide. This guy’s identity and talent are enough for the people of the Victory Guild to search for corpses to resurrect. I’m done.”

“No problem, but there’s one more thing to do before that.”

Su Mo actually finds it interesting, he is the first to hide this kind of thing times dry.

“What’s the matter?”

Xiao Wen looked towards Su Mo.

Su Mo squatted down and took off the third-generation mechanical armor on Kevin’s body. Xiao Wen was stunned by this operation, and then he smiled dumbly, forgetting it.

Soon Su Mo put on the opponent’s three-generation mechanical armor.

Chen Shan also made a special trip to get the helmet and give it to Su Mo.

After Su Mo was changed, he reloaded the killing blade mecha, and controlled the mecha to extend the hand and grabbed Kevin’s body.

The back spray is fully on, and the whole mecha shoots into the sky, disappeared in seconds.

Chen Shan looked at Su Mo who was flying far away and couldn’t help but shook the head and sighed with emotion.

“Hey, the players of the Free Victory Guild are going to go crazy, there is no hope for Kevin’s resurrection. By the way, Corps Head, if we do this, will Kevin’s Legion go crazy? Go back and chase us on the battlefield?”

“Don’t worry, no, Kevin’s ace army collided with our First Army regiment on the main battlefield and was almost wiped out. Otherwise. Do you think he’ll show up here and attack us alone?”

“Wow, isn’t that typical being used as a tool?”

“cough cough, Don’t talk nonsense. It’s enough if you understand, Legion is almost destroyed, and the natural right to speak will be weak.”

“Hey, it’s just too upright and honest.”

Chen Shan is awe-inspiring Respect.

“That’s right.”

“Then we also hide his body, wouldn’t it be a bit too much.”

Chen Shan For a while a little sorry.

“That’s it, there is no room for mercy to the enemy in the war. Let the people below take a rest, and when Su Mo comes back, we will set off immediately.”

Xiao Wen sighed.

“Wait, what about the third-generation mecha smasher, or keep it and don’t report it, let’s go back and find a way to repair it ourselves?”

Chen Shan suddenly remembered with excitement said.

“Do you think you can hide it, and do you have someone who can repair it? Stop daydreaming, it is estimated that most likely will be recycled, but to be honest, I also want to detain this mecha. “

Xiao Wen said that he was also very moved at the end.

(end of this chapter)

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