Star Ring Mission Chapter 305


Chapter 305 Snow (One Update)

Soon night came, and Xiao Wen ordered the troops to stop Come down and rest.

Su Mo and Xiao Wen and the others sit around a campfire with a small pot on it.

Xiao Wen is cutting pieces of meat in.

Chen Shan picked up a bottle of Liquor Liquor, poured a glass for everyone, and complained.

“Why is the weather getting colder and colder, making it a little troublesome to activate the weapons, let’s have a drink to warm the body.”

“Thank you.”

Su Mo took over one after another. Although he was wearing mechanical armor, the outside temperature had little effect on him. But people are so kind, they can’t refuse.

Soon the broth was ready and Xiao Wen served everyone a bowl, indifferently said.

“The next journey is not very easy, and it is estimated that it will not be very smooth. I feel that the enemy will not give up after a miss.”

“It’s really not good, I will be in charge of the investigation. “

Su Mo took the broth replied.

“That’s what I mean too.”

Xiao Wen was also not polite. If it wasn’t for Su Mo’s timely warning, the consequences would have been disastrous.

Although it is not false to the other party, it might be called completely unprepared by the other party.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, is the situation on the front line getting more and more serious?”

Qian Chengxue asked.

“Hey, it’s not that simple! It’s super bad. I just went offline and checked the information passed on. The troops of the Free Victory Guild have been outflanked. In addition, the worst point, wet The Shenguild has officially announced its participation in the war.”

Xiao Wen said with a heavy expression.

Su Mo heard this, coughed, and asked anxiously: “It’s not because of what we did before, right?”

“You think too much, then The gangsters have been with those gangs for a long time. It’s just that they didn’t dare to announce it on the surface, for fear of being beaten by us. Now that we’re at a disadvantage, I can’t help it. The things you’ve done are actually good things. It took a lot of time for those people.”

Chen Shan said a little embarrassedly.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly felt cold on his face, he subconsciously lifts the head.

Grey snowflakes fell.

“It’s snowing.”

Qianchengxue extended the hand with a slight touch, and the gray snowflakes fell on her hand and then melted away.

“It’s not a good thing, hurry up to eat, take a rest and continue to set off. This is from the stronghold of Qingshi, and the rest of the journey is not very far, and the speed is estimated to be able to arrive tomorrow night. “

Xiao Wen took a deep breath.



The bluestone stronghold, the fire rushes to the sky.

A scarlet long spear ran through the cockpit of a second-generation black steel mecha that fell to the ground, stepped on it, picked it up, and unloaded its cockpit.

In the cab, a middle-aged man clutched his stomach and looked at the third generation mecha Β· red ghost in front of him with pain.

“Don’t be too happy, it’s uncertain who wins and who loses.”

Gergil buckled his ears and turned his head helplessly to Emma who was driving the silver light mecha next to him. Ya said: “I gave you a breath, what do you want to ask?”

“What is there to leave, I can’t ask anything, kill it!”

Emma ya coldly said.


Gergil was also polite and directly killed the Heavenly Dragon guild executive in front of him.

At this moment, a burly, tanned middle-aged man with bronze skin and an extremely confident face came over.

“With just this few enemies, you still use so many of us?”

“Lord Sashiye, don’t underestimate the enemy.”

Emma Ya said politely to the Vice-President of the Wet God Guild in front of her. To be honest, she was very annoyed by the confidence of these people in the bones. If they were really so good, they would have started the Heavenly Dragon Guild earlier! She has to shrink back to the present, delaying her so much time.

“Forget it, I understand you, women are naturally less timid.”

Sashiye said generously.

These words instantly angered Emaya, and she responded rudely to the blatant discrimination.

“What are you talking about, who is the coward? Who huddled at home, didn’t come out for a long time, and finally made a bunch of shit sticks and lost my weapon.”

“What are you talking about! We have tens of millions of troops assembled, and we don’t need time. How can you just send out that many troops?”

“Yes, you have tens of millions of troops, but 80% of them are here to eat rice.”

“You must apologize to us!”

Gegil watched Emmaia quarrel with Sashiye, and did not mean to persuade him at all. In fact, he is also very upset now. The latest news is that Kevin’s guy has been killed. And a large part of the reason for being killed is the killing blade.

“What are you doing!”

At this moment, a very serious voice came, followed by a group of people.

The person who came was Deputy Commander of Free Alliance Operations Putemi, and behind him was Cui Zhi, the Second Army Head of the Gaoli Guild, and the Third Corps Head of the Double Fist Guild (ODL). Β·Marrison and so on.

When Emma Ya saw the combined commander of the combined army came over, she coldly snorted and stopped talking, and Putmi, who was headed by her, had a higher position than her.

However, Sashiye didn’t mean to give up at all, he turned his head and said to Putmi: “Mr Putmi, our Wet God Guild has always admired your Free Victory Guild. Therefore, we have reached an alliance with you, but Your people are arrogant and rude, she must apologize!”

Putmi turned his head and looked towards Emaya and said, “Aimaya apologizes and exposes the matter.”


Emmaia coldly snorted, turned around and left.

“Did you see that?”

Sashiye said angrily.

“Mr. Sashiye, I apologize to you for her, and I hope you don’t take seriously and focus on the overall situation. Now is not the time for conflicts. We have successfully joined forces and unplugged each other’s logistics. Receiving the stronghold, the top priority now is to intercept the escort troops.”

Putminai temperament son explained.

“Aren’t your people very good, didn’t you solemnly vowed to be able to get those guys? And shouldn’t we now close up and outflank the Heavenly Dragon guild? Now you want our troops of more than 10 million Go with you to stop those little scumbags?”

Sashiye replied with pride and disdain.

Putmi was not angry at all, and explained with a smile: “That unit is escorting a lot of nuclear mines, and the threat is very high, so in order to prevent accidents, take them first.”


At this time, a subordinate came to report.

“Report! A few surviving enemy players escaped.”

“Isn’t this small enough?”

Pout Mi was very displeased, so many troops besieged here, and let the mouse slip away, which is really shameful.

“It’s better to leave it to me, I’ll let the following people hunt and kill.”

Cui Zhi volunteered.


Putmi replied lightly.

It was snowing heavily, and in the dense forest, a woman ran away panting.

A group of people are chasing after him, and he also carries two mechanical dogs!

(end of this chapter)

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