Star Ring Mission Chapter 306


Chapter 306 Exaggeration (Second Update)

At this time, the two mechanical dogs went around the woman very fast The way ahead blocked his escape.

The woman could only keep backing away.

At this time, seven players from the Gaoli Guild gathered around.

“Run in! (translation)”

“Don’t come here.”

The woman in front of her raised her automatic pistol.

“Just the toy gun in your hand, is it useful? We all have I-generation mechanical armor. (Translation)”

“big brother, this girl still She’s pretty and has a good figure. (translation)”

“Or we’ll have a good time, touch and kill.”

“Good idea, anyway, we wear So strong, she doesn’t even know who we are.”

After the seven people finished talking, their eyes showed evil harboring malicious intentions.

“What do you want?”

Although the woman in front of her didn’t understand them, she could see something tricky in the other’s eyes, she decisively raised her gun and thought. To commit suicide.

At this time, a mechanical dog swooped up and bit down the automatic pistol in her hand.


The seven players from the Gaoli Guild smirked around.

“What do you want?”

It’s a pity that they didn’t understand at all, and of course they didn’t care, they extended the hand and touched the woman’s face.

At this moment, a huge wind pressure swept in.

“What’s the situation?”

They were also stunned for a moment, then lifted the head, and the scene in front of them brought fearful expressions on their faces.

I saw a huge mecha fall in front of them, and before they could react, the dazzling beam saber swept across.

Break down all these people!

The surviving woman also had a dull expression on her face. She wondered if she had read it wrong, how could there be a third-generation mecha in front of her.

At this point, the mecha crouched down and opened the cockpit.

Su Mo jumped down from above and asked.

“Are you alright.”

“It’s ok, thank you.”

The woman replies thanks.

“Are you a player of the Heavenly Dragon guild?”

Su Mo asked.

Hearing Su Mo’s question, the woman in front of her hurriedly saluted Su Mo.

“Sir, my name is Zhang Yan, I belong to the 19th Legion scout squad Captain of the Heavenly Dragon guild.”

Su Mo looked embarrassed, did this woman misunderstand something? , but forget it now is not the time.

“Why are you being hunted down, and is there a bluestone transfer base nearby?”

“The bluestone base has been destroyed, I escaped, free alliance A large group of the guild’s troops have come down, and they have joined with the troops of the Wet God Guild.”

Zhang Yan quickly explained.

Su Mo’s heart sank after hearing this, and then he said to Zhang Yan: “Well, I see, go to mecha with me!”


Zhang Yan responded quickly.

A few minutes later, Su Mo drove the killing blade to the sky, but instead of returning immediately, he moved towards the bluestone stronghold a little closer, he wanted to scout, the number of local troops.

I don’t know the result if I don’t investigate, I’m shocked when I investigate.

I saw the grandiose in the distance like the army of locusts, those who hiding the sky and covering the earth gathered here.

“So many troops?”

“That’s the troops of the Wet God Guild. They have more people than us, so it’s normal. But don’t worry, their battle strength varies. It’s uneven, and it’s not as powerful as I imagined.”

Zhang Yan explained to Su Mo.

“There are so many, no matter how weak it is, go back first!”

Su Mo pulled the joystick and controlled mecha to return home at high speed.

Moments later, Su Mo landed the Killing Blade on a giant transport in the advancing line.

At this time, Xiao Wen’s inquiry also sounded on the communication channel.

“It is reported that the Qingshi stronghold has fallen from the line. How are you investigating? Are there many enemies? Who are they?”

“I didn’t dare to get too close for fear of being discovered. But I took a look at it, and there are so many that I can’t count!”

Su Mo responded simply and neatly.

Immediately, the communication channel was directly frying, and everyone asked incredulously.

“No way”

“This isn’t this too ridiculous?”

“Really or not, how do so many enemies get around Heavenly Dragon The guild’s position is behind.”

“It’s all quiet, Su Mo, are you sure there are so many?”

Xiao Wen said in a very heavy voice.

“I can prove it to be correct. I am the 19th Legion Zhang Yan, number LQ2421, and the Bluestone stronghold is stationed by our Legion.”

Zhang Yan hurriedly reported.

Xiao Wen took a deep breath and then said in the communication channel.

“Everyone stops moving, Qiancheng Xue, Su Mo turns on the video connection mode, and we have an ad hoc meeting.”

“Okay! Wait a minute, I’ll send her off. “

Su Mo opened the cockpit and sent Zhang Yan out of the mecha.

Then the four of them turned on the video connection mode.

Xiao Wen asked directly: “Su Mo, what do you think is the probability of us breaking through the past.”

“I think the probability is basically zero.”

Su Mo replied for sure.

“I said commander, how about we just use nuclear mines to kill them?”

Chen Shan suddenly suggested dive light flashed, in his opinion, it’s really bully Intolerably, it’s okay to send someone to raid them, but now they are arrogantly going to the rear and pulling out their stronghold.

“Forget it, it won’t work. There are so many players in the Wet God Guild that are like cockroaches. If five nuclear mines are thrown, they may not be able to kill them all. And thanks to the panic, most of those are Miscellaneous soldiers, there is no battle strength. And our mission is to transport weapons, not to use them.”

Xiao Wen directly rejected Chen Shan’s proposal.


Chen Shan can only blame the helpless replied.

At this time, Qianchengxue asked, “Since it’s too hard, how can we get there?”

Xiao Wen showed the simple map image in his hand, and said solemnly: “I The idea is to go around from the east side with lightning speed and move towards the fortress city on the side of the Sky Canal. Because I really have no choice but to change the destination.”

“It is estimated that If we compare the speed, the other party will probably notice it soon and will chase us like a mad dog.”

Su Mo solemnly said.

“If only the Free Victory Guild is blocking us, I would never dare to do so, after all, they are too mobile. But as you just said, this is a combined force, plus the wet There are many players in the Shenguild, unless they want to disengage from the pursuit, they will not be able to catch up with us.”

Xiao Wen said with certainty.

“But, what if they are really out of touch?”

Qianchengxue tried to ask.

“Then eat them! With you two, I think I can do it quickly.”

Chen Shan is full of confidence in Su Mo and Qian Chengxue.

“Then it’s settled, everyone listens to the order, changes the forward route, and moves forward at the maximum speed!”

Xiao Wen immediately issued an order to everyone.

Immediately, the entire northbound force began to accelerate, the only difference being that they left the main road and turned into another small road.

I have to say that Xiao Wen’s decision is indeed decisive.

At this time, the free coalition forces that joined forces were still resting, and there were even some small conflicts inside because of grabbing the rest area.

(end of this chapter)

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