Star Ring Mission Chapter 307


Chapter 307 Throwing the pot (adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

In the temporary command tent, different guilds’ Corps Head, a quarrel with red faces and red ears.

“Why can your people be stationed in the bluestone stronghold, our people are in the wilderness.”

“We occupied this place first.”

“It’s yours if you occupy it? Without our long-range firepower suppression, can you kill each other so smoothly?”

“You’re too embarrassed to say firepower support, how much long-range firepower do you have to hit us? on the forehead?”

Emmaia and Gergiel stood by, watching the farce.

Putemi narrowed his eyes, he was not angry at all, this is the common problem of the joint force, and he does not cooperate very well at all.

For his command, it is outward devotion but inner opposition, and simply does not implement 100%.

Especially now that the Humidification God Guild is so large, his commanding power is even more compromised. It’s like now that he has announced that there is a meeting, Sashiye didn’t even come, and only sent Amokadi.

It was clearly because Emaya didn’t apologize to him and put on airs.

But it doesn’t matter, the collective is bloated and disobedient. But the volume is there after all, as long as everyone moves to the strategic target, there is no need to consider the casualty rate.

At this moment, a herald suddenly rushed in.


“What’s the matter.”

Putmi turned his head and looked towards the herald in front of him.

“The latest information came from offline, Heavenly Dragon Guild’s sixteenth Legion, has bypassed the bluestone stronghold from the side, and is moving towards Qilong Plain!”

Listen When the information was reported, Putmi’s face turned black and he stood up abruptly.

“Are you noisy enough?”

Everyone fell silent.

“I asked you to arm, is this the result of your arming? The enemy passed us in front of one’s eyes, don’t you know? Are you still arguing about the garrison area?”

“This can’t be entirely our fault. According to the information, it will take some time for them to arrive at the bluestone stronghold. Who knows they have made a detour.” Unconvinced, I wondered if you had a reconnaissance fighter jet, why didn’t you find it?

Putmi has such a good temperament, and when he heard Amokadi’s words, he almost lost his temper.

Of course, if Putmi knew that the few players in the Gaoli Guild who were killed did not report that he had hit the enemy’s third-generation machine, he would probably be so angry that he had a heart attack.

Because those guys were afraid to stab the matter, so they had a name and a surname to record the matter. In case the other girl accuses them of violating the convention, they will be confirmed as soon as they are checked.

“Okay, let’s not talk about that. Immediately dispatch the air force to pursue and bombard, and everyone organizes personnel to chase!”


Everyone present responded. road.

However, everyone has Xiao Jiujiu in their hearts, and chasing must be pursued, but the way of chasing is also very particular.

It’s not stupid, those guys have two third-generation mechas in their hands, and they will be beheaded if they chase them too far.

As for the air force bombing, the other side also has a lot of air defense weapons.

In addition, the large army is chasing, whoever is stupid will rush to the front, and they have nuclear mines in their hands, which makes perish together.

when the time comes

You know, as long as you die one day late, you can receive an extra day’s subsidy from the Free Victory Guild, isn’t it sweet?

But if the group is destroyed, there is nothing left.

Wait until most of the Corps Heads have left.

Emmaia said to Putmi coldly: “Take these guys, you won’t be able to catch up with them in ten lifetimes.”

“I agree with Emma too. Ya’s words, these guys are so stupid. I said Putmi, if you want to lead people, don’t you know how to be reliable? For example, the Amaterasu guild, what is it that you bring a high-gift guild?”

Gegil rarely helped Emmaia speak.

“Also use you to say, I’m not a fool, the elites are in the main battlefield, what can I do? And I warn you not to think about chasing yourself, as long as you dare to do it, Heavenly Dragon Guild The 16th Corps Head Xiao Wen, dare to throw nuclear mines on your foreheads. Using nuclear mines to blow up those pigs is a huge loss, but if you use nuclear mines to blow up us, you will definitely gain no loss. And the other side has two The third-generation machine, we now have one in Gegil’s hands, and I heard that Gegil, you lost a duel with that guy named Su Mo before.”

Putmi coldly said .

Hearing Su Mo’s name, Gegil’s face suddenly darkened.

“hmph, next time I will definitely beat him.”

When Emaya heard the name Su Mo, she was also so angry that she gnash the teeth, her mecha!

So a very interesting scene appeared. The air force formation quickly caught up with the enemy troops to bomb, but the large troops were slow and could not catch up.

As a result, the air force formations that led to the bombing were knocked down a lot.

In the joint communication channel, there was a lot of scolding.


At this time, the coalition forces in the north are also brewing, a terrifying mystery plan.

In the Sky Canal, battleships are lined up, and many players on the ship are busy filling shells.

At the same time, the river rolled, and submarines emerged.

Looking down from a high altitude, the number of ships assembled in the entire Sky Canal has been skyrocketing, and it is approaching 3,000.

On the banks of the northern Sky Canal occupied by the Free Victory Guild, there are many players setting up short-range missile launchers and long-range artillery.

The square arrays are neatly arranged, and the number reaches 100,000.

At this time, a middle-aged man with a pipe and sunglasses stood on the open armored vehicle, patrolling the erected positions.

“I’ll give you another half an hour, all of which have to be erected!”

“It’s the commander!”

This commander is not someone else. In the Freedom Victory Guild, the extremely famous war madman Kanris, known as the Fire Master!

Best at saturation strikes and tough fights.

“Sir, the air force formation is ready. More than 500 fighter jets are on standby, all carrying incendiary bombs and submunitions.”

Standing next to Camris, the adjutant reported.

Kanris raised his hand, glanced at the time on the wristband, and said: “Pass my order, 30 minutes, all of them will launch a saturation attack on the Heavenly Dragon Guild Sky Canal Defense Line on the opposite bank, as well as the nearby Wushi Fortress City. , my request is very simple, the ground has to be flattened by half a meter for me!”


The adjutant saluted replied.

Skyline Canal Defense Line, Heavenly Dragon Guild Eighteenth Corps Head Liu Chenggao hid in the trenches, holding a telescope and looking at more and more ships at sea, his face became more and more ugly.

“Corps Head, what the hell is the other party doing? It has not been attacked for more than two hours. Could it be something brewing?”

The adjutant next to him asked.

“Yeah! I have a bad feeling. The other party, this time, it is estimated that there will be a wave.”

“Then what should we do?”

“What else can I do? Go ahead and tell the brothers below to spread out!”

Although Liu Chenggao said it was easy, but in fact, he was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t breathe. . He is also very painful against opponents whose weapons are not worth the money.


(end of chapter)

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