Star Ring Mission Chapter 308


Chapter 308 Saturation Strike (Add more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (four more)

Ten minutes at night, in the dark sky , suddenly raised a signal flare, straight into the sky!

Five hundred fully loaded fighter jets roared in.

When they flew into the air, one after another incendiary bombs and sub-munitions poured out.

Densely packed ships at sea fired frantically, and missiles rose into the air.

At the same time, the long-range artillery fired at the firepower position on the opposite bank of the Yunhe River in the sky, and the missiles shot out.

several millions of rays of light, illuminating the entire sky in an instant.

This scene also stunned everyone, and everyone was shocked.


In an instant, the Heavenly Dragon guild Skyline Canal Line and Blackstone Fortress were under the most terrifying baptism of artillery fire ever.

Several tracts of land were lifted and densely packed buildings collapsed.

In the trenches, Liu Chenggao was directly bombed, and one after another bomb landed next to him.

There were screams everywhere, but they were all overshadowed by the roaring explosions.

What made Liu Chenggao unbelievable the most was that the opponent’s firepower coverage didn’t end in one round, and it didn’t mean to stop at all.

Not to mention that the other party also dropped incendiary bombs and sub-bombs on a large scale. Even if you can avoid the bombing with good luck, it will be affected.

At this time, Kanris was looking at the canal defense line and the bombing of the Black Stone Fortress.

“Not enough, continue to add more!”

“Add more? No one should be able to survive under this fire, sir.”

“Don’t be too small. Look at our adversary and pay our respects with the hardest blows.”


Three hours later, the frenzied firepower finally ended.

The Skyline Canal defense line is scorched, so to speak, barren, and there is no living silhouette in sight. As for the Wushi Fortress City, it was even more miserable. More than 70% of the buildings collapsed, and it was simply a ruin.

The black smoke of the explosion billowed into the sky.

Camris was very satisfied with the result and waved his hand.

“Order the transport ship to transport weapons and personnel, and order the air force formation, airdrop the special warfare squad into Wushi City, and clear all the living openings. Before dawn, I want to see the Wushi Fortress City Yi Flag.”


The adjutant quickly replied.

Soon a transport ship docked, the side hull of the transport ship opened, a mecha and tanks and a large number of soldiers began to land.

The players of the Free Victory Guild were very excited. After playing for so long, they finally came up.

Unfortunately, before they were happy, all of a sudden, guns were protruding from the trenches.

peng~ peng~!

Dozens of free victory guild players were killed immediately.

The vanguard commander immediately shouted loudly when he saw this scene.

“Charge me, push the heavy armored weapons over, and take out the remaining trenches.”

One after another mecha and tanks moved towards the firing trenches and opened fire.

After it was destroyed again, it began to advance steadily. However, just as they approached, a player suddenly jumped out of the ditch, strapped a large number of bombs on him, and moved towards mecha and the tank rushed over to detonate it.

“Let’s die together!”


A mecha and a tank were immediately scrapped.

The vanguard commander was also in awe when he saw it. Under such fierce artillery fire baptism, the commanders of the most likely enemy were sacrificed. But this did not affect the surviving players’ desperate efforts, and there was no such battle awareness.

In the city of Wushi Fortress, the 14th Legion defense area, the remaining players, relying on the ruins, are engaged in guerrilla warfare with the airborne enemy.

He led a big man with blood on his face and shouted desperately.

“Brothers hold on, the support army will arrive soon.”

“Yes, Zhu Xiong Deputy Corps Head!”

If it is normal, Zhu Xiong and the others ran into ordinary airborne soldiers, and they could indeed rely on the ruins to walk and resist.

But the players who landed this time are all trained in special operations, and everyone is a good player in individual special operations, just like the team members trained by York before.

They’re super quick, and immediately shoot in that direction when there’s a little nuisance.

peng~ peng~!

a Heavenly Dragon guild player in ambush was hit and fell unwillingly.

At the same time, there are also some airborne players, whose body parts are wild beast, bursting with super fast speed, dodging shooting, and rushing towards Heavenly Dragon guild players with super fast speed.


A head flew with the blood spattered.

All airborne special warfare players have all been injected with Type I genetic medicine and have evolved in different directions.

“Zhu Xiong’s deputy Corps Head, it’s not good, the other party is too strong!”

The communicator suddenly heard a scream.

“Little Li!”

Zhu Xiong’s eyes were red and replied.

“Deputy head, if you want to withdraw first, this city can’t be held anymore.”

A female subordinate beside her said anxiously.

“Wu Ran, what are you talking about, how could I withdraw. Hold on, support will come soon.”

Zhu Xiong said with red eyes, he was very Not reconciled, they have been guarding the city for so long, and they are about to miss it.

“Be careful!”

Suddenly Wu Ran inadvertently saw a long gun barrel extending out of the ruins in the distance. She immediately reacted and threw herself on Zhu Xiong.


He was hit by a heavy sniper in an instant, and the mechanical armor on his body was directly pierced.

“Wu Ran!”

Zhu Xiong hugged Wu Ran and quickly dodged behind the ruined wall next to him.

“I’ll leave first, I’ll leave everything to you.”

Wu Ran showed a smile.

Zhu Xiong fiercely slammed his fist on the wall, looking extremely aggrieved.

At this moment, there was a shout.

“We’re here to support.”

I saw three green shield mecha rushing over with dozens of people, shooting at the airborne enemies.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Xiong’s desperate heart regained hope.

Soon a green shield mecha rushed to Zhu Xiong’s side.

“Are you Zhu Xiong’s deputy Corps Head? I’m Captain Li Sheng of Twelfth Legion, here to support!”

“Very good, but why are you so small? What about the others?”

While Zhu Xiong was overjoyed, he suddenly noticed something was wrong.

Li Sheng said ashamedly when he heard this: “We were bombarded by the enemy on the way to support. There are more than 10,000 people, and we are the only ones left alive. Zhu Xiong Deputy Corps Head , how are you doing here, can you still persevere?”

Zhu Xiong’s heart throbbed when he heard this, and he said bitterly: “I’m afraid there is no hope, our people are almost dead. The weapons are also destroyed.”

At this moment, a huge empty platform covered the fortress city of Wushi, and then a mecha jumped from it.

Li Sheng lifts the head to look at the mecha dropped from the air. Five of them are the second-generation red steel mecha. The chest of the mecha is painted with two blood-stained fangs.

“It’s the trump card of the Freedom Guild’s special combat mobile unit, Fang!”

“Whoever he is, fuck him.”

“Okay. , then fight with them, pull one back to get enough money, kill two to earn one.”


Li Sheng replied heavily.

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(end of this chapter)

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