Star Ring Mission Chapter 309


Chapter 309 Surrounding (one more)

The mecha thrown at this time quickly converged and took the lead Fang Fang Captain Kathu said.

“Clean up in all directions, don’t allow a single opening, and set up a fire position here to launch an attack on the neighboring fortress city. If there is a sudden trouble, when the time comes, we will not be able to escape the blame!”

“Ming Captain Bai!”

Many subordinates replied.

Kathu made a standard offensive tactical action with a wave of his hand.

All around’s subordinate mecha, dashed forward quickly.

Boom! !

There was a constant explosion from Blackstone Fortress, and a Heavenly Dragon guild player who hid in a corner and put up a desperate struggle was ruthlessly killed.

“Squad No. 7 in Area C2 has been cleaned up!”

“Squad No. 3 in Area B2 has been cleaned up!”

Kathu drives mecha to open concealed short-range Rifle, while accurately strafing hidden enemies, while commanding subordinates.

“Squad No. 7 moves forward!”

“Squad No. 3 moves to the B3 area on the left.”

“Understood! Captain, but Captain this mission is not It’s generally easy, and I feel that the other party has no ability to resist.”

“Maintain awe, our opponent is suffering from baptism, and under such circumstances, it is amazing to be so strong and recalcitrant.”


“This is Squad No. 3 of Fang Fang, and found a mecha squad with strong resistance, and found the existence of suspected high-level commanders.”

“Squad No. 3, please don’t force the attack for now, wait for us to flank and approach.”


“Squad No. 1 and No. 2 all follow me to outflank. “

Katu gave the order immediately.

Accompanied by a mechanical rumbling sound, Kathu quickly rushed to Zhu Xiong with his subordinates. At this time, the third squad was driving mecha and was exchanging fire with Li Sheng.

Both sides keep shooting at each other.


Li Sheng already had a green shield mecha that was paralyzed.

Katou immediately captured the face of Zhu Xiong for database analysis and comparison. Immediately, Zhu Xiong’s identity popped up, and he didn’t expect to catch a big fish, which turned out to be the deputy Corps Head of the 18th Legion, a proper feat.

“Everyone pay attention to those who are caught alive.”


Immediately, many mecha scattered, completely outflanking them.

“Lord Zhu Xiong, we are outflanked!”

Li Sheng shouted anxiously to Zhu Xiong while shooting the mecha.

“Don’t mind me, kill them.”

Zhu Xiong also saw the other party’s intention, so many mecha outflanked them. As long as everyone buckles their wrench, they will be killed in minutes, but these guys don’t do it, and they obviously want to catch them alive.

So Zhu Xiong, without the slightest hesitation, took out a grenade from his waist and prepared to commit suicide!

“Go to hell!”

Li Sheng also went out of his way at this time, and he controlled mecha moved towards Katu Sweeping.

There was a hint of absurdity at the corner of Katu’s mouth. He controlled the red steel mecha to dodge the shooting very quickly and rushed towards Li Sheng.

Li Sheng’s eyes are wide open, the speed is too fast, his eyes can’t keep up with the movement speed of the other party.

Before he could react, Katu appeared in front of Li Sheng, and the sharp alloy blade in his hand instantly slashed on his mecha!

The armor of the green shield was split like paper paste, the internal power transmission line was split, sparks were scattered, and the whole mecha lost power immediately.

Immediately, Katou kicked Li Shengmecha, kicked it out, and smashed it beside Zhu Xiong.

Zhu Xiong directly raised the grenade in his hand, clenching one’s teeth and said: “Don’t think about catching it alive!”

“It’s really boring, if that’s the case, then I’ll give you a ride, already Show my respect!”

Kathu immediately raised the alloy sharp blade in his hand and moved towards Zhu Xiong, and at this moment a strong sound of breaking through the air hit, Katu felt like a wild beast, Keenly aware of the extreme danger, he suddenly turned the alloy blade in his hand into a defensive state.


A pitch-black bone gun instantly smashed the blocking alloy blade, and hit Katu’s mecha’s left chest at the same time. The thick armor plate on the chest was sunken, and the whole mecha It flew out like a cannonball and hit the ground hard.


The subordinates behind him quickly controlled mecha moved towards Katu Wai.

At this time, two streams of light in the sky fell, hitting the ground heavily with dust.

After the dust had cleared, the III mecha Killing Blade and III mecha salamander appeared on the battlefield.

Zhu Xiong looked at the two mechas that suddenly came out, and his face also showed a terrifying look, three generations of mecha? And still two?

In addition, when Zhu Xiong saw these two mechas, the outlines showed red, so they were definitely not from their guild. But judging from their actions just now, there should be no hostility, and they even came to save them.

“Which guild’s top battle strength is this?”

In fact, it’s no wonder Zhu Xiong doesn’t know each other. These people on the front line fight every day, and their positions are almost impossible to maintain. Now, how can there be time to pay attention to other irrelevant information.

On the other hand, Katou was different. When he saw the immediatelly of Killing Blade, his face became extremely ugly, and he gave orders without the slightest hesitation.



The subordinates behind him rushed up heroically driving mecha.

Of course, Katou did not rush up, but instead controlled mecha to retreat sharply, pulling away from him.

He knew very well that regardless of how many people there were on their side, it wasn’t enough for the other side to kill in two or three times. Seeing the Killing Blade, he knew it was Su Mo.

Su Mo’s reputation in the Free Victory Guild is even greater than that of the Heavenly Dragon Guild. The lone hero robbed Emmaia’s mecha and defeated Gegil head-to-head. Although it is hostile, in the hearts of Free Victory Guild players, this guy is a typical superhero, and he has gained a group of fans.

Katu knows that his combat skills can’t even beat Gegil. How can he drive the second-generation mecha to challenge the third-generation machine?

So he did not hesitate to withdraw, nor did he hesitate to let the people below him act as cannon fodder. And his subordinates have no complaints, because this is the most rational choice.

Su Mo didn’t show mercy either. He waved his beam saber and swept across. The mecha that just rushed over was not close to Su Mo, just like a watermelon, it was chopped up.

But Su Mo didn’t have a trace of joy in his heart. The captain who took the lead slipped away, and such a very ruthless style of behavior is a scourge.

Of course Su Mo didn’t catch up, after he and Qianchengxue finished the siege of the squid.

They turned their heads and said to Zhu Xiong.

“You are Zhu Xiong’s deputy Corps Head, right? We are here to support you.”

Qianchengxue asked politely compared to the information given by Xiao Wen.

At this time, Li Sheng pushed open the damaged cockpit and climbed out. He saw the two third-generation mechas in front of him, and he also had a ghostly look on his face.

“This mecha looks familiar? Who is this?”

Zhu Xiong took a deep breath and asked: “May I ask who you are?”

” We were sent by Xiaowen Corps Head to support.”

Seeing the other side so shocked and wary, Su Mo explained further.

(end of this chapter)

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