Star Ring Mission Chapter 31


Chapter 31 Departure

In fact, when it came to Safety Sector, Su Mo planned to separate from Lan Xi. But after being mixed up by Tang Zhi’s shit stick, he knew that Lan Xi would definitely not be able to get along in the guild. This is just right, he is short of manpower to help him with groceries and logistics. Through these few days of observation, he found that this is indeed a group game. If one person does it alone, the limitations are too high and it is also very labor-intensive.

So when we separated, Su Mo never told Lan Xi that the team was disbanded.

“No, no.”

Lan Xi smiled happily.

“What’s so great, isn’t it birds of a feather? You are just two of you, what can you do? You know this is a team game.”

Tang Zhi not Yue sneered.

“Hehe, you’re right, it’s birds of a feather. But what I’m telling you is that people with a clean heart see everything clean. People with a dirty heart, see Whatever you say is dirty. Now that the misunderstanding has been made clear, the apology has been made clear, the punishment has been received, and you have to be unforgiving, you are really cheap. If you really want to say something wrong , that is to give you gang of villains a chance to speak out and take things out of context.”

Su Mo turned around and glanced at Tang Zhi, and Tang Zhi couldn’t help but take a step back in fright.


After Tang Zhi retired, she felt extremely ashamed, her whole face became hot, and the hatred in her heart became stronger.

At this time, from a distance, Sun Duoxiang and the others kept peeking at Su Mo. After returning to the guild, Sun Duoxiang thought about it and thought that Su Mo was reliable. So these times, he doesn’t do anything, just keeps staring at Su Mo to see if he has any new moves.

In addition, there was a person standing next to Sun Duoxiang. This person was none other than Chen Xin, an executive of the Wuji Guild.

He whispered to Sun Duoxiang: “brother, I am very optimistic about your big brother, and I also know that you really want to act with him. In this regard, I support you unconditionally. You can follow him as much as possible. If you are familiar with it, see if you can pull him into the guild. If you can do it, the guild will definitely give you a promotion and give you a big reward.”

“Really? Okay, I’ll try my best.”

Sun Duoxiang agreed, but complained in his heart. Add a fart! Although the martial arts guild is also good, it is only for the ordinary person. An expert like Su Mo, no matter which top guild he goes to, is definitely a hot commodity, how can he join casually, not to mention that Su Mo’s character is still so cold.

“Go, I’m optimistic about you.”

Chen Xin made a cheering gesture to Sun Duoxiang.

Sun Duoxiang then walked towards Su Mo and Lan Xi with Zhang Hao and the others.

“Aiya, what a coincidence.”

Sun Duoxiang showed a mean smile, like a chance encounter.

Su Mo doesn’t even bother to expose Sun Duoxiang, he has been following himself, creating a situation of chance encounter, he has discovered it long ago.

There are so many coincidences in this world.

Su Mo asked nonchalantly.

“What are you doing.”

“Aiya, you are planning to go out on an adventure, so take us with you.”

Sun Duoxiang rubbed his hands together, laughed said.



“You guys are so stupid, you’re just holding back.”

Su Mo Don’t even want to replied directly.

If someone else said this, Sun Duoxiang and the others would be absolutely pissed. But it’s different from Su Mo’s mouth, because in comparison, they are really scumbags, so they can only lick their faces and smirk. She also complained in her heart: “Fuck, if we weren’t scumbags, would we still stick it up with a shameless face?” The guild logo. The pattern of a martial arts villain shows that their clothes were all custom-made before they came in. Then he couldn’t help showing the expression of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune, thinking to himself.

“Those who dare to scold the Wuji Guild will see how you end up this time.”

Compared to the Dream Guild, the Wuji Guild is much stronger. Even in this Safety Sector, the Martial Arts Guild can be considered to be able to rank first.

As a result, a scene that surprised her appeared, Sun Duoxiang’s laughed replied.

“Big brother, we also know that we are scumbags, so you can take your younger brother with you. Don’t worry, if you let me go east, I will go east, no ambiguity.”

“No, you already have a guild yourself, go with the people from the guild, it’s fine if you don’t. Besides, it was not agreed at the beginning, when you arrive at the Safety Sector, you will go your own way.”

Su Mo refused directly, and there was still a little difference between Sun Duoxiang and Lan Xi. This guy is from the Martial Arts Guild, and he seems to be able to mix well. At first glance, he knows that he is here to win over him. Relatively speaking, Lan Xi is purely marginalized.

Sun Duoxiang is worthy of being a human being, keenly aware of the reason why Su Mo rejected him. As expected, this guy didn’t want to be too involved with the guild, so he pleaded with a smile.

“big brother, the gang of people in the guild, how can you be so powerful. Besides, being with the big brother is more promising than the guild, you can bring me, we several brothers will help There is still strength.”

Su Mo thought for a while, and after thinking about it again, he really needed some people. Sun Duoxiang is a few guys, although the ability is not very good. But fortunately, he was obedient, and Su Mo knew a little about them, so he was reliable.

“Okay, since you want to follow me so much, it’s up to you.”

Su Mo didn’t bother to continue talking nonsense about him.

“Thank you.”

Sun Duoxiang agreed without thinking.


Su Mo said neatly.

Sun Duoxiang happily followed Su Mo and Lan Xi.

Only Tang Zhi and the others who were extremely annoyed were left, but there was nothing they could do.

Soon the seven people came to an empty corner of the Safety Sector. Su Mo looked at the make-up team as a whole. Apart from himself, the other six were Sun Duoxiang, Lan Xi, Zhang Hao, Ma Ke, Liu Xi, Qin Dou.

“Our goal this time is a building from Southwest to the suburbs, and the straight-line distance from us is about ten kilometers.”

Su Mo announced to everyone.

“So far! Big brother, are you sure you’re right?”

Sun Duoxiang couldn’t help but take a breath. Now, most of the Safety Sectors are out on exploration missions. In general, the maximum range of activities will not exceed two kilometers.

Because the farther you run, the higher the probability of an accident, and it is too late to return to the Safety Sector.

“Yes, this building is quite special, and the income is expected to be good.”

Su Mo responded affirmatively.

“I’m not worried about earnings, the key is how do we get there? Are we still driving over?”

Sun Duoxiang asked a little bewildered.

“Don’t drive, it’s too dangerous to drive, and it’s easy to attract hordes of zombies and mutants, so you can only walk there.”

“Uh, how to get there?”

“You don’t care about the route. Just follow me. I have planned a route that can avoid large-scale zombie groups and monsters as much as possible, as well as large crowds of players.”

Su Mo replied calmly.

“As expected of a big brother, really awesome.”

Sun Duoxiang immediately burst into laughter when he heard Su Mo’s words.

“That’s right, we have big brother this remark, we have confidence.”

Several Zhang Hao echoed.

(end of this chapter)

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