Star Ring Mission Chapter 310


Chapter 310 Counterattack (Second Update)

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Zhu Xiong was ecstatic, it turned out to be Xiao Wen The support sent, he immediately asked: “brother, how many people have you come?”

“Two people.”

Su Mo stretched out two fingers to speak frankly, they Two are the first to detect and support.

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Li Sheng’s expression became more and more embarrassed, as if he was similar to them.

When Zhu Xiong heard Su Mo’s words, the happy expression on his face immediately stiffened, he couldn’t speak for a long time, and then he showed a bitter expression.

“Two, it seems that the Wushi Fortress City can’t be preserved.”

Qianchengxue immediately reacted when she heard Zhu Xiong’s words. Zhu Xiong’s deputy Corps Head seemed to have misunderstood something. . She quickly explained: “Zhu Xiong’s deputy Corps Head, the two of us are the first to scout and support, because our mobility is relatively strong. Xiaowen Corps Head and my troops together have more than 230,000 troops, just behind. The area is coming.”

“You mean Xiao Wen’s troops are fine!”

Zhu Xiong asked happily, his heart was like riding a roller coaster, for a while Fall into the bottom, will rise to heaven.

“Of course it’s fine.”

Su Mo simply replied.

“That’s very good, this time there is hope for Wushi. No, wait, you immediately notify Xiaowen Corps Head and tell him not to move all the troops here. Now Wushi City and the Sky Canal, All of them have entered the coverage area of the opponent’s saturation attack. If his troops enter rashly, they will definitely suffer a new round of baptism, and when the time comes it will be all over.”

Zhu Xiong’s head turned fast!

“How is the situation on the other side of the Sky Canal?”

Qiancheng Xue then asked.

“I don’t know, but most likely it’s over. The other party’s troops are probably already ashore.”

“Then how many of you can defend Wushi City?”

“There are not many people. Now the resistance is all scattered survivors. The command system has collapsed. It won’t be long before all the people here will fall.”

Zhu Xiong explained .

“Since it can’t be held here, Xiao Wen’s troops can’t drive in, or should they withdraw?”

Su Mo brows tightly frowns, trying to ask.

“No, Blackstone Fortress can’t be lost, absolutely can’t be lost. If we lose here, they can use this as a strategic position to launch attacks on neighboring fortress cities, when the time comes we will really It’s a thousand miles away!”

Zhu Xiong’s reaction was very strong.

Qiancheng Xue said with a long sigh: “Well, I will pass all this information back to Xiao Wen Corps Head, and he will make decisions. Let’s stick to Wushi City first!”


Zhu Xiong nodded replied.

In an emergency command car behind Wushi City, Lin Yue reported to Xiao Wenhui.

“Received the encrypted communication message sent by Qianchengxue.”

“Let me see.”

Xiao Wen came over and looked at Qianchengxue Pass back message text, browses tightly frowns.

“How is it, don’t stop talking.”

Chen Shan asked impatiently.

“The Skyline Canal defense line is estimated to be lost, and now the Wushi Fortress is about to be lost. The enemy’s saturation blow is super fierce, and the surviving Zhu Xiong Deputy Corps Head tells our troops not to rush in.”


Xiao Wen gave a brief overview of the situation.

Chen Shan was in a hurry: “What a joke, the Wushi Fortress must not be lost!”

“I don’t need you to tell me.”

“Then what are you waiting for, hurry up and mobilize the troops to go up.”

“Go up and die?”

“Then you want to give up the fortress city of Wushi?”

“Don’t give up, let me think about it.”

Xiao Wen’s head is also the size of a head or two.

“Old Xiao, the situation is very urgent now, don’t be indecisive, what about the danger, when have we ever been afraid of it.”

Chen Shan was almost dying.

Lin Yue persuaded Chen Shan: “Chen Shan, don’t worry, let Xiao Wen Corps Head think about it.”


Five minutes later, Xiao Wen’s eyes flashed a hint of determination, he punched the table, said solemnly: “Since the other party likes to play, let’s play with them.”

“What do you say. “

Chen Shan asked happily.

“Chen Shan, you lead some mecha squads and special warfare infantry to the Wushi Fortress City, and spend time with them in the city to ensure that the Wushi Fortress City will not fall.”

“Isn’t the army going up?”

“You will only be baptism when you go up. If you entrust their people in the city, they will not be able to saturate the baptism Black Stone City.”

” What if their people flooded into Black Stone City?”

“Then let’s saturate Black Stone Fortress City with baptism!”

“That’s a good idea! Don’t think about it Taking the fortress city of Wushi, but this method can cure the symptoms but not the root cause.”

“You can rest assured, I will also saturate the defense line of the Tiantian Canal’s occupation, and treat others with the way of others. They don’t even think about it.”

Xiao Wen’s eyes became very sharp and dangerous, and they beat their people so badly, they really thought they were muddy.

“Beautiful! Let’s do this, see who can’t stand it first! I’ll bring someone to support!”

Chen Shan directly opened the command car door and jumped down.

Lin Yue said to Xiao Wen: “I’m going to set up a firepower launch position!”


Xiao Wen responded .

The Canal of Skyrim has fallen into the zone, and hordes of Free Victory Guild players have landed.

Camris stepped off the ship, stepped on the blackened ground, took a puff of his pipe, and exhaled a smoke ring, saying in a good mood.

“It’s been almost a month, we finally set foot on this land! The Heavenly Dragon guild’s troops are really as tenacious as ever!”

“Report sir, the canal defense area remains We have all cleaned up the enemies of the guild. And we found the body of Liu Chenggao, the eighteenth Corps Head of the Heavenly Dragon guild stationed here, which has been bombed beyond recognition.”

“Buried to show Respect! By the strength of oneself stopping us for so long, it’s amazing!”

Camris said solemnly.


The soldiers below replied immediately.

At this time, a messenger rushed over.


“What’s the matter?”

“Captain Katu, the fang formation that attacked Wushi City, sent back the latest information, and two third-generation mecha broke into In the city, a large number of members of the Fang formation were beheaded. One of the three-generation mecha was the lost Killing Blade, and the other was an unknown mecha who killed General Kevin, and the enemy’s support army was probably about to arrive.”

“hmph, don’t worry, as long as they dare to come, I will dare to send them down!”

Kanris was extremely confident.

At this moment, countless rays of light in the distant sky lifted off, one after another missile cut through the sky, and moved towards the canal of the sky.

“Dangerous sir!”

All around subordinates hurriedly knocked down Camris.

Then one after another missile fell, covering the occupied area of the Sky Canal indiscriminately.


The tanks and mecha that were transported up, as well as a large number of combat personnel, were suddenly bombed.

(end of this chapter)

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