Star Ring Mission Chapter 311


Chapter 311 Timely (adding sugar in water for Silver Alliance Leader) (three shifts)

The whole round of bombing lasted nearly fifteen minutes , After the saturation attack was over, there were half-dead people lying on the ground and groaning in pain everywhere.

A lot of tanks and mecha were destroyed.

Camris stood up, covered in dirt, and smashed his pipe fiercely to the ground.

“Damn it!”

You can never get wet shoes while walking by the river, and Kanris, who is best at saturation blows, even tasted a wave of baptism. Fortunately, Xiao Wen’s firepower is not so exaggerated, otherwise, Kanris might really fall here.

The adjutant next to him quickly persuaded: “Lord Kanris, it’s too dangerous here, why don’t you withdraw the ship first. No, the ship is not safe enough, why don’t you withdraw to the other side?”

“Isn’t it a support force, as for the fear of this!”

“Yes, yes”

“Since I can’t go ashore, then I will take it first. Go down to the Wushi Fortress City, order the air force formation to continue airdropping personnel into the Wushi Fortress City, and kill the two third-generation mechas for me. If they dare to enter the Wushi Fortress City, they will be killed in one wave.”



In the temporary headquarters of the Heavenly Dragon Guild, Li Ruiqi’s complexion ashen is incomparable.

Not long ago, the latest information came from offline that the 18th Legion, which was responsible for guarding the Skyline Canal defense area, was wiped out by a super-scale saturation blow, and even Corps Head Liu Chenggao was sacrificed.

At the same time, Wushi City was also attacked by saturation. The 14th Legion guarded was almost completely destroyed, and the situation was not much better. Although there are still some surviving personnel resisting, it is estimated that it will not last long.

Worst of all, the extra troops from Twelfth Legion were swept up along the way.

He doesn’t know what to say now, this is the rhythm to lose.

The red marks on the map in front of Li Ruiqi indicate that the Heavenly Dragon guild is about to be outflanked.

“Which one of you has any suggestion for the current situation?”

Everyone present was silent. And even if I took it out, the day lily was cold when I rushed there.

“Vice-President, we can only abandon the established plan and adjust to a turtle defense.”

“No matter how hard the turtle shell is, it will be broken sooner or later.”

Li Ruiqi is deeply sighed, and he is now in a dilemma. But he didn’t blame the people below. After all, in this battle, they faced too many enemies. There is a saying that two fists can’t beat four hands.

The atmosphere in the command room became heavier, and everyone could not help but bow their heads.

At this time, a subordinate rushed in!

“Report! The latest battle situation!”


Since the 16th Corps Head Xiao Wen was blocked by the enemy, he changed his marching route. The rushing army went to the Wushi Fortress City, and then stationed outside the Wushi Fortress City, and carried out a saturation blow on the occupied Tiantian Canal defense area, causing certain heavy losses to the enemy. At the same time, troops were sent into Wushi City to conduct a contact battle with the enemy’s air-dropped troops.

Now Blackstone Fortress has become a battle center and a contested area.

“Okay, well done! Old Xiao will really surprise people!”

Hearing the report, everyone present cheered.

“By the way, I heard that Xiao Wen Corps Head also specially invited foreign aid, including two third-generation mechas, which just killed General Kevin not long ago.”

“Very awesome.”

After listening to Li Ruiqi, he relieved that the news was really timely, but he still said solemnly.

“Don’t be too happy, the combined troops going south and the Wet God Guild troops will soon go north. When the time comes Xiao Wen will also be attacked by the enemy, the deadlock will still be broken, and it will be left to Xiao Wen’s time is running out.”

“What should I do then.”

“I have no choice but to give Xiao Wen an order to allow him to move freely!”


Li Ruiqi couldn’t care less, now he can only give medicine to a dead horse and hand over the decision-making power to Xiao Wen.

“But Deputy Sir President, that Xiao Wen still has a strategic offensive weapon in his hand? You don’t mean to use it for them, so what should we do here?”

“Transportation of strategic weapons is not limited to this one, but one less weapon is needed to find a way to deal with it in an emergency.”

Wushi Fortress City, Su Mo and Qianchengxue acted separately, and he drove the mecha alone Roam around the ruined city, looking for enemy trails.

Those free-victory guild players who were airdropped in, saw Su Mo like a mouse seeing a cat, and ran away.

Of course, Su Mo adheres to the principle of not letting go and not letting go. Seeing one kills one is not too much trouble.

The only trouble is that there are fighter planes whizzing in the sky at every turn, and missiles are shot down from in the sky one after another.

Su Mo can only swing the beam saber to blast those missiles, although most of the impact is blocked by the beam saber, but there will still be explosions that affect the mecha more or less.

It’s okay to have a small number, but he can’t bear it when there are too many.

This loss of air dominance is really not disgusting.

Just when Su Mo was irritable, the sky suddenly darkened and he subconsciously lifts the head.

I saw the sky-covering transport planes appear over the Wushi Fortress, followed by throwing mechas and containers of different types.


Su Mo said silently, the biggest feeling of fighting against the Free Victory Guild is that these people are not ordinary Hao.

Su Mo’s head hurts too, even though these throw mecha battle strengths aren’t that great, but they’re disgusting in large numbers.

At this moment, Chen Shan’s voice sounded in the communicator.

“Brother, we’re here to support.”

“Why are you here?”

“Don’t worry, we don’t come much, just a hundred Taiwan mecha! We will help you stop some cockroaches, so that they can’t besiege you, we will just waste time with them, and they will not dare to suffocate and attack.”

Chen Shan explained to Su Mo.

“Also, it’s not a very good method, but at least it works. Stabilize the situation for a while, and then think about how to deal with it.”

Su Mo immediately understood Xiao Wen Not to mention Xiao Wen’s command is pretty good.

“That’s right!”

“Then let’s go!”

Su Mo was full of energy.

At this time, I was driving mecha to avoid the Kathu chased by Qianchengxue, looking at the air force support falling from the sky, browses tightly frowns.

In his eyes, Camris’ command was not brilliant in this round, and he underestimated the opponent too much.

If it was him, he would definitely at all costs, another round of firepower baptism, and keep those two third-generation mecha here.

Instead of being stupid and constantly airdropping people, expecting these people to take down those two third-generation machines?

It’s not realistic at all, but it will make oneself saturated and intimidating.

The voices of other surviving team members can be heard in the communication channel.

“Captain, what should we do now? The above has issued a direct order, let us besiege the three generations of mecha.”

“Pass my order, assemble people, and prepare for a suicide attack.”

Kathu can’t do anything about it. The order issued above cannot be disobeyed, even if the order is to send you to death.

(end of this chapter)

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