Star Ring Mission Chapter 312


Chapter 312 Countermeasures (adding sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (four updates)

a member of the Fang Squad is receiving Katu’s order, moved towards Katu gathered again.

Katu’s expression is constantly changing. Although he is going to launch a suicide attack, it is also very important to choose a target. One is the Killing Blade and the other is an unknown third-generation mecha.

In the end, he was still determined and chose the Killing Blade! After all, the unknown is often very disturbing.

After confirming, Katu pushed the operating lever violently, took the lead to change the direction, moved towards Su Mo, who was killing the big kill, and said to the person who came down to support him in the communication channel.

“Part of them went to stop that unknown mecha, and the rest focused on strangling the Killing Blade!”


On the Western District side of Wushi, Qianchengxue controlled the salamander and shot through a mecha. At this time, three green shield mechas appeared all around, and they rushed towards Qianchengxue with no fear.

Qianchengxue simply swept the chain gun in his hand neatly.

Not very long, three mechas are scrapped.

At this time, three more units appeared, and they rushed towards her in a death-like manner.

Qiancheng Xue instinctively sensed something was wrong, so he controlled mecha to fly into the air without entanglement with it.

However, Qianchengxue, who just flew up into the sky, discovered the problem. More than 80% of the airborne enemies flanked the area where they were moved towards Su Mo.

“Be careful, Su Mo, the enemy is coming for you!”

“I see.”

Su Mo’s steady voice sounded in the communication channel.

“I’ll help you!”

Qiancheng Xue just wanted to pull the joystick to support Su Mo, when all of a sudden warnings popped up on the screen, and then the sky-filled missiles moved towards her down.

She swept the bone chain gun in her hand.


one after another missile exploded in midair.

The third-generation mecha salamander fell heavily on the ground, and at this time, groups of mecha and mechanical dogs all around appeared.

They all rushed forward with a very clear purpose, that is, to prevent Qianchengxue from supporting the other side.

On the other side, Su Mo wielded two beam sabers and swept them at a very fast speed.

The mechanical dogs that came up were chopped up.

Su Mo is very cautiously, and dare not let a mechanical dog get close to him, the ghost knows whether there is a strong magnetic bomb in the other party’s body.

At the same time, Su Mo kept swinging his beam saber to block all around mecha’s shots.

At this time, more and more enemies were surrounded, but Su Mo had no intention of fearing or retreating.

At the same time, Katu and his subordinates also surrounded him.

“Captain, the other party is surrounded, we can’t go up.”

“It’s not right, it’s too smooth.”

Katu’s sense of smell like wild beast , tell him that if something goes wrong, there must be a demon, and the other party will not be so stupid.

“Why don’t you dare to join, when did the Free Victory Guild players have such little courage?”

Su Mo said taunted lightly at this time.

Katu’s face twitched, he coldly snorted and said: “You think we will let you go if you say so? Don’t think that your friend will come to rescue you, she can’t come for the time being. “

“If you have the ability to take me down, you are a bunch of cowards.”

Su Mo continued to taunt.

Immediately, two green shield mecha couldn’t stand it and rushed up angrily!


Su Mo didn’t even look at the two green shield mechas, and swept across them with a single knife, killing them directly!

“This is so boring, let’s go together! Don’t make me look down on you, so many people surround me.”

Su Mo continued taunted.

Katuo’s hand on the joystick rattled.

“Captain, let’s go!”

“Yes, Captain, we have so many mechas, is it possible that he will not succeed!”

“Captain, don’t hesitate!”

“Another mecha is killing me!”


Katou gave the order coldly.

In an instant all around, all the enemies who came from all directions rushed up.

At this moment, Su Mo controlled the Killing Blade a beam of light cannon to shoot vertically into the sky.

Katu’s heart throbbed, and he reacted immediately.

“Not good! Withdraw!”

It’s a pity that it’s too late, the missiles moving towards here fell indiscriminately, and Katu’s field of vision suddenly turned into a red light.

In the distance, Chen Shan looked at the area covered by fire and sighed with emotion.

“Hey~ I’m really old, I can’t be as fierce as a youngster, and I even pit myself!”

“Mr. Su Mo’s move is so handsome, a wave We don’t need to go to the troops that severely damaged the other party’s airdrop, but is Mr. Su Mo not afraid of being accidentally injured?”

The next subordinate said excitedly.

“What’s there to be afraid of, Xiaowen Corps Head’s formidable power and strength controlled by firepower will only destroy the first-generation mecha, and the second-generation mecha will only be traumatized, and it will not be destroyed. More Don’t say the third generation mecha, when the baptism ends, you say what the remaining half-crippled second generation mecha will look like to the previous third generation mecha.”


“Then Don’t talk nonsense, it’s definitely over, let’s not talk about it, we have also worked. Everyone spreads out in square units, don’t look back and let the other party brush it in the same way.”

“This is also true, But Lord Chen Shan, what if the other party can’t think of another round of saturation blows against Wushi Fortress?”

“Don’t worry, isn’t there still some living space left? Besides, you think the whole process is saturated with blows?”

I don’t want money, if the effect of the attack is not good, and you still do this, it is not a panic of burning money.”

“Master Chen Shan is wise!”


In the area covered by fire, when the smoke of the explosion dissipated, only a few second-generation mechas of Kathu were left standing.

There are mechanical dog wrecks and paralyzed generation mecha everywhere.

At this time, Su Mo came out with dual beam saber, stared at the half-crippled Katuo and said, “Goodbye!”

Saying Su Mo, he rushed up very fast!


The entire cockpit of the second-generation mecha was cut in half. In the cab, Katu looked down at the body that was cut in half, with a hint of self-deprecation on his face.

In the Sky Canal, snowflakes are falling, and on the Kerton aircraft carrier, Kanris temporarily took over the ship and used it as a temporary command place.

A subordinate walks in to report.

“Report, the Mecha formation of the fangtooth battle was destroyed, and Captain Kathu was killed!”

“The airdrop troops suffered heavy casualties.”

Kamris fiercely punched On the operating platform, he certainly knew what was going on. Not long ago, the enemy bombed parts of the Black Stone Fortress.

In fact, he also wanted to counterattack the other side as well. The problem is that the troops supported by the Heavenly Dragon guild did not gather together at all.

And their men would need to gather in large numbers to besiege three generations of mecha.


Camris just wanted to order another airdrop.

The adjutant next to him quickly dissuaded him: “Lord Kanris, it’s useless, let’s find another way.”

“You mean, just being consumed by the other party like this. ?”

“That’s all I can do now. It’s really pointless to act rashly.”

“Damn! How long until Putmi and the others arrive?”

“Come on, they will arrive in a day at most. We don’t need to hurry, we will suspend the attack and wait.”

The adjutant quickly replied.

Although Kanris was extremely unwilling, he could only order.

“Let all troops suspend their attacks and remain at a stalemate!”

You must know that he captured the Skyline Canal Line and the Blackstone Fortress by himself, followed by Putmi and the others with their help. , that’s two concepts.

(end of this chapter)

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