Star Ring Mission Chapter 313


Chapter 313 Time (Adding more sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (Five more)

Lipu Plain, the snow like goose feathers flutters down.

In the snowstorm, five troops with different icons are advancing in an orderly manner, and a mecha walks in the front to clear the way.

Behind it, densely packed like an ant colony’s wandering follow closely from behind.

Grandiose’s support Legion formed by the Five Dragon Heads Guild, mixed with a large number of spontaneously scattered You Family, grandiose’s beginning to go north.

Inside the Free Alliance Legion Temporary Command.

Gegil walked in and said to Putmi, who was discussing the battle with Emaya.

“Just back from the investigation, the support of the five affiliated guilds of the Heavenly Dragon guild is here.”

“How many people?”

The question of Emmaia brows tightly frowns road.

β€œIt’s really quite a lot, because there are a lot of spontaneous excursions mixed in, I make a rough estimate, at least five-six hundred people.”

Gegil shrugged helplessly said.

“It’s okay, give an order to the Wet God Guild, let them stay and stop this group of people. Now you know why I want to bring this group of people, although they have no battle strength, but they are better than the number of people. , it is still useful at critical moments. This is called using violence to control violence, and quantity against quantity.”

“It’s easy to say, they will be obedient?”

“You can go Notice, they are eager to stay, they prefer this kind of low-intensity battlefield to the cruel main battlefield. And they can only fight this kind of battlefield, you shouldn’t naively expect them, the war is not just because there are too many people Useful.”

Putmi said very politely.

“Hehe, there’s a bunch of shit.”

Gergil showed a trace of disdain. Of course, he turned around and went out to inform the gang of people.

Emmaia solemnly said: “The top priority now is to kill Xiao Wen’s Legion. This is a variable. According to the original plan, we should have killed him a long time ago.”

” This is indeed a bit of a hassle, but you don’t have to worry. Don’t look at the misery that he is holding Kanris down now, and his situation is not much better. When we go up, he will be the same enemy, as long as Kanris doesn’t make a mess and is eliminated. , it’s not a big problem.”

“Kanris is a famous commander, and he is not so easy to be destroyed. Besides, besides the third-generation aircraft, which aspect is not crushing the troops in his hand. The other party.”

Emmaya was very confident in Kanris.

Speaking of those two third-generation mechas, Camris said with a deep breath.

“Those two third-generation machines are really a big trouble! Now if you want to win those two third-generation mechas, you have to mobilize at least three or four of them. The problem is that the guild is currently drawing even one. I can’t come out. And two of them have been destroyed, namely Carmen’s Blood Eagle and Kevin’s Crusher.”

Emmaya also said helplessly.

“That can’t be helped.”

At night, in the city of Wushi Fortress, Su Mo and the others retreated to the west gate area of the fortress, which was relatively close to the rear.

At this time, Zhu Xiong and Li Sheng were hiding under the giant city gate made of steel, and the snow was too heavy.

Now both sides are tacitly maintaining a state of truce.

In the communication channel, Chen Shan said to Su Mo: “The other party seems to be cowardly.”

“Normally, cowardly is a good thing, just enough to fight a protracted war. But the problem is It is the enemy behind us who is chasing after us, and what we lack most is time.”

Su Mo said with a headache.

Chen Shan helplessly replied: “I can’t help it, I can only wait for Xiao Wen to see if he can come up with a solution?”

At this moment, Qianchengxue suddenly fell. He shouted, and at the same time controlled the axolotl demon mecha raised his long spear and pointed to a clearing.


Su Mo and the others were taken aback and looked over!

In the snow, a voice sounded out of thin air.

“Be your own, don’t do it.”

Then a streaking man appeared.

Chen Shan saw clearly the appearance of the person coming, and said in astonishment: “Ma Qi! Why are you here.”

“This is not Xiao Wen Corps Head asking me to scout the enemy base camp. , I thought about coming to find you first. By the way, where is the enemy’s base camp? But it’s strange, how did you find me? I injected a special hidden genetic medicine.”

Ma Qi Also asked curiously.

Hearing this, Su Mo and the others took another look at the axolotl mecha, didn’t expect the biological mecha to have this effect.

“Mecha suggested it himself, but you have to pay attention to the snow on your body and the footprints on the ground.”

Qiancheng Xue replied lightly.

“Thank you, I will.”

Ma Qi thanked the reply.

At this time, Zhu Xiong came over and asked excitedly.

“You mean Xiao Wen asked you to scout the enemy’s base camp and prepare to kill them?”

“That’s pretty much what it means.”

Ma Qi explained road.

“Then let me tell you, the enemy’s base camp is opposite the Sky Canal, and it is unrealistic to attack it. But if you have enough firepower, you can consider attacking the enemy’s naval fleet and the other side. Attack from the fire position, as long as these two places are destroyed, the opponent will be disabled.”

Zhu Xiong suggested to Su Mo and the others.

“That’s it, then I’ll go investigate, I’ll go first.”

Ma Qi replied.

“Be careful, are you not cold when you run naked like this?”

Chen Shan curiously asked .

“Come on, the genetic medicine I used has changed my body too much. Now I’m not afraid of the cold anymore, let’s go!”

Ma Qi humorously posed. He waved his hand, and then his body slowly became disappeared like the scenery all around.

“This person’s ability is very good.”

Su Mo said.

“Of course, detect Captain, how can he hold this position with few brushes? I hope he can successfully detect useful information.”

Chen Shan said with emotion.

“Xiao Wen Legion is planning to give it a go? You know that our chances of winning by taking the initiative are not high.”

Qianchengxue brows tightly frowns said.

“There is no way to do this. Forget it, let’s take a step by step.”

In the center of the City of Prayer Dragons, a thousand-meter-high building is made of ancient crystal stone. The clock tower, standing in the wind and snow, is completely motionless.

A huge mechanical clock hangs at the top of the tower, the hands still ticking.

Beneath the pointer, scrolling numbers 02, 04 are displayed.

If anyone sees this scene, they will definitely be very shocked. You must know that in the Star Ring world, except for the time on the player’s wristband, all timing things in this world are stopped and need to be debugged. Walk around again.β€”β€”

In the snowstorm, on the edge of the Skyline Canal.

A series of footprints suddenly appeared on the snow-white ground, but the footprints were soon covered by the wind and snow.

A mecha patrols the edge of the canal from time to time.

But aside from patrolling teams, there aren’t many troops stationed here.

Ma Qi slipped to the edge of the canal, looked at the canal in the distance, looked at the ships side by side, and took a breath.

“Good guy, it’s really ruthless!”

Commanding the car behind, Xiao Wen tapped the table lightly with his fingers.

“What are you thinking? Sir Xiao Wen.”

Lin Yue came over and asked.

“I’m thinking about how to play a dead chess into a living chess.”

Xiao Wen replied lightly.

Lin Yue hesitated and said, “Corps Head, in fact, even if we hit the enemy hard, I feel that in the end we can’t keep the fortress city of Wushi, and even we can’t escape.”

“Then If you don’t protect the fortress city of Wushi, you will die and live.”

Xiao Wen stood up, his resolute face showing a hint of courage.

(end of this chapter)

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