Star Ring Mission Chapter 315


Chapter 315 Surprise Attack (Second Update)

Lin Yue hurriedly ran into the command car and said, “Putmi’s The accompanying air force launched an air strike on us first, and the battle has already begun. Now the entire defense line urgently needs your command and deployment.”

“Damn! It’s so fast? It seems that it’s too late. It’s all up to you. , you decide for yourself.”

Xiao Wen helplessly instructed Su Mo and Qian Chengxue. Then she turned her head and said to Lin Yue, “Take them to get two nuclear mines.”

Lin Yue was stunned for a moment, and then obeyed the order to replied.



In the command room of the Sky Canal aircraft carrier, an adjutant was reporting to Camris: “Latest news, Putme. His troops have arrived nearby, and his air formation has begun to launch air strikes on the Shawwin Legion, and it is expected that in five hours, full-scale fighting will break out.”

“Very good, pass my order, order all transport ships to stand by , when Putmi’s troops launch a full-scale attack, they will immediately log in in an all-round way, capture the fortress city of Blackstone, and attack Xiaowen’s troops, it’s time for revenge.”


On the other side, Su Mo and Qianchengxue drove the mecha, each carrying a nuclear mine to leave the camp.

The two of them were silent on the road.

In the end, Qianchengxue broke the silence: “Su Mo, do as I said, we don’t have much time.”

“No, I will fight if you want to.”

Su Mo directly refused.

“I’m the head of the regiment, what I say is what I say.”

Qiancheng Xue said solemnly.

“Hey~ give me a little more time to think about it.”

Su Mo’s thoughts were spinning quickly.

Qianchengxue didn’t say much, she had already made up her mind. Although some people are reluctant to give up the axolotl mecha, but life is only when there is a willingness to give up.

Just then Su Mo suddenly dived light flashed and said.

“I have a solution, go to the city of Wushi Fortress.”

“What are you going to do there?”

Qianchengxue also looked puzzled .

“Follow me and you’ll know.”

Su Mo’s tone revealed a hint of excitement.

Immediately, the two mechas accelerated and moved towards the Black Stone Fortress.

Soon after, Su Mo and the two came to the west gate of Wushi Fortress City, without waiting for Qianchengxue to ask.

Su Mo took out his beam saber and slashed at the connection between the huge steel gate and the fortress wall. It took a lot of effort to unload the huge steel gate two or three meters thick.

Immediately afterwards, Su Mo stabbed the center of the steel gate with a beam saber, sparks flying.

He used the beam saber to ablate a sloping notch for mecha’s claws to grip.

Seeing this, Qianchengxue suddenly realized.

“You’re going to use this as a shield?”

“That’s right! This giant steel door is super thick and very hard. You saw it just now, I used It takes so much effort for the beam saber to melt a hole. It can be seen that it is not ordinary steel. It should be enough to act as a shield and cover the two of us without any problem.”

“Okay, then do that.”

“Let’s do this, you can get the shield, and I’ll take care of the attack!”

“No problem.”

Qiancheng Xue agreed with Su Mo’s idea, Control the axolotl mecha extend the hand to carry the steel giant gate.

“Can you?”

“It’s really heavy, but it doesn’t matter, this third-generation mecha has enough power.”

Qianchengxue is very confident replied .

“Then let’s go, it’s time to surprise those people.”


On the Sky Canal, ships are transported Ships are deployed and loaded with a variety of weapons.

Camris stood on the deck and looked out at the bank of the canal, he said confidently with emotion.

“No one can stop me this time!”

At this moment, a subordinate rushed over.

“Not good.”

“Fuck, what’s going on, what’s going on?”

Camris brows slightly wrinkle reprimanded, he’s fine The mood is directly destroyed and clean.

“The air force found those two third-generation mechas moving towards us.”

“Intended to behead? Bring about one’s own destruction! Order all ships to load up!”


With a sarcastic look on Kanris’ face, he does not believe in evil. Under the close-range attack of so many ships, the opponent can withstand it.

“Lord Kanris, there is something wrong with that other party.”

The adjutant next to him quickly explained.

“What’s the problem?”

Camris was also a little surprised.

The adjutant hurriedly took out a tablet and clicked on a video image that was sent back.

I saw two third-generation mechas each carrying a device similar to a launch tube, and also carrying a giant steel gate, which looked very funny, and the whole was nondescript.

But Kanris couldn’t laugh when he saw this scene.

He recognized at a glance that the two mechas were carrying nuclear mine launchers on their backs, and he was an expert in this area.

“Damn, immediately order the patrol mecha squad on the shore to intercept those two mechas. And order the air force, immediately bomb me to stop them from getting close!”


“Evacuate the fleet immediately.”

Camris shouted in horror.

At this time, Qianchengxue was carrying the huge steel city gate and ran all the way, without being affected by the alternative giant shield in his hand.

At this time, a second-generation red steel mecha rushed up with a group of green shields!

“The enemy is coming.”

Qianchengxue reminded Su Mo.

“Leave it to me.”

Su Mo turned sideways, lowered the beam cannon, and shot continuously at the rushing mecha.


Rush up to stop most of the mecha from being blasted directly.

Leading the second generation mecha to dodge the attack, just got close.

Su Mo slashed his entire mecha in half with a single swipe of his beam saber, killing him with ease.

However, at this time, swarms of fighter jets roared, pouring missiles at them.

Qiancheng Xue did not do anything, and directly lifted the alternative giant shield in his hand to resist the missile attack.

The missiles exploded violently, and the explosion flames devoured the two mechas together with the giant shield directly.

Camris on the deck of the ship was watching the battle in real time with a telescope in his hand. He saw that the two mechas were covered by the terrifying bombardment, secretly sighed in relief.

The next second, however, a huge steel giant door burst out of the flames.

Karris’s heart that had just relaxed, jumped up again, obviously it was too late to evacuate the fleet, he hysterically shouted at the communicator he was carrying with him.

“All ships shell me at once!”

peng~ peng~!

one after another shell and missile moved towards Su Mo down.

Qianchengxue took a deep breath and pushed the power lever to the maximum.

The axolotl was carrying the steel gate fiercely, while moving to avoid the fire, while facing the attack and dashing forward, it was getting closer and closer to the bank of the canal.

“Switch the short-range gun!”

Karris’ face was so dark that he could only rely on the short-range gun now. Detonate the nuclear mine when the opponent launches, at least the center of the detonation must be on the shore.

However, at this moment, Chen Shan rushed up with someone.

β€œBrothers on!”

(end of chapter)

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