Star Ring Mission Chapter 316


Chapter 316 Nuclear leveling (adding more sugar for Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

I saw more than 100 mechas at the same time Catching up at high speed, as they approached Su Mo, they shot smoke bombs one after another.

In an instant, the entire sky canal direction was covered with thick smoke.

“The opportunity is here, do it!”

Chen Shan shouted in the passage.

Then all the mechas in the thick smoke opened their abdominal launch ports, and a short-range missile shot out.

Su Mo keenly seized this opportunity and shot the nuclear mine in it.

At this time, Qianchengxue controlled the salamander demon Fiercely to smash the giant steel gate into the ground to fix it.

“Chen Shan dodge!”

Su Mo shouted to Chen Shan.

Chen Shan immediately, controlled mecha to roll and roll directly behind the steel giant gate.

I saw all the ships firing their short-range guns frantically, and the incoming short-range missiles were blown up.



At this moment, a dazzling sun exploded in the center of the fleet, and the world in Kanris’ eyes began Turned into a vast expanse of white. The next second, a huge impact swept over, and Kanris was instantly turned into ashes.

A terrifying mushroom cloud rose in the center of the Sky Canal, and the ships in the center were directly swallowed by the explosion, and the ships all around were swept by the strong shock wave and capsized in an instant.

Immediately after the terrifying impact, there was no accident, sweeping and hitting the steel giant gate.

The huge impact made the axolotl mecha shocked. The creature skeletons were making a faint sound, and the whole mecha slid backwards. Qianchengxue in the cab drove the power to the maximum, and clenched her teeth. At this time, a pair of manipulators held down the steel giant gate, and Su Mo controlled the killing blade to come up.

A few minutes later, the shock wave is over!

The entire steel giant door is almost like a bowl.

Qiancheng Xue saw that the opportunity had come, and he directly threw open the deformed steel giant gate, ready to charge into the artillery position on the opposite bank.

But at this moment, a hand suddenly took off the other nuclear mine launcher that Mecha was carrying, and then the back ejection device was fully opened.

The whole mecha flew into the sky and rushed to the other side of the Sky Canal.

“Su Mo!”

Qianchengxue’s stunned voice sounded directly in the communication channel.

“Leave it to me.”

Su Mo replied with a calm expression.

“must come back alive.”

Qianchengxue brows slightly wrinkle instructed, his eyes silently sending the resolute back away.

Although this is in Star Ring, this is also the most reliable back she has ever seen in her life. For a moment, she was even in a trance, and she didn’t know that she had been lonely for a long time, and she had an illusion.

“No problem.”

Su Mo shuts down the communication after saying that, and pushes the lever further into overclocking mode.

The Killing Blade dashed frantically through the Sky Canal. On the scan screen, a red dot of densely packed appears. If there is no accident, that area should be the enemy’s artillery position.

It should have been more or less affected by the aftermath of the nuclear explosion, and it must have been in chaos.

In fact, as Su Mo guessed, on the other side of the Sky Canal, the artillery positions of the Free Victory Guild, and those far from the river have been destroyed. The rows of launchers at the far point collapsed, leaving a mess everywhere, and many players were washed to the ground and ate a lot of soil.

One of the commanders, Tari, got up with difficulty and looked at the sunken ships in the Sky Canal with a telescope, with a lost one’s head out of fear on his face, and shouted in horror.

“Lord Camris!”

But the real despair has just arrived.

At this moment, Su Mo successfully flew to the other side with the killing blade mecha. The players of the Free Victory Guild simply did not make any effective response, and were not attacked in the whole process.

At this time, some players of the Free Victory Guild saw the high-speed approaching Killing Blade from a distance.

They lost one’s head out of fear.

“The enemy’s third-generation machine!”

Unfortunately, it was too late, and Su Mo shot the nuclear laser in his hand.

The next second, Su Mo immediately controlled the killing blade mecha and stabbed it down the canal of the sky.


The killing blade mecha went straight into the water, splashing huge waves.

The next second, a missile slid over the tower and fell into a distant position.

The tower, who witnessed all this, said two words in fear.


Soon a dazzling sun lifted off from the enemy’s position, and the impact of destruction swept through everything!

In the canal, Su Mo turned the mecha over, staring at the red water, letting the mecha sink freely.

If there are no accidents, this surprise attack plan should be considered a success.

But Su Mo is not happy at all, even if the crisis on Kanris’ side is really resolved, their situation is still not much better.

The combined force led by Putmi is simply not something that Xiao Wen and a Legion can compete with, even if you add Qianchengxue’s force and the remaining three nuclear mines, it is enough.

Su Mo thought for two minutes before pushing the power lever again.

The jets on the back of the Killing Blade mecha restarted, and the entire mecha accelerated towards the water.

On the other side of the canal, all the team members who supported the attack were all sacrificed. The only one who survived was Chen Shan. He looked at the aftermath of the explosion on the other side and said with emotion.

“Sure enough, this kind of large-scale weapon is still powerful enough, but unfortunately the side effects are too strong. It is only in the Star Ring world that it dares to use it indiscriminately. In reality, no one dares to use it like this.”

“So now, we are atonement for the mistakes we made before and make up for everything.”

Qianchengxue responded in a deep voice.

“Well, it’s strange why Su Mo hasn’t come back yet, shouldn’t there be an accident?”

Chen Shan looked into the distance, didn’t see the silhouette of Su Mo, and was a little worried asked.

“It’s okay, I believe him.”

Qianchengxue replied from the heart.

Sure enough, it wasn’t very long, and I saw a black spot flying over at high speed, which was the Killing Blade.


On the temporary defense line, the sound of explosion resounded in my ears. At this time, Xiao Wen looked at two mushroom clouds rising one after another in the distance, and his tense face relaxed a little.

If there is no accident, Su Mo and Qianchengxue should be successful.

It seems that the Kanris guy can be ignored for the time being. After taking such two heavy blows, even if there are still surviving ships and personnel to survive. It is estimated that he also lost his sense of proportion and fled in a hurry.

Xiao Wen then turned his head and looked towards the frontal battlefield on his side.

Tanks and mechas from both sides rushed up one after another, blasting hard at the other side.

A missile vehicle is pouring missiles frantically.

The black players rushed up in groups, holding weapons and shouting slogans.

The shells fell one by one, killing a large area.

The troops on both sides are twisted and intertwined!


The battlefield was extremely brutal, and the blood was flying.

To be honest, they are now in the Qilong Plain. The terrain here is very stable, and large-scale conflicts and wars can be easily launched, so it is not very beneficial to Xiao Wen.

Don’t look at the fact that the firepower of one’s own side is not inferior to that of the other side. That’s because of the crazy use of transported weapons, and the firepower is super fierce for a while, so it is not inferior to the freely united troops.

Over time, the downfall must be here.

(end of this chapter)

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