Star Ring Mission Chapter 318


Chapter 318 Retreat (adding sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (five shifts)

“The problem is, he doesn’t do it If he can escape, there will be a dead end.”

Li Ruiqi looked at the map and couldn’t figure out how to revitalize this area.

Zhou Lie said with a smile: “Why do you think so much? Give the youngster some freedom to play, maybe there will be unexpected surprises.”

The battlefield on the east side of the Qilong Plain, Alliance Legion began to advance little by little.

Xiao Wen’s troops began to be squeezed. As he expected before, the firepower on this side became weaker as the battle lasted for a long time, and there was a little lack of stamina.

As soon as the firepower weakened, the casualty rate went up, and Qianchengxue’s troops began to suffer large-scale casualties.

In the communication channel, the reports of each team leader kept ringing.

“The third group, the eighteenth platoon lost more than half.”

“The first group, the seventh mecha force, lost more than half.”

At this time in the rear Qian Chengxue, who was on standby, couldn’t bear it any longer. She asked Xiao Wen on the communication channel.

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, why don’t you let me and Su Mo go up to help.”


“But the battlefield seems to be losing more and more, The opponent is about to kill us.”

Qianchengxue replied calmly.

“It doesn’t matter, pass my order, all the troops retreat in an orderly manner, move their positions back, and continue the blocking war!”

Xiao Wen immediately issued an order to everyone.


The crowd responded.

So Xiao Wen’s front began to fight and retreat in an orderly manner.

Su Mo looked at Xiao Wen’s behavior and was a little puzzled. You can do this for the time being, but sooner or later there will be no going back.

In the Freedom Alliance unit, Putmi looked at the telescope, and Xiao Wen’s reaction was all in his eyes.

Emaya said: “The other party’s behavior is a bit abnormal. We forced them to be so ruthless. Instead of throwing nuclear mines, they retreated, and the two third-generation mechas did not participate in the war.”

“Let them retreat, I’ll see how far they can retreat. As for the two third-generation mechas, if they dare to show up, I don’t mind killing them.”

Putmi’s eyes were bloodshot.

Emaya let out a deep breath, she said sternly.

“It’s not the way to go on like this. We will take people to surprise the other’s headquarters and behead the commander.”

“Are you sure?”

” Not sure, but our Free Victory Guild, when have we been afraid.”

Emaya’s eyes were very firm.


Putmi nodded agrees.

Emaya then turned her head to Gegil and said, “Let’s go!”

“Hey, when did I promise to go up, you’re going to die, don’t pull me up? !”

Gergil complained in his mouth, but his body was very honest and followed.

Immediately, the second-generation mecha silver light high-mobility troops were divided into two groups and moved towards the two sides of the battlefield.

Emaya’s strategy is simple, double-sided raids.

Behind the 16 Legion, Su Mo was lying on a chair, resting with his eyes closed, listening to the conversations of the people on the communication channel and understanding the dynamics of the war in real time.

At this moment, the urgent voice of Ma Qi sounded on the communication channel.

“Not good, the defensive area on the right was attacked by the elite mecha troops, and I can’t hold it anymore! The leader is a third-generation mecha! It rushed over, Xiaowen Corps Head be careful, the opponent should It’s for you.”

At this time, Xiao Wen solemnly replied: “Don’t mess up, you stick to your own defense lines, and we will deal with the enemies who come in.”

When the tone barely fell, the sound of a big explosion came from the camp, and a scarlet silhouette rushed in at an extremely fast speed. It was like a meet God kill God, and none of the mecha that went up to stop it could hold it.

“Su Mo, something seems to be wrong, I’ll go save Xiao Wen, you stay here.”

Qiancheng Xue said to Su Mo, and then activated the axolotl demon mecha, rushed up.

“Wait for me”

Su Mo was about to start mecha follow to help, when Lin Zino’s eager voice came from the communication channel.

“Where are you, Su Mo?”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Mo also asked in a daze.

“We suddenly have a lot of second-generation mechas here. Each battle strength is really strong. Our brother sisters are killed one by one, and they can’t stand it anymore.”

Lin Zinuo She was so anxious that her voice was a little crying. It was the first time she had seen her own people killed and injured so badly.

“I’ll come right away!”

Su Mo obviously felt something was wrong, you know that Xiao Wen, in order to take care of them, specially arranged Qianchengxue’s troops on the left-wing battlefield. should be attacked so strongly.

Su Mo jerked the lever, and the Killing Blade rushed out like an awakened ominous beast.

Not very long, Su Mo kills to the left battlefield area.

I saw a set of silver light mecha high mobility S-shaped moving, and interspersed with each other, staggered moved towards Lin Zino and their mecha killing them, and the alloy blade in their hand was like a death reaper.


One after another green shield mecha was hit and fell down.

Su Mo frowned, the battle strength of these raiders is completely unmatched by those cannon fodders before.

At this time, the second-generation mecha Black Steel driven by Sun Li and Chen Meng moved towards the other party and took the lead with a silver light mecha to kill.

The grey alloy long spear runs through the past fiercely.

Unfortunately, it was useless. The silver light mecha of that machine quickly turned over and avoided the attack, and the mecha’s legs directly stepped on the shoulders of the two mechas of Sun Li and Chen Meng, and then kicked hard.

Sun Li and Chen Meng tend to lean forward in embarrassment.

“We can’t beat them, so let’s call back some of the troops in front and surround them.”

Chen Meng gasped.

“No, Xiaowen Corps Head has orders, and the defense forces in each area must stick to it and cannot move or retreat without authorization, which will cause the entire front to collapse.”

“Then what? Do it, or fight with her.”

Chen Meng was also ready to fight.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed at this time, this mecha’s skills are very similar to the twat who tried to pry his cockpit last time.

So Su Mo took control of the Killing Blade and charged towards it.

“Su Mo is here!”

Just when Sun Li didn’t know what to do, she said excitedly when she saw the killing blade rushing towards him at high speed.

Emmaya also immediately noticed that Su Mo was coming, and she gave the order without saying a word.

“Stop him!”

Immediately, green shield mecha mixed with silver light mecha rushed forward without fear of death, and also mixed with some mechanical dogs.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, and he immediately slowed down, wielding his beam saber to kill the incoming enemy. And don’t cut too much at one time, so as not to cut too many mechas with strong magnetic bombs like the last time.

As expected, when Su Mo beheaded one of the green shield mechas, the other mecha exploded and revealed red lightning.

Su Mo’s mecha stagnated for a moment, then he manipulated the mecha to pull away.

The corners of Emaya’s mouth raised slightly, she is not a fool, she came to surprise without any preparation.

She places a lot of strong magnetic bombs on different mecha and mechanical dogs.

If Su Mo dared to kill a lot, she would dare to pile it up and die at once. Of course, in her eyes, Su Mo is not that stupid and won’t be fooled, but the consequence of not being fooled is that she is timid when fighting.

In this way, Emmaia can consume Su Mo a little bit.

I saw that Su Mo had just killed a wave of enemies, Emma Ya waved his hand, and a group of surprise troops rushed up behind him.

Su Mo looked at the enemy who was rushing up continuously, and naturally knew what the opponent was thinking, and he secretly became ruthless.

He wants to see who can stand it first.

So Su Mo quickly entered a series of commands, the killing blade mecha moved towards the enemy very fast, and slashed at the enemy with one knife after another. After killing one, he quickly retreated to avoid getting caught. .

Three hours later.

Su Mo’s hands are going numb, there are mechanical wrecks everywhere, and he can’t remember how many enemies he took out.

But the number of enemies that came up seemed endless.

Su Mo’s breathing was a little heavy. He wanted to kill Emaya suddenly, but Emaya was guarded by mechas equipped with strong magnetic interference bombs.

At this moment, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Everyone obeys the order, retreat immediately!”

Su Mo’s heart thumped, and the large army began to retreat. If there is no accident, it should be unbearable. He originally wanted to find an opportunity to kill Emmaia, but he could only give up.

At this point, Emmaia received a prompt from York.

“General Emaya, the other party’s troops have begun to retreat.”

When Emaya heard the news, she issued an order in a deep voice.

“We’ll also withdraw!”

The front-line defense forces retreated. If she didn’t leave, she would be full of bumps. She didn’t plan to die heroically.

(end of this chapter)

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