Star Ring Mission Chapter 319


Chapter 319 Struggle

Su Mo saw that Emaya was retreating with someone, he did not catch up, the front line The troops retreated, he had to rush to help, and then turned to leave.

At a glance, there is an interesting scene on the battlefield. The troops on both sides had a tacit understanding, advancing in an orderly manner while retreating in an orderly manner.

Both sides are afraid of each other, and neither dares to push too hard.

A day later, Shawyn’s forces have been compressed to the vicinity of the Skyrim Canal.

In the communication channel, Chen Shan said eagerly to Xiao Wen: “I can’t retreat any longer, there is no way to retreat, and I will give the other party a nuclear mine to relieve the pressure.”


Xiao Wen solemnly said: “Stay where you are!”

Until the last minute, he doesn’t plan to use nuclear mines anymore.


Chen Shan fiercely sighed, continue to execute the command.

Su Mo drove the Killing Blade and looked at the enemy like a tide, and also felt his scalp numb, the gap between the troops is too big.

If this trend continues, it will be wiped out sooner or later.

The problem is that now they seem to have reached a dead end. He turned his head and looked all around. He was really going to fight back, and there was no other way to go.

“Su Mo.”

Lin Zino’s tired voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Su Mo asked calmly.

“Are we going to lose?”

Lin Zino asked in a very depressed mood,


Su Mo was silent for a few minutes and finally said, it is not that he is pessimistic, but the current situation, unless the large force of the Heavenly Dragon guild comes to support. But this probability is almost zero, because it is basically pinned down.

Sun Li and the others in the communication channel became more depressed when they heard Su Mo’s words.

An air of desperation hung over everyone.

Behind the enemy’s position, Putmi held a telescope and watched the sixteenth Legion of the Heavenly Dragon guild, which was cornered.

There wasn’t a trace of joy on his face, brows tightly frowns, he didn’t know what he was thinking about.

Following him, Cui Zhi patted the flattery and said, “Lord Putmi, the overall situation has been decided, give us a little more time, we will definitely be able to defeat them this time.”

” I hope so.”

“Don’t worry, my lord, there will be no change, the Heavenly Dragon guild’s large troops are all contained, and we also have air supremacy. No one can come to save them, is it possible that the enemy will be conjured out of thin air?”

“Maybe, pass my order, all attack!”

Putmi’s patience is almost at its limit.


Cui value replied excitedly.

Following Putmi’s order, mechas came out one after another, and they were paired with heavy tanks to form a torrent of steel, which moved towards Xiao Wen’s line of defense.

At the same time in the sky, countless fighter planes roared, and dropped one after another blockbuster.


Suddenly, the defensive vanguard was blown up and confused. A bomb landed directly on Su Mo’s forehead. Su Mo swung the beam saber to detonate the dropped bomb, and his expression became more and more silent.

I saw Chen Shan driving the black steel mecha in the bombed defense line, running fast and shouting loudly.

“The damaged personnel are withdrawn, and the second column is on top! Don’t mess up, stick to the defense line!”

At this time, Qianchengxue’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

“All those in Legion at dawn are ready to fight to the death, and it is a pleasure to fight alongside you. Let us fight in the last days without leaving any regrets.”


“Sister Xue, we are willing to follow you!”

“Yes, at worst, we will fight with them.”

“Thank you everyone, then let’s go, prevent Stay on the left front, and never let the enemy pass until the last soldier is killed!”

Qianchengxue was also deeply moved.


The morale of the players in the Dawning Guild rose again for a while!

Among the big snowflakes, in the cab of the killing blade mecha, Su Mo silently picked up a bottle of water from the side, drank it, then threw away the empty bottle in his hand and pushed the lever violently.

I saw the Killing Blade cut into the battlefield at a shocking speed with the wind and snow around him.

When the enemy rushing forward saw the killing blade cutting into the battlefield, it was like seeing Death God, and the fearful and sharp voices of various Captains continued to sound in the communication channel.

“Attack, intercept that mecha! Don’t let it get close!”

Intense artillery fire roared towards Su Mo.

However, what is disappointing is that the killing blade mecha did not stagnate at all, and he perfectly avoided all attacks with an extremely coquettish position. Everyone can see one after another bullet, cannonball and mecha brush past, and gas marks appear in the air.

In the enemy’s despair, the killing blade cut into the enemy’s abdomen, the murderous eyes suddenly lit up, and the beam saber opened and closed.

Anyone who resists will die, unstoppable!

One mecha and tank exploded, and in an instant, the area here has turned into a fire sea!

Surviving players, looking at the terrifying killing blade, can’t help but naturally feel a sense of despair. The truest emotion of instinct to survive dominates reason, and many people flee in fear, completely forgetting that this is a game.

Putmi looked at the changes in the left offensive area, and said with a slight touch: “Great!”

Gegil, who was standing beside Putmi, said unhappily: “That guy’s skills are stronger than when he was fighting with me before. His strength has risen so fast, how could someone’s strength have grown so fast, is it possible that when he was fighting with me last time, he was deliberately showing weakness?”

“Let me tell you this, although the people at the bottom are more like weeds, the people who can stand out from them are often very heroic. But the more heroes, the more they have to be eliminated, pass me on Order to add troops to the left defense line and kill him.”

Putemi paid Su Mo the greatest respect, which is a warrior’s approval.

“I’m going too!”

Gergil’s expression changed for a while, and the driving mecha also left. Although his reason tells him that he is not the opponent of that guy, but in the bones is unconvinced, if he backs down like this, then maybe he will never have a chance to defeat that guy in his life.

Soon, after receiving Putmi’s order, the twelve second-generation mecha Chijia followed Gegil and moved towards Su Mo at high speed from different directions.

In the killing cab, Su Mo immediately noticed the mecha who was outflanking him, and he exhales one breath saying.

The buttons pop up one by one.

“Overclocking mode activated.”

“TD boost by 30%.”

“Power input keeps going up!”


The one after another data prompt flashed continuously on the light screen, Su Mo just glanced at it and reflected the mecha state in his mind.

He controlled the mecha to violently moved towards leading the red ghost to rush forward without a trace of fear. At this moment, Su Mo was extremely confident, and he had the confidence to defeat everything!

In the driver of the third generation mecha red ghost, Gegil looked at Su Mo who was ushered in from the front, and his handsome face was a little distorted. This was blatant contempt and the biggest insult to him.

He pushed the joystick angrily, also controlling mecha into overclocking mode.

(end of this chapter)

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