Star Ring Mission Chapter 32


Chapter 32 Vision

“Don’t be too happy, in order to avoid danger as much as possible, the planned route is tortuous Qu, the distance of the whole route is about 15 kilometers. If there is too much movement in the middle, it may attract a large number of monsters, or if you are unlucky and hit a hidden monster, it may also lead to danger. It may die, so you still have the opportunity to opt out now.”

Su Mo lifts the head to explain the situation to Sun Duoxiang.

“Big brother, are you insulting us? How could we quit, I’ll leave my words here today, whether it’s going to Blade Mountain to put oil in the pan, I’ll follow you .”

Sun Duoxiang patted his chest and assured.

Lan Xi and the others were also nodded, saying they would not give up.

“Okay, then I will briefly talk about the preparations before the action. Prepare more food and water. This time we may take a long time. Remember not to bring food with pungent odors. Prepare some cloth strips, wait until you go out, tie them to your shoes, and reduce the noise of walking as much as possible. And the most important point, you follow me, without my permission, even if you are killed by monsters, you are absolutely not allowed to use firearms , I can only use weapons such as batons to attack the monsters along the way to reduce the movement to a minimum. Of course, as long as I don’t run into a large-scale corpse tide, I will try my best to solve it alone, understand no.”

Su Mo said to Lan Xi and the others simply and clearly.


Lan Xi and the others responded nodded.

“But we don’t seem to have any cloth strips, why don’t I buy some now?”

Sun Duoxiang volunteered.

“Go, as fast as possible, we have to leave as soon as possible.”

Su Mo commanded succinctly.

Several large guilds in the Safety Sector during this time. Cleaned up the zombies wandering around in the Safety Sector all around, and opened the way out.

A large number of players are out exploring in groups, so now is a good time to start.

“Small meaning, you wait for me, I’ll fix it right away.”

After Sun Duoxiang finished speaking, he left.

In less than ten minutes, I saw Sun Duoxiang running back with a pile of dirty clothes.

“Big brother, do you see this?”

“Let’s split up.”

Su Mo doesn’t have any nonsense either.

A few hours later, Su Mo and the others appeared in an alley in the city, walking cautiously.

The whole alley is very quiet and looks a bit weird.

Actually, there are many players who prefer to take the big road rather than the remote lanes such as alleys.

The reason is also very simple, although there are relatively few monsters in the alley. But it is easier to be sneak attacked, and easy to be blocked.

At this time, there was a sound of chewing and eating from the front corner of the alley.

Zhang Hao’s faces were tense, he secretly swallowed, and held the baton tightly.

As it approached, one of the epidermis had completely hardened, the hands had grown like wild beast claws, and the zombie chewing flesh on the mouth came into view.

The zombie lifted the head suddenly, moved towards Su Mo and the others rushed up.

Su Mo’s eyes narrowed, his feet stomped violently, he burst out to meet him at a faster speed, and cut off the zombie’s head with one knife.

one strike certain kill!

The whole process is done in a flash without much movement.

After killing it, Su Mo raised his left hand and gestured towards Lanxi and the others, signaling them to follow.

Lan Xi looked at Su Mo’s back, and her eyes became more and more different.

As night fell, Su Mo and the others hid in a bungalow.

Sun Duoxiang cautiously closed the door, and after doing all this, everyone sighed in relief. Although all the monsters they encountered along the way were solved by Su Mo, their hearts were not put down for a moment.

“Take a rest, we will continue to leave until dawn. We have already traveled nearly 2/3/2022. If there are no accidents, we should be able to reach our destination tomorrow.”

Su Mo sat on the ground, took out a bottle of mineral water from his backpack, unscrewed it, and said while drinking.

“Big brother, eat some beef jerky, it tastes very good, much better than the ones we eat outside.”

Sun Duoxiang diligently handed the food Su Mo, such thick thighs, must be well served.

Su Mo didn’t refuse either and took it. Because meat food, more able to replenish physical strength.

“big brother, we passed so many buildings along the way, many of them don’t look who, why don’t we go in and search?”

Sun Duoxiang asked Su Mo regretfully , This matter has been held back for a long time, it is simply too wasteful. It’s just that he is not stupid. He is begging Su Mo to form a team. During the action, he will not open his mouth so as not to cause Su Mo’s displeasure, but he can still ask during the break.

Su Mo lifts the head and glanced at Sun Duoxiang, and said a very common pie talk.

“Look farther.”

“Big brother said yes.”

Sun Duoxiang’s laughed response.

After Su Mo finished eating, he went straight to the corner, leaned against the wall and closed his eyes to rest, he had no desire to chat.

Lan Xi and the others were also used to Su Mo’s temperament, and didn’t say much.

They gathered together to discuss in low voices, rotations and vigilance.

In the darkness of night, outside the huge ruined city, there appeared one after another chilling, capable silhouette.

Looking carefully, this is a group of elite assault squads armed to the teeth, a total of 25 people, they are holding QBZ-171 automatic rifles, wearing high-strength first-generation mechanical armor, with black on their heads. Holographic combat aid helmet with a lightweight tactical backpack.

In the early stage of the game, when civilization has not been fully revealed, this equipment is almost a top match.

I saw a strong, two-meter tall man leading the way, looking at the ruined city in front of him, solemnly said.

“This is where we’re going for tactical training?”

“That’s right, York, our first target was a military camp in the Western District. It was said that there Occupied by a team of professional players from country Z, the number of people is 300.”

The speaker was a well-proportioned woman, but unfortunately wearing a combat auxiliary helmet, she couldn’t see her appearance clearly.

“Kani, it’s just some yellow monkeys, Too easy.”

The team members next to them responded in mixed languages with ease.

At this time, York said with a serious face: “The corpse tide is coming soon, complete the tactical training before that, GO! GO!”

The time passed little by little, and the night was getting darker and darker. concentrated.

The originally quiet city began to become lively. In the distance, there were dense gunshots, various riots, and even extremely frightened screams.

Lan Xi and the others held the baton tightly, but one thing, they all strictly followed Su Mo’s words, and no one touched the pistol.

Sun Duoxiang and the others looked nervously towards Su Mo from time to time, but Su Mo kept his eyes closed as if he didn’t hear any movement.

They couldn’t figure out how big Su Mo’s heart was.

(end of this chapter)

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