Star Ring Mission Chapter 320


Chapter 320 Surprise

The twin engines of the entire Red Ghost mecha roared, and the whole mecha trembled violently. Then a terrifying speed broke out, moved towards Su Mo to meet him.

“The general waits for us!”

The subordinates who were outflanking all around shouted in panic when they saw Gergil dashing forward.

It’s a pity that Gegil simply didn’t listen. He only had Su Mo in his eyes at this time, and he let out a low growl like wild beast.

“Dead! Spiral shot!”

Su Mo eyes shrank, holding his breath. With both hands quickly entering a large number of commands, the killing blade rushing up at high speed is in the limit movement. Making an incredible dodging action like a ghost, the long spear of the violent scarlet spiral almost ran through the right side of Mecha’s head, and the swept wind pressure marked one after another horrible to see on the killing blade. I know how serious the consequences are if the gun is stabbed.

But there is no if, Su Mo successfully dodged the past, and then slashed the red ghost mecha with a sharp backhand.

Sparks fly!

The two mechas crossed, and the red ghost mecha immediately one-knee kneels.


Gergil was very upset with the hammer on the console, and the gap was really getting bigger and bigger.

Su Mo didn’t continue to control him, but controlled the mecha to make a sharp turn, snowflakes fluttered on the ground, and rushed directly to a second-generation mecha that was outflanking.

With lightning speed, he swept the engine behind his waist and killed him.

The mecha did not stagnate and passed like the wind, and met another red armor mecha in a very short time.

After solving the two mechas, Su Mo forcefully pulled the lever in an unreasonable manner, and the Killing Blade hit a second-generation machine that hit the side with its huge body and terrifying inertia. On the red armor mecha, the second generation red armor mecha flew out miserably.

Gergil controlled the red ghost mecha with difficulty. As soon as he stood up, he saw a suffocating scene. The second-generation mecha, who came to besiege with him, was beheaded for nearly half of his time. .

Although the performance gap between the second-generation mecha and the third-generation mecha is very large, this is too exaggerated.


But at this time, Su Mo, who was killing a lot of people, didn’t go anywhere easily. He turned his head and glanced all around, the more green shields there were, the more Mecha was surrounded, and they couldn’t finish killing them. Then turn around to look at the teammates on his side, and there are only a few sporadic resistance left.

His breathing is also getting faster and faster, and the high-intensity operation is rapidly overdrawing his physical strength and spirit.

The End of Heroes also merely this.

No matter how strong people are, there are times when they are exhausted. The seemingly unrestrained battle just now is not the last struggle.

At this time, in the communication channel, reports of the anxious voices of the commanding Captains from various positions continued to be heard.

“The frontal line of defense, the fourteenth battallion lost nearly half.”

“The defense line on the right wing, the enemy is attacking our line of defense, requesting support.”

Command vehicle Inside, Xiao Wen listened to the voice of one after another report, his hands behind his back could not help clenching into fists, Lin Yue and the others looked at him anxiously.

Xiao Wen has never said a word, and has not made any strategic adjustments so far.

Just when everyone became more and more desperate, in the center of the calm Sky Canal, the river was suddenly opened, and a building spanning several kilometers, the whole body was made of dark steel, and the body was full of dark launch tubes, like a hideous The deep-sea giant beast’s mechanical warfare weapon, the deep-sea fury has appeared.

At the same time, a submarine follower emerged.

Next second!

peng~ peng~!

The fury of the deep sea is fully powered, and the whole body is flickering with strange red light. On the huge body, there are so many black launch tubes that they open the lids one after another, thousands of A missile ejected.

The submarines all around also fired one after another missile.

A sky-filled missile that turns into a stream of light and falls on the enemy’s tidal force.


One after another screamed, flesh and mechanical wreckage flying.

What happened to the players of the joint force for a while?

The player on Xiao Wen’s side turned his head to look at the Sky Canal behind him, and saw a river in the distance, a group of ships Grandiose drove over, and the ships that arrived later lined up in an array, very unethical. , another round of artillery baptism against the free coalition forces.

It blinded them directly.

When Putmi saw this scene, he immediately understood. He finally knew why Xiao Wen and the others did not retreat to Wushi City. He directly said angrily: “Get on me! Stop them!”

As a result, just after I finished speaking, a missile fell in the vicinity and exploded.

The dust was flying, and Putmi was all over it.

“Protect Lord Putme!”

The subordinates all around rushed over one after another, and the scene was in chaos.

Jiang Hanqiu’s refreshing voice sounded in all his own communications.

“Sorry, Xiaowen Corps Head, I ran into a little trouble on the way, a little bit later than the scheduled time.”

“It’s okay, the timing is just right, the next thing is Please.”

“No problem, I have prepared the transport ship, and I will transport you to the other side!”

Jiang Hanqiu replied with certainty.

Then Xiao Wen announced to everyone: “The fourth battalion, the seventh battalion, and the eighth battalion. Guard the position and cover, and the rest of the people discarded the weapons and transport vehicles that could not be taken away, and went into battle lightly. Get on the transport ship, let’s go across the river!”


Everyone responded.

Su Mo was also very surprised when he heard Xiao Wen’s order. Is this the end of life after death, but while he was surprised, he still controlled mecha to turn around and kill.

At the same time, Qianchengxue also issued an order to retreat.


A large number of troops began to move towards the Sky Canal to withdraw, and Jiang Hanqiu’s ships began to pour wildly regardless of ammunition. At the same time, a large number of anti-air missiles were launched, and the fighter planes in the sky were shot down one by one, and the incoming missiles were intercepted by the way.

The attack of the Free Allied Forces for a time, under the coverage of powerful artillery fire, was impossible to move a single step.

“Quick, get rid of those big guys, don’t ship everything on the ship!”

“Don’t want that armored car.”

“Abandon all tanks Keep mecha first!”

In about three hours, most of the troops were withdrawn into the transport ship and transported to the other side of the river.

As for Su Mo and Qianchengxue, they turned on the mecha directly and rushed towards the water at a low altitude.

In the high altitude, Su Mo looked at the fury of the deep sea and suddenly thought Understand Xiao Wen’s whole plan. Since the fall of the city of Wushi Fortress, he is seeking help from Jiang Hanqiu, and his relationship with Jiang Hanqiu is very good, so this scene is only possible.

Actually, under normal circumstances, they should have followed Jiang Hanqiu to evacuate the battlefield.

But now they are fighting to the death, they can only go to the enemy’s hinterland and conduct guerrilla warfare.

Putmi looked at the prey he was about to get, slipped in front of one’s eyes, and was shaking with anger. But he couldn’t do anything about it. Dare to press the ace troops up.

(end of this chapter)

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