Star Ring Mission Chapter 322


Chapter 322 Difficulty (Part 1)

In the north of Qilong Plain, the snow is getting heavier and the temperature is getting higher and higher come lower.

Stacks of bonfires were lit, and because it was too cold, the means of heating were limited, so they couldn’t care less.

At this time, Su Mo and Lin Zino were sitting together.

Lin Zino is making some homemade paste soup, that is, boiled compressed biscuits, otherwise it is really hard to swallow. Originally, the compressed biscuits were very hard, and when the temperature was low, the result was as hard as a stone.

“When will this hard time end?”

Lin Zinuo complained while boiling, they had been resting in this wood for almost two days.

“Don’t complain, although we are temporarily safe now. But it is also equivalent to running to the enemy’s base camp. Now we have to be extremely careful with every step we take, and everything will wait for Xiaowen Corps Head’s instructions. If you guessed correctly , he should have sent someone to investigate.”

Su Mo picked up the branches and kept adding them.

“You think I want to complain, mainly because we are going to run out of food.”

Lin Zinuo said with a crying face.

Su Mo’s hand holding the branch stiffened when he heard Lin Zino’s words.

“Really run out of food?”

“Why did I lie to you, you forgot. Although our group has been transformed into a combat group, we are used to logistics and supplies. Many of them are under our control. We tried our best to bring them when we crossed the river, but most of them were thrown away. By the way, don’t expect Xiaowen and the others to ask for it, they probably eat less than us.”

Lin Zino took a bowl and handed it to Su Mo.

Su Mo took it and drank the soup in silence.

At this time, Qianchengxue also came over and sat down.

“Sister Xue, I’ll serve you a bowl.”

Lin Zinuo diligently served Qiancheng Xue a bowl.

“Thank you.”

Qiancheng Xue took it, she blew a little and took a sip,

Su Mo thought for a while, then turned to ask Qian Chengxue: “What’s the situation? What’s your plan next?”

“I just came back from Xiao Wen’s meeting, and the situation is not optimistic. Due to the shortage of food, medicine and other materials, the tenth The Sixth Legion has begun to reduce its personnel. And now the snow is getting heavier and heavier, the next action will be more and more difficult. The area where we are now is not far from the alpine fortress city occupied by the enemy. It is very possible to act rashly. It will be exposed and will be surrounded and suppressed by the opponent, so I haven’t thought about what to do next.”

Qianchengxue briefly explained to Su Mo.

“Then you can’t just sit still, or I’ll investigate and see if there are weaker strongholds nearby, and unplug one first to get some supplies.”

Su Mo suggested road.

“Wait a minute, Xiao Wen has already sent Ma Qi and the others.”

Qiancheng Xue thought for a while and replied.

Su Mo lifts the head, looking at the gray sky, and said, “I feel like a blizzard is coming, the weather will get worse, and we don’t have much time left.”

Su Mo lifts the head. p>

“en. ”

Qiancheng Xue agrees very much with Su Mo’s words. As far as she knows, Xiaowen Legion released a lot of miniature reconnaissance drones, and most of them were damaged.

“Sister Xue, then, shouldn’t we have to keep fleeing?”

Sun Li asked worriedly.

“Most likely to be like this.”

“Ah, that’s too embarrassing.”

“You won’t feel embarrassed if you change your position. Yes. We ran into the enemy’s hinterland, and the other party is probably more nervous than us. If they want to encircle and suppress us, they need to mobilize a lot of manpower and weapons. Xiao Wen’s meaning is to maximize his role, don’t give up easily, even if Now we basically can’t beat their regular troops. But we should also drag the other side as much as possible, cause them trouble and blockage, and reduce some pressure on the troops on the frontal battlefield. After all, now we are not fighting for ourselves, but for The country fights.”

“Well, we understand, in fact, we still have value.”

Sun Li thought about replied.

Lin Zinuo said with a strange expression: “Sister Sun, why do I feel that your statement sounds so awkward.”

“There’s no way.”

At this moment, Chen Shan came over and said with a smile.

“I’ll come and get together.”

Su Mo moved a little bit to give Chen Shan a seat.

“Chen Shan, what do you think is the probability of winning the Heavenly Dragon Guild in Qilong Plain?”

Su Mo asked curiously.

“Want to hear the truth, or a lie?”

“Of course it’s the truth.”

“Thirty percent!”

“The odds are a bit low.”

Su Mo shook the head.

“It’s still low, let me tell you, the odds of winning are amazing. You don’t even look at how many guilds we are against, there are twenty-three! One-half of all allies are not so passive.”

Chen Shan said with deep emotion.

β€œWhat will happen if I lose?”

Su Mo asked immediately.

“There is no need to fight the Cup of Earth, you can raise your hands and surrender. We have overwhelmed too many troops here.”

Chen Shan directly replied without thinking.

Qianchengxue hesitated for a moment, but still asked, “Lord Chen Shan, is the City of Praying Dragons really that important? What exactly is in it?”

“Actually, I shouldn’t have told you this, but you are all people I trust, so it’s okay to tell you a little bit. This city of prayer for dragons is the largest base city of the Dragon Kingdom, and the Dragon Kingdom is the country with the greatest destruction on this planet. It is said that It may hide the most cutting-edge technological weapons of the Dragon Kingdom, as well as the complete log of this world. You can find out how the civilization of this world was destroyed, and know what to do next. Let me tell you this, who can win the Qilongzhi City, whoever is most likely to be the ultimate winner of the Cup of Earth.”

Chen Shan said seriously.

β€œWhat about the land of black liquid?”

Su Mo asked after thinking for a while.

“Uh. There seems to be a giant base there too, and it’s a little smaller than here in terms of size. You have to think, the things the Free Victory Guild is eyeing must be the best, how sensitive their dog’s nose is. Ah! And they have a very good relationship with the Mythology Guild, you all know it.”

Chen Shan explained a little embarrassedly.

“Oh, I see. It makes sense, hehe!”

Sun Li and the others were amused by Chen Shan.

Just as everyone was talking and laughing, Lin Yue hurried over.

“Lord Chen Shan, Miss Qianchengxue are you here.”

“What happened?”

Chen Shan and Qianchengxue are puzzled looked towards Lin Yue, wasn’t the meeting just now okay?

“The latest information I just got offline, the enemy has surrounded the main force of the Heavenly Dragon guild and launched a big siege! Xiaowen Corps Head asks you all to hurry over and discuss the countermeasures.”


Lin Yue said hurriedly.


Chen Shan and Qiancheng Xue got up immediately.

Su Mo thought about it for a while, and then said, “I’ll go too.”

Soon they came to the command car that was temporarily parked. Xiao Wen had his hands behind his back, Anxiety on his face.

“Is the situation serious?”

This is the first time Chen Shan sees Xiao Wen so disorganized.

(end of this chapter)

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