Star Ring Mission Chapter 324


Chapter 324 Dash (adding more sugar to Silver Alliance Leader water) (three shifts)

Qiancheng Xue can’t stand it anymore, She took a deep breath, driving the axolotl mecha rushing up.

Intensive firepower swept over, and most of them were avoided by Qiancheng Xueshi. Just as the salamander mecha was approaching Steel Fortress, the enemy’s green shield mecha rushed up without the slightest hesitation.

Even if it is a mantis resisting a war chariot, there is no hesitation.

Qianchengxue swept across with a single shot, swept away the incoming green shield mecha, rushed to the fortress like a hot knife through butter, raised a bone chain gun in his hand, and was about to smash the turtle when shell.

Suddenly she noticed that the strong firepower of the fortress was extinguished as she approached, as if she had no desire to improve.

But Qianchengxue wouldn’t believe that the enemy really has no desire to improve. You must know that they are the ace troops of the Free Victory Guild, not the trash fish of other guilds.

So Qiancheng Xue decisively interrupted the attack and controlled mecha to forcibly retreat.

The next second, something else happened, Steel Fortress self-destructed like a bomb.

The shock wave of the explosion undoubtedly hit the salamander mecha, and the whole mecha was shaken and slipped back dozens of meters.

Qianchengxue’s expression in the cab became more and more silent. He pulled out one of the opponent’s fortress defense points, and unexpectedly suffered such a big loss. It seems that this war is not destined to be easy.

So Qianchengxue turned her head and looked towards the battlefield all around, as she expected.

Xiao Wen’s troops and their own troops are advancing very slowly, and each advance will have to pay a lot of casualties.

Immediately after, Qianchengxue turned her attention to Su Mo on the other side.

I saw Su Mo driving the Killing Blade to attack those Steel Fortress from a long distance. The beam cannon blasted past one after another. If the blast is not destroyed, it will come a few more times.

He wasn’t bothered at all, and he didn’t mean to use mecha to directly protrude his face. It seemed that he must have experienced the other party’s hot embrace.

Xiao Wen at the rear looked at the advancing battlefield, deeply sighed.

“Did you send a large army from the high mountain fortress city?”

“There is no sign of the local large force coming out. It feels like the enemy seems to have abandoned these defensive points on the periphery.”

Lin Yue explained respectfully.

“It’s worse than expected. According to our current speed of advancement, how long will it take to reach the Alpine Fortress City.”

Xiao Wen continued to ask.

“Although the opponent’s resistance is fierce, but they don’t have the support of a large army, plus Su Mo and Qiancheng Xue’s two sharp-edged swords, it is expected that at dawn, our troops will be able to advance to the high mountain fortress. Outside the city, launch an attack on it!”

Lin Yue did a little calculation and said her estimate.

“I ask you a question, how long would it take for us to break through without three generations of mecha as a sharp knife?”

“.Two days.”

Lin Yue hesitated and said.

Xiao Wen didn’t say much, but his expression became more complicated

When the dawn sun fell on the snow, Xiao Wen’s troops pulled out a large number of fortresses and finally came to the high mountain fortress city nearby.

This fortress city does not have much area with the structure of the Wushi fortress.

Su Mo and Qianchengxue looked side by side at this fortress city full of weapons, and it was also a headache.

At this time, Xiao Wen’s voice sounded in the communication channel.

“Su Mo, Qianchengxue will rely on you in the next battle. We don’t have much heavy firepower equipment at the moment, and we can’t compete with each other in terms of firepower, so we have to do it quickly. You guys We must tear open a mouth and let our people rush through in the shortest time possible.”

“Do your best.”

Su Mo is also a little bitter in his heart, and Xiaowen Corps Head is too Look at them.

“Let’s go.”

Qiancheng Xue said to Su Mo in a low voice.


Su Mo’s answer was soft, but powerful.

Then the power engines of the two third-generation mechas made a roaring sound at the same time, and then a strong power burst out, rushing towards the high mountain fortress city.

At the same time, Chen Shan and Sun Li did not intend to let Su Mo and the others fight alone.

They are also immediately, rushing up from both sides with their respective mecha squads!

Just as they approached the Alpine Fortress, the silent Steel Fortress, with his fangs fully exposed, the steel walls embedded with weapons, were all activated.

one after another Cannonballs and missiles rained down on everyone at Su Mo.

At the same time, one after another, holding steel shields, specially modified gray mecha jumped down from the city wall of the alpine fortress and formed a steel wall in front of the front line five kilometers outside the city.

In the cab of the Killing Blade, Su Mo’s muscles were tense, he quickly entered commands with a face, and controlled the Killing Blade to make the most rational and precise evasive action.

His spirit is already running at a high speed, but even so, he can’t completely avoid the attack.

The enemy’s attacks are so dense that Su Mo can only block the remaining attacks with a constant wave of his beam saber.

At this moment, the gray mecha holding the shield moved, and they moved towards Su Mo and Qianchengxue rushing up!

Su Mo a beam of light blasted past, but heavy strikes were on those shields.

The huge explosion caused mecha, who was holding the shield, to retreat, and cracks appeared on the entire steel shield, but after all, it was able to withstand the attack.

The rest of the mecha is still rapidly approaching.

At this time, Su Mo’s eyes were very sharp and noticed that behind these mechas, there was a giant steel package with danger signs printed on its surface.

He immediately warned Qianchengxue: “Be careful, there is something wrong with these mechas! They are probably here to perish together.”

“I know, but we don’t have a choice, You must break through them.”

Qianchengxue solemnly replied.

“I see.”

Su Mo replied with a headache, the two of them could turn back and retreat at this time, but in this way, the people who rushed up after them would Miserable, it will completely meet the attack of howling wind and torrential rain of the other party.

In this case, Su Mo could only take a deep breath, he linked the two beam sabers to the palm of his hand and charged them.

Here we go!

Two beam army blade radiance is better.

Immediately, Su Mo charged with the Killing Blade.

Swept away with a knife, and the sturdy shield and the mecha holding the shield were instantly cut into two pieces.

The operator in the cab died with disbelief on his face. They thought that the enemy was strong, and they had long been determined to die, but didn’t expect to be so strong.


The beheaded mecha exploded in the next second.

But the killing blade was extremely fast and dodged at the moment of the explosion.

Maximize the avoidance of the blast and swoosh toward another mecha.

At the observation deck in the center of the Alpine Fortress City, Fizat watched the battle outside the city with a viewing mirror, a smile on his face.

“The enemy is much stronger than we thought.”

“General, the opponent is about to rush to the city.”

“Send them a surprise !”

Fizart didn’t panic at all.


The subordinate responded respectfully.

(end of this chapter)

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