Star Ring Mission Chapter 326


Chapter 326 Attraction (adding sugar to the Silver Alliance Leader water) (five shifts)

“Who is sleeping, I am not here Think of a way to throw the nuclear mine in.”

Su Mo complained angrily.

“Then have you figured it out?”

“You are my god, if you want to figure it out, you can figure it out. The high mountain fortress city is so heavily defended that you can’t get close to it. I can’t make it through, what can I do.”

Su Mo also had no choice.

“Haha, you have times when you are in trouble. Okay, don’t make trouble with you, don’t embarrass yourself, attacking the high mountain fortress is a last resort, and it is impossible to succeed.”

“Not necessarily, it’s man-made.”

“Come on, don’t dream about it, with our few troops and no weapons, it’s very difficult to even get close. It’s not easy to fly over from the sky. In reality, I’ve seen it all, you and Sister Xue drove the third-generation mecha just after taking off, and it slammed down, is it possible that you can still drill through the ground?”

Lin Zinuo comforted Su Mo with a smile , she has been watching him all day, the guy has been thinking hard about it.

Su Mo was also taken aback when he heard Lin Zinuo’s words.

Crawling through the ground?

“Hello? Why don’t you talk.”

Lin Zinuo extended the hand in Su Mo’s eyes.

Su Mo grabbed Lin Zinuo’s hand with one hand, with a hint of excitement on his face: “Thank you.”

Lin Zinuo’s white cheeks suddenly rose to two blushes, and for a while it was a little not. knowing what to do.

“What nonsense are you talking about, thank me for nothing.”

“Let’s talk to you later.”

Su Mo stood up and moved towards Command the car to go.

Soon he came to the command car and saw Lin Yue standing alone in front of the car door, probably letting out the wind.

β€œMr. Su Mo, why are you here.”

β€œI’m here to find Xiaowen Corps Head.”


“What’s the matter, what happened?”

“Xiao Wen Corps Head and General Chen Shan are persuading Qiancheng Xue to evacuate.”


Su Mo was also slightly surprised.

“I don’t want you to sacrifice in vain, there is really no chance of winning, why don’t you go in and have a look.”

Lin Yue hesitated and told Su Mo the truth.

Su Mo pushed the door open and walked in.

Inner Qi in the temporary command room was extremely heavy.

It can be seen that the conversation between the three was not smooth, Qianchengxue still insisted on her own opinion and was unwilling to evacuate alone.

Chen Shan also smiled bitterly while standing aside.

At this time, they saw Su Mo coming in, and they turned their heads and looked towards him.

Su Mo coughed and said, “I figured out a way.”

As soon as these words came out, Xiao Wen and the three asked in surprise.

“What method.”

“The earth method, dig tunnels, and send the nuclear mine into the high mountain fortress city to detonate.”

Su Mo didn’t hide either. Tuck and say it directly.

After listening to Su Mo’s words, Xiao Wen quickly measured and thought, eyes shined.

“It’s possible!”

“Aiya! As expected of Su Mo brother, you are too smart.”

Chen Shan’s mouth couldn’t close.

“But it still needs to be improved.”

Xiao Wen continued.

“How to do it.”

Qian Chengxue asked Xiao Wen curiously.

“It’s easy for the opponent to detect if you just dig tunnels, so my idea is very simple. The soldiers are divided into two groups, and all the way to dig from the front of the city of high mountain fortresses, which is the direction we hit before, that direction. The fortresses and mines along the way were basically destroyed. Then we continued to launch attacks from the side to fight the opponent. This has two advantages. It will not be discovered. Also, during this period, you should also pay special attention to the other party’s drone detection, and once you find it, you will immediately shoot it down.”

Xiao Wen expressed his thoughts.

“Okay, just do it.”

Qianchengxue agrees to replied.

“I’ll leave the digging to you, Chen Shan. Su Mo and Qianchengxue you two must appear on the battlefield. If you don’t see a trace, the old fox on the opposite side will definitely be suspicious.”

Xiao Wen began to arrange.

“No problem.”

Su Mo and several others responded.

In the Alpine Fortress City, Fizart was drinking wine leisurely, and he was in a good mood.

Because he easily let those guys return in low spirits after failing, and even the most powerful opponent had to a strategic withdrawal in front of him.

Just then there was a roaring explosion in the distance.

Fizart brows tightly frowns shouted.


The door was pushed open and Adjutant Vardy walked in.


“The gang attacked again?”

“Yes, they attacked from the other side, but attacked The force is not very strong, and the speed is slowed down.”

Wadi respectfully reported.

“Keep an eye on them and immediately notify me if anything goes wrong.”


Vardy was about to leave after speaking.

Suddenly, Fizart suddenly shouted: “Wait, have those two third-generation mechas joined the war?”

“We’ve joined the war, we just focused on those two mechas. .If anyone has the best hope of sending nuclear mines into the city, it must be the two third-generation mechas. And one of them is already equipped with nuclear mines.”

Wadi slightly startled, Immediately replied immediately.

“You did good, a group of stray dogs, they only have one or two methods at their disposal. As long as we pay attention, they can’t do anything about us.”

Fizart replied with extreme confidence.

Seven days later, Su Mo and Qianchengxue drove the mecha and bombarded the steel bunker in the suburbs from a distance.

After a lot of work, they exploded into waste very smoothly.

The soldiers who followed Su Mo and the others were also shooting at the enemy from a long distance. The firepower is fierce and fierce, not fierce but not bad.

On the observation deck in the Alpine fortress, Fizat has been watching the battle in the suburbs with an optical telescope.

He brows tightly frowns.

“What day is it?”

“It’s the seventh day.”

Wadi immediately replied.

“What on earth are these people trying to do? Attacking for seven days in a row, and not using all their strength.”

Fizat also had a suspicious look on his face.

“General, the other party probably wants to constantly challenge our patience, so that we can’t help but go out to clean them up. If the hardness is not enough, we want to attack our hearts.”

Wadi hurriedly explained.

“hmph, do you think this kind of trick will work for me? Is there any reward for the drone and the reconnaissance square?”

Fizart did not forget to ask one more question.

“Not at the moment, the other party is very vigilant and difficult to approach.”

“Then send more points to investigate!”



“By the way, tell the brothers below that you have to work hard and just spend it with them. Send as many people as you lose to replenish them, neither more nor less, to see who can spend more. !”


At this time, in the dark underground, Chen Shan brought a group of Captains in mechanical individual armor, with mechanical temporary assembly tools, and digging frantically. typical.

They basically work 24-hour shifts and never stop.

“Come on! Don’t stop!”

Chen Shan digs hard and keeps cheering for his companions.

“Yes, General!”

The subordinates beside them gathered their strength, digging hard, and reinforcing them along the way.

Soon a cart of dirt was transported out, and of course the dirt was professionally disposed of by the logistics staff.

At the back of the battlefield, Xiao Wen kept his hands behind his back and kept an eye on the conflict to prevent any sudden changes.

After all, it has come to an extraordinary time.

Lin Yue walked up to Xiao Wen at this time and whispered: “Chen Shan and the others have dug to the city wall of the high mountain fortress, and almost three-quarters of the progress has been completed.”

After Xiao Wen finished listening, he picked up the communicator and said to Su Mo and Qian Chengxue.

“Push the battlefield forward a little, don’t be too abrupt.”

“Rest assured, we know how to do it.”

Su Mo replied seriously.

“Okay! Thank you for your hard work.”

Sean sincerely thanked him. Su Mo and Qianchengxue were all staring at him during this time. Especially Su Mo, he played the longest time, Qianchengxue played relatively less time, it is said that her mecha has great side effects.


After Su Mo responded, he moved faster. The offensive strength of Killing Blade also began to gradually become stronger.

Soon one by one, the fixed-point fortresses began to be pulled down.

The troops are moving forward!

On the observation deck in the center of the high mountain fortress, Wadi Hui reported: “General Fizart, the other side has accelerated.”

“I see, this advancing speed is still not fast, this is What the hell are you guys trying to do? is it possible that waiting for reinforcements?”

Fizart shook his head after thinking of this, the idea was ridiculous. This is their hinterland. There are reinforcements, and it is also his own reinforcements, but he always feels that something is wrong.

(end of this chapter)

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