Star Ring Mission Chapter 327


Chapter 327 Failed

“We don’t know what the other side wants to do? But General Fizart lets them No matter how much you struggle, there is nothing to make up for it.”

Wadi respectfully explained to Fizat.

“Don’t be careless, send more people to investigate, I want to know what they want to do.”

Fizart was still very disturbed.


Vardy stepped back.

A few days later, a team member in the tunnel said to Chen Shan in surprise: “General, we have dug to the bottom of the city wall!”

“Very well, dig down, Dig it from below!”

Chen Shan is also more and more excited!

“No problem!”

The people responded with high morale.

“Wait, Zhao Shan, take someone outside to bring the nuclear mine in first!”

“Okay, I’ll go right now.”

Zhao Shan replied excitedly, finally digging the end, the ghost knows how they spent these ten days.

After speaking, Zhao Shan left in a hurry.

On the other side, Xiao Wen continued to look at the battlefield ahead. At this time, Lin Yue hurried over and whispered in Xiao Wen’s ear: “The tunnel is about to end, and Chen Shan asked Zhao Shan to come over to get the core. Thunder.”

“Very good, be careful, don’t be found.”

“I understand.”

Lin Yue heavy nodded.

Not very long, Zhao Shan and the others responded to the nuclear mine. The entire nuclear mine was enclosed in a metal box, and its size was reduced a lot. Because there is no need to launch, the surface launch structure is completely removed, leaving only the core part and the detonator, so the weight is also greatly reduced.

They placed the nuclear mine on a cart, and Zhao Shan and the others pushed the nuclear mine away quickly.


Soon Zhao Shan and the others pushed the nuclear mine into a forest, hiding many vigilant players along the way.

“Be careful, don’t let suspicious people in.”

Zhao Shan said something to someone hiding somewhere.


A hoarse voice came from the snow-covered bushes.

Soon Zhao Shan came to a place, a hidden tunnel made of white snow, and they cautiously pushed the cart into the tunnel.

At this moment, on a big tree far away from the tunnel entrance, a pair of eyes captured this scene. Immediately afterwards, an astonishing scene appeared, a blurry silhouette with the same color and lustre as itself emerged from the big tree.

That fuzzy silhouette quickly moved towards the distance, and its speed is far beyond ordinary people.

And the color of the silhouette body constantly changes as it passes all around the scene. Even if someone notices the abnormality, they will only think that they are dazzled if they don’t pay attention.

Soon the blurry silhouette appeared beside a bush. He extended the hand and went in to grope, and soon found the wireless communication transmitter hidden here.

He quickly took it out and edited the information to report the situation.

The player in front of him is Johnny, the scout Captain sent by Fizart. It is also taking the genetic medicine of the camouflage series, and its ability is similar to that of Ma Qi.

At this moment, there was a faint sound in the distance, which immediately touched Johnny’s nerves.


Johnny turned around and fled without saying a word, of course, while escaping, he edited the information, authentic, nuclear mine! Coordinates

At this moment, there was a rapid chasing sound behind him.

Johnny ran as fast as he could without looking back.

“Damn, almost!”


Suddenly there was a gunshot!

Johnny slammed to the ground, nearly suffocating in severe pain. His vision began to blur, and the shot just now clearly hit the key.

He pressed the release button with all his might, and was immediately paralyzed to the ground, blood dyed red and snow-covered.

At this time, a silhouette quickly rushed to Johnny’s side, picked up the communication device on the ground, and the person who came was Ma Qi.

He looked at the communicator indicating that the message had been sent successfully, and angrily punched a nearby tree, crash-bang snow fell.

“Come on!”

In the high mountain fortress city, Wadi rushed over and reported to Fizat.

“The latest information, sent back from the reconnaissance Captain Johnny. Those people are digging tunnels and want to bring in the nuclear mine.”

“What? Where is the location?”

Fizat heard Vardy’s report, and the wine in his hand shook and spilled completely. But he can’t care about that much now, his ass is about to bloom.

“There is no specific location. Johnny has lost contact and should have been killed. However, I have already sent someone offline to inquire. But time is too late. General, what should we do now? ?”

“Can you determine the direction of the communication?”


“Okay, send all the fighters and bombers out, and also I adjusted all the firepower, gave me the direction of the indiscriminate bombing signal along the way, and collapsed the tunnel for me. And immediately sent people to investigate all the corners of the city and find the group of damn rats!”


Wadi immediately executed.

Immediately, an extremely shocking scene appeared. Groups of fighter jets and bombers took off from the mountain fortress city and started frantic carpet bombing against the deserted suburbs in the front direction.

At the same time, rockets and artillery shells were fired from the high mountain fortress city, washing the ground indiscriminately.


If a normal person sees the enemy do this, they will definitely think that the other party is crazy.

This is a complete waste of ammunition.

However, they soon turned out to be right. I saw the pitted ground, a trace like a long snake appeared.

No accident, the tunnel collapsed.

After Xiao Wen saw this scene, he angrily kept the telescope in his hand on the ground, took a deep breath, and finally fell short.

A sense of powerlessness rises in the mind.

Lin Yue, who was standing aside, said in horror: “Sir Chen Shan.”

At this time, Ma Qi hurried back and was about to report to Xiao Wen, but when he saw the distance The bombing of the sky, he stopped, and Ma Qi knew that there was no need to report.

On the battlefield, Su Mo and Qianchengxue watched the bombardment in the distance and felt deeply helpless.

After preparing for so long, the approaching success is still noticed. But it’s normal. The enemy is not a fool. He will always notice a trace of abnormality, and it is not too strange to be detected.

Xiao Wen’s hoarse voice sounded in the communication channel.

“The plan failed, all retreat.”

Immediately, Su Mo and the others controlled mecha and began to retreat.

Not very long, Su Mo and the others retreated to the rear camp, he and Qianchengxue drove mecha to Xiaowen’s side.

“What’s the situation?”

Although Qian Chengxue probably guessed it, she still asked.

“The tunnel was detected by the enemy’s investigators. Although Ma Qi immediately killed the opponent. But the news was still passed on, and the other party used carpet bombing. I have just sent someone to confirm, the tunnel. It was bombed, and the plan most likely failed.”

Xiao Wen also had a look of regret on his face.

“Where’s Chen Shan?”

Su Mo asked.

“We have lost contact. Maybe the tunnel has collapsed in chains and is buried in it. The news from offline is that he is not dead. He should be wearing mechanical armor to protect him. But It’s useless, we don’t know his location, let alone save him, it won’t be long before he will die.”

Xiao Wen’s expression became more and more tired.

(end of this chapter)

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