Star Ring Mission Chapter 328


Chapter 328 Winning

β€œWhat should we do now?”

Lin Zinuo and the others were also saddened. It took so much effort to get this result.

“I don’t know, think of a way, take a break for a while, the enemy should be in a state of extreme alertness. No matter what we do at this time, the other party’s reaction will be very strong.”

Xiao Wen said in a deep voice.

It’s a pity that everyone has no will to rest at all, and they all stand in place.

In the tunnel of the high mountain fortress city, Chen Shan and several people covered their heads, and the dust kept falling from the top of their heads.

Due to the violent explosion, the rough tunnel in front of me looked like it was about to collapse. Since Chen Shan and the others were already under the city wall, they were not affected. But the tunnels outside were not so lucky.

“What’s the situation?”

Chen Shan asked with a dark face.

“I don’t know, it seems that the enemy is aware of our tunnels and is bombing us wildly!”

“Where’s Zhao Shan? He hasn’t sent the nuclear mine yet?”

“No, according to the time, it should be almost there. Is it possible that the tunnels along the way were smashed? Bury them or they can’t get through.”

“It’s over.”

Chen Shan sat on the top when he heard his brother’s words.

“It can’t be finished! General, I’m here!”

At this moment, a rude voice sounded, Chen Shan and the others’ eyes lit up again after hearing this, and they stood up abruptly. .

I saw Zhao Shan and a few people covered in mud all over their bodies, madly pushing their carts and rushing in!

“Nice job.”

Chen Shan excitedly extended the hand and patted Zhao Shan and several others on the shoulders.

“General, we were almost buried. We were almost scared to death.”

Zhao Shan said excitedly.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this, brothers, work harder and dig through the tunnel! It’s time for us to send these bastards back to the west.”


The original despairing crowd was replied with excitement.

Chen Shan took the lead in digging frantically!

Time passed, and soon Chen Shan and the others successfully dug through the bottom of the city wall and dug into the high mountain fortress city.

“Become a general!”

“Quick, push the nuclear mines in!”

Chen Shan replies excitedly, this time he can do it all. Help my grandson.

“No problem!”

Zhao Shan and the others were also very excited, and pushed in the box containing the nuclear mine.

However, at this moment, the tunnel light suddenly brightened, and there was a sound of shouting and footsteps in the distance.

“Not good, General. We were found by the other party, and the tunnel was dug up!”

“Zhao Shan and I stayed, and everyone else went to stop them and give I’ll block them.”

Chen Shan immediately gave the order.


The only remaining subordinates drew their automatic pistols and rushed out.

“Don’t open the box!”

Chen Shan shouted to Zhao Shan.


Zhao Shan and the two hurriedly removed the buckle on the top and lifted the metal cover.

I saw a special glass cylinder lying quietly inside, one red and one blue liquid separated.

At this time, a loud gunshot sounded from behind.

peng peng ~~

Then came the screams.

Chen Shan didn’t care so much, he directly unplugged the button on the safety buckle, and then activated the detonator. Suddenly a sixty-second countdown appeared on the digital timer.

“General, are you alright, the brother outside can’t stand it anymore.”

Zhao Shan asked anxiously.

“No problem, let’s go. Let’s go too, and fight with them!”

Immediately, Chen Shan and Zhao Shan ran back with their heads lowered.

Without any accident, they bumped into the players from the Free Victory Guild head-on.

Zhao Shan raised his automatic pistol and shot at them!

peng~ peng~!

He just killed one, and suddenly a shuttle of bullets swept over.

Zhao Shan was knocked down immediately, and the firepower of the weapon was not at the same level. And the space in the tunnel is so narrow, it is impossible to escape!

At this time, Chen Shan saw Zhao Shan, who was walking in front, collapsed, with a grim look on his face, and took out two grenades from his waist.

“Little bastard, don’t even think about passing through here!”

The players of the Free Victory Guild who rushed up at this time shouted in horror when they saw this scene.


Too late!


The huge explosion directly caused a small-scale collapse, which directly blocked the passage.

Above the city wall, Fizat, who was anxiously watching, roared hysterically when he saw the hole he dug suddenly collapsed.

“Excavator! Dig it for me!”


In the outskirts of the Alpine Fortress City, everyone is lost. look, there is no hope in sight.

However, at this moment, dazzling rays of light burst out in the distance.

A huge mushroom cloud rushed into the sky.

“Be careful!”

Su Mo’s first reaction is to control mecha, protect Xiaowen Wen, Lin Zino and the others! Qiancheng Xue is controlling the axolotl mecha instinctively to protect Su Mo.

Before everyone could react, the shock wave of terror swept across!

The personnel not wearing mechanical armor were killed on the spot, and some were blown away like balloons.

In an instant, the entire world turned into a vast expanse of white.

When the shock wave ended, Su Mo controlled mecha and turned his head to look at the city of high mountain fortresses, completely stunned by the scene in front of him.

The entire city of alpine fortresses has completely disappeared, and a mushroom cloud is floating in the sky.

There are obviously strong walls of the alpine fortress, which block the shock wave and spread to dozens of kilometers in a radius. If there is no wall blocking, it is estimated that it will spread to at least hundreds of kilometers.

Su Mo had a look of disbelief on his face.


He was ecstatic, but then a strong doubt filled his mind, when did the nuclear mine formidable power become so powerful?

After a few moments, everything is calm!

Although Xiao Wen’s side is fifteen kilometers away from the Alpine Fortress City, but due to the strong formidable power of the explosion, it was still severely damaged.

Shawyn immediately gave the order.

“Rescue the surviving companions!”


Lin Yue was replied in a complicated mood. Although the losses were heavy, their plan was successful. For a while, she didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

“What the hell is going on here, why is the formidable power of this nuclear mine so strong?”

Lin Zinuo came back to his senses and asked in a trance.

“What’s going on with Xiaowen Corps Head? If nuclear mines have such strong formidable power, why do we bother to send them over? Just detonate them directly in the suburbs, and they can achieve such good results. .”

Qianchengxue asked Xiao Wen very puzzled.

“Impossible, we transport this batch of nuclear mines in a standard system, the equivalent is the same, not so strong.”

Xiao Wen replied firmly.

“We should have hit a hornet’s nest. This city of alpine fortresses is an arsenal!”

Su Mo replies with certainty.


Listening to Su Mo’s words, everyone froze in place, with extremely exaggerated expressions on their faces, a look of disbelief.

“We won the lottery?”

Xiao Wen showed a wry smile and replied: “It’s really like Su Mo belongs, we won the lottery!”

In fact, Xiao Wen and the others didn’t know that they not only won the lottery, but also the grand prize. This alpine fortress city is not only a weapon reserve point for the Free Victory Guild, but also a material reserve point!

(end of this chapter)

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