Star Ring Mission Chapter 33


Chapter 33 opens the door

Because of the extremely realistic simulation of this game, everyone’s body actually has hidden health and stamina values. . If you want to recover, you need to use the corresponding medicine and rest. If the player goes offline, when the player goes online again, the physical strength and health of the game character will not recover, and they will continue to drop. The final result can be imagined. Know.

This is also why Su Mo and the others are hiding here to rest and are unwilling to go offline.

Silent all night, Su Mo opened his eyes and got up when the day was dim.

Lan Xi and the others greeted Su Mo with some sullen spirits.

“You’re awake.”

They actually admire Su Mo from the bottom of their hearts. It was so lively outside last night that they thought the monster was going to kill him. They were so nervous that they just rested. No. On the contrary, Su Mo didn’t react at all, and rested so peacefully.


Su Mo pulled out the Tang knife and said indifferently.


Sun Duoxiang and the others suddenly became refreshed, and they quickly put on their backpacks.

Su Mo opened the door, observed the outside vigilantly, and made sure there was no danger, so he went out, followed by Lan Xi and the others.

The seven people are like mice, swiftly traversing the various alleys.

To be honest, Su Mo likes to act in such a small city. The buildings are cluttered and the alleys extend in all directions, which is very advantageous for a person like him who has a memory that is comparable to his memory.

I have to say that in this operation, Su Mo and the others were very lucky, and they did not hit any powerful monsters along the way.

As it approached noon, Su Mo and the others finally arrived at their destination.

“Boss, this is the building we’re going to explore?”

Sun Duoxiang looked at the unremarkable building in front of him with a confused expression.

“That’s right, spread out and look for the entrance.”

Su Mo raised his hand and waved it coldly.

Lan Xi and the others dispersed immediately, carefully searching for the entrance.

A moment later, Su Mo and the others gathered together again, Sun Duoxiang scratched his head and said in pain, “What the fuck, this building doesn’t even have a window, and it doesn’t have any windows. I saw some ventilation pipes, just four steel gates, what kind of building is this?”

“Yes! I checked it just now, and the walls of this building are super thick, even the ground It’s thicker.”

Lan Xi also expressed her doubts.

“It’s a special stockpile, and most likely it’s military grade.”

Su Mo responded simply.

Lanxi and the others heard this, their heartbeats were involuntarily accelerating, but they asked worriedly.

“Then how do we get in.”

“Enter through the main entrance.”

Su Mo took Lan Xi and the others to the main entrance of the reserve, the main entrance It’s a thick-looking gate with a cipher on the right side of the door.

“This seems to be about cracking the combination lock.”

Lan Xi and a few people were strangely surrounding the combination lock.

“How can this thing be cracked?”

Zhang Hao and the others did not understand at all.

“I don’t understand, hehe, I have to rely on me at the critical moment.”

Sun Duoxiang volunteered and stepped forward.

“Are you okay?”

Lan Xi looked at Sun Duoxiang with a little distrust.

“Look at what you said, don’t underestimate me, we all have training, let’s see how I show you both.”

Sun Duoxiang finished speaking, from the backpack He took out a bottle of spray and sprayed it on the button on the combination lock.

Not to mention, six of the nine buttons on the combination lock immediately showed fingerprints.

“The password is these six numbers, but the trouble is that you need to figure out the combination sequence. Also, it should be noted that this kind of combination lock can only be entered wrong twice. If it is wrong the third time, it will be It’s completely locked.”

Sun Duoxiang made clear and logical analysis to everyone, and showed a very troublesome look.

At this moment, Su Mo suddenly said something.

“It’s useless if you crack it, because there is no electricity.”

Hearing Su Mo’s words, Sun Duoxiang’s expression is as wonderful as it is, like no choice but to suffer in silence, but he soon developed his shameless spirit.

“The big brother is still very good, lay bare the truth with one remark. What should we do now, the performances I just performed were acrobatics in front of you.”

“This All kinds of combination locks have mechanical emergency switches.”

Su Mo replied faintly.

“But we’ve probably searched for it just now, no.”


Su Mo lifted the cipher box with force, inside. There is an emergency mechanical handle hidden.

“Damn it! That’s it!”

Sun Duoxiang shouted excitedly.

Su Mo pulls hard on the emergency switch.


The huge door clattered back, but the door was completely motionless.

“Big brother, the door doesn’t respond, is the emergency switch broken?”

Sun Duoxiang and the others waited for a while. Confused voice.

Su Mo didn’t answer him, but walked a few times in front of the gate, then crouched down and pointed under the gate.

“The emergency switch can only be locked back. If you want to open this door, you need to rely on your own strength. Look carefully under the broken gate, there are handles welded on one by one, ten in total.”

“You mean, seven of us are required to lift this door? Big brother, are you kidding me? This door is super heavy, it’s a ton at least.”

How many of Sun Duoxiang were dumbfounded, only seven of them?

“You’re wrong, not seven people, but six people. Because there is one more person to roll in while we lift. And this is not a fantasy story, the ordinary person is professionally trained to lift 200 -400 jins, although your physique is not up to the standard, but you are working hard to lift, there is still a chance to lift a little bit.”

Su Mo roughly explained the situation.

“Okay, then who will go in.”

Although Sun Duoxiang and others thought it was ridiculous, there seemed to be no better way.

“It goes without saying that Lan Xi is naturally going in. She is relatively petite and has the smallest strength compared to us.”

Su Mo started to take off her shirt as she spoke. .

“cough cough, big brother, just say it, don’t take off your clothes, it’s not very good. If you get angry, I’ll find some for you later”

Sun Duoxiang saw that Su Mo was undressing, and his instinct went wrong.

Su Mo glanced at him coldly, just like looking at an idiot, only to see Su Mo who took off his shirt, revealing eight strong abdominal muscles, a seemingly thin body, all of which were muscles. Every muscle is full of explosive power.

Su Mo’s body has been different from ordinary people since he was a child. Although his body was stunted when he was a child, his organs were not up to standard. But as he got older, his body seemed to be fully activated, the values of all parties advanced by leaps and bounds. It enables him to have superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and memory, and he can do anything with ease.

So Su Mo’s grandfather found a lot of Masters for him to train him in all aspects. However, the innate talent shown by Su Mo is more and more shocking. No matter what he learns, he has finished apprenticeship in less than a year, and the student surpasses the master.

(end of this chapter)

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