Star Ring Mission Chapter 330


Chapter 330 Incidents

A few days later, in the outskirts of the city of high mountain fortresses, with Xiao Wen’s order, all Everyone moved.

Driving the remaining mecha, they began digging trenches and fortresses in favorable terrain, while finding some boulders from all around to make makeshift defenses.

“Come on everyone! The last battle, for the Heavenly Dragon guild!!!”

Lin Yue cheered everyone up while inspecting the preparations for the battle.


The crowd was very popular and everyone was doing their best.

The mechanical Legion, which is like a tide in the distance, is moving fast. Inside a special-made command car, a bloated and fat middle-aged man with a very ruthless face and very ruthless eyes urged angrily.

“Hurry up, if you let those people escape, they will all be punished!”

The commander in front of him is the Corps Head of the Seventh Army, the ace of the Freedom Victory Guild. Boondo.

He was in a very bad mood at this time. The idiot of Fizart was served in one pot. Not only did he say goodbye to his quota materials, but he also wiped his ass.

In addition, President Augustus is now extremely furious, and he ordered the death to take down the opponent. If he can’t handle this, he doesn’t even know how to meet his anger.


The following people replied.

At this time, the adjutant came over and said respectfully to Boondo: “Lord Corps Head, our reconnaissance plane has locked on the other side, and the other side has no intention of escaping. Instead, they are building a fortification on the spot, which looks like Plan to fight with us to the end.”

“There is a kind!”

Boondo said with a grin!

“Should we let the air force formation bomb the other side first?”

“No, flank me!”

Boondo heard that the other side did not flee, I feel more confident.


The adjutant responded respectfully.

Five days later, when the troops like a torrent of steel were approaching Xiao Wen’s troops, they suddenly began to divide, and directly surrounded Xiao Wen’s entire army.

Su Mo and the others saw this scene without any fear.

His mind quickly turned to calculate, how to detonate the nuclear mine behind him, so as to cause the greatest damage to the opponent. The reason why they did not take flight to contain them, but let the other side be surrounded, was to concentrate the other side’s forces and better send them a ride.

Of course, Boondo also saw the purpose of Xiao Wen and the others, but he was not afraid, and he also responded.

The troops he surrounded were relatively far apart, even if the two nuclear mines exploded in his troops. Although it can make him lose a lot, it will not affect the broader market.

Su Mo took a deep breath and looked at the enemy surrounded by grandiose, feeling more and more emotional, this is almost the end of the hero.

At this moment, a heavy and solemn bell rang in the distant Praying Dragon City, as if sending them off.

Time flies by.

Two days later, the troops on both sides officially entered a standoff.

At this time, a multi-functional war chariot drove out of the center of the enemy troops, and the horn on the car sounded the sound of Boondo.

β€œI’m Boondo, Corps Head, Seventh Army Corps, the ace of the Freedom Victory Guild. Shawn Corps Head, I don’t know if I dare to come forward and talk.”

β€œCorps Head cannot , maybe there is a fraud!”

Lin Yue nervously discouraged.

Xiao Wen replied with a dumb smile: “To this extent, there is nothing to be afraid of. Besides, even if there is a fraud, there is none of you! When will our Heavenly Dragon guild lose in imposing manner. I’ve passed others.”

Saying that, Xiao Wen walked to the front of the defense line and replied: “I am Xiao Wen Corps Head, what are you doing! (Translation)”

“Xiao Wen Corps Head, although we are enemies now. But I sincerely admire your actions, support from thousands of miles! Breaking the siege, attacking the canal defense line in the sky, destroying the city of high mountain fortresses, your record is enough to be included in the textbook. But heroes also have doomsday At that time, you have no way back now, and uphold the greatest respect for you. As long as Xiaowen Corps Head is willing to hand over the two third-generation mecha and the remaining nuclear mines, I am also willing to leave a way out and accept you. Surrender, absolutely preferential treatment!”

Boondo made his own terms.

“Since we stay, we don’t have to say that we are afraid of death. If we want to persuade us to surrender, then we don’t need to say more!”

Xiao Wen refused very simply.

“Okay, that’s a pity, everyone is ready”

Boondo replied helplessly.

The mecha power engines were running to the fullest, and the rumbling sounds of violent power rose one after another.

Rows of missile vehicles raise the missiles.

Xiao Wen’s side is not to be outdone either. One after another mecha raised the firearms in their hands, and at the same time, the simple artillery shell launchers in the position were raised.

Su Mo’s muscles tightened and his eyes became sharper. This would be his last battle.

Boondo slowly raised his hand and was about to wave it when he gave the attack order.

There was a sudden, rapid sound.

“Corps Head, stop!! Don’t attack! The latest order from President Augustus, stop the war!”

The free guild players who were ready to fight for a moment were all stunned.

At the same time, Xiao Wen also rushed over to a herald and shouted hoarsely: “Corps Head, the latest order to stop the fighting! Stop attacking!”

Hearing the order to stop the fighting, Su Mo and the others were dumbfounded, what the hell?

There was an uproar at the scene, and the battlefield that was full of fire and smoke suddenly became very strange.

Not long ago, the pointer of the huge clock tower in the center of the city of Qilong turned to 12 o’clock, and the number below officially jumped to 2,26.

The dull bell rang throughout the Qilong Plain, when the Cup of Earth officially opened!

Under the surveillance satellite, the central plate of this world, the area covered by black fog. A light green fog column rushed to the sky like a fountain, and after entering the atmosphere, it spread like an umbrella and fell on the outermost continental plate. The sinking light green gas, after being diluted, began to become transparent and began to flow inward.

The monsters on the outer continent are touching those pale green gases.

The eyes are bloodshot, and the body begins to further alienate, becoming more terrifying and powerful.

At the same time a player is inhaling those gray gases and starts to lose himself, unfathomable mystery attacking his companions.

Then one by one alienated!

The entire forum is in a frenzy, and many people upload videos and yell at them, asking what happened.

In the uploaded video, you can see the two sisters and girlfriends standing together and taking pictures.

Suddenly, one of the women’s eyes became empty, she turned her head, looked towards her sister, and suddenly opened her mouth and bit her neck.

Blood splashes!

The scene is bloody, and it’s a scene that keeps happening in fringe cities.

Many players who were killed went offline and questioned their companions angrily, but their companions were also very aggrieved, their unfathomable mystery hung up, and they quit the game long ago.

In the joint parliamentary hall, the heads of parliaments of all parties were watching the war images. Suddenly the door was pushed open, and four satellite observers rushed in almost at the same time. They ran to their respective council presidents and whispered reports about the sudden change.

(end of this chapter)

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