Star Ring Mission Chapter 332


Chapter 332 Integration

Boondo felt so relieved, to be honest, he would rather fight those murderous monsters than fight It’s too hard to be willing to fight with people who have the same wisdom.


Soon after, in the computer room of the Tenth Building of the Breaking Dawn Group, Su Mo opened his eyes and sat up. He took off his helmet.

β€œhu~ ~”

Su Mo’s head feels a little swollen from the long battle.

But thanks to the truce, he can finally go home to rest.

Su Mo then walked out of the computer room.

As soon as he walked out of the computer room, Su Mo ran into Lin Zinuo and the others.

“Su Mo, would you like to have a drink to celebrate.”

Su Mo replied silently: “Aren’t you sleepy?”

“What are you sleepy about? , don’t look like an old man, that’s boring, let’s go to the bar for a drink to celebrate the success of this support mission Perfection. Besides, a drink is more conducive to sleep.”

Said Lin Zino and the others are pulling Su Mo away!

“I don’t want to go, I really don’t want to go, you guys go, I’ll go back to rest first.”

Su Mo is really not in the mood.

“Hey, it’s really boring.”

Lin Zinuo and a few others replied.

The next day, Su Mo opened his eyes in a daze, his head felt super heavy, and he slept for a long time, making him dizzy.

Su Mo shook his head to wake himself up when the phone rang and he picked it up.


“Big brother, great news, we have stopped fighting. Don’t fight, I finally escaped.”

Sun Duoxiang said tearfully,

“Don’t be too happy, we won’t fight, but that doesn’t mean we won’t fight with monster.”

Su Mo Sun Duoxiang, who was suddenly choked with a replied sentence, was speechless.

“Isn’t there a big brother who is covering me?”

Sun Duoxiang continued to use his shameless licking spirit.

“Okay, I won’t talk about it with you anymore. Let me ask you, are there any new rules announced after the opening of the Cup of Earth?”

Su Mo suddenly remembered this. asked.

“Big brother, you didn’t pay attention to the latest news, the Earth Cup win condition has added a new condition, that is, you must occupy the lost continent in the center of the Star Ring world. Now the price of ships has skyrocketed, and the early settlement Everyone on the ship has made a profit!”

Sun Duoxiang felt regretful when he said this.

“What else.”

“And there is that virus green fog, which is now rushing into the interior like crazy, and many people are running for their lives. Cleaning, there won’t be a living hole at all.”

“I see, I won’t talk to you anymore, I’ll go to the forum to see.”

Su Mo hung up the phone, he opened the forum.

The entire forum is now discussing two things, one thing is that all guilds reconcile, jointly issue a statement, and strictly prohibit infighting and forming alliances.

One more thing is the opening of the Cup of Earth.

Countless players are complaining and swearing wildly. Because the crisis came very suddenly, many players directly burp.

Assets held in Star Ring, those that are not converted into gold points will become slag.

Many people went bankrupt.

Therefore, the price of Star Ring collapsed, but the strange thing is that the gold point is still very strong. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether it is strong or not, because there is not much circulation left in itself.

But the prices of fire and sea and air weapons have skyrocketed!

Half of the entire forum trading posts are receiving these weapons and equipment.

In addition, Su Mo also saw a lot of videos uploaded by players, and saw that the area shrouded in light green mist turned into a barren world, and there was no life in it. Even monsters who mutated in the green mist were unwilling to stay in the green mist for too long. They are moved towards the central area as if driven away.

So it gradually accumulates, and it becomes a very scary monster tide.

Su Mo looked at the brows tightly frowns, according to the speed of monster tide expansion, he dared to judge. All players are on top, not their opponents.

At this time, Su Mo’s mobile phone popped up a message from Lin Zino.

“Su Mo play the game as soon as possible, in the game we are going to join the army.”


Su Mo replied with a message .


The outskirts of Alpine Fortress City.

As soon as Su Mo went online, he saw all his companions around, packing the last remaining belongings.

Su Mo looked around, confused, why his killing blade mecha was gone.

“Su Mo.”

At this time, Qianchengxue’s voice sounded from behind.

“Sister Xue, where is my mecha?”

Su Mo turned his head and looked towards Qiancheng Xue, and responded with a slight nod.

“We’re going to set off with the Seventh Army, the ace of the Free Victory Guild, to join up with the big army. So our mecha will be checked by their transporter. After all, it’s a bit too much to start three generations of mecha during non-combat periods. It’s extravagant.”

Qiancheng Xue explained to Su Mo.

β€œI see.”

Su Mo felt a little uncomfortable after listening to it.

“Does it feel awkward?”

Qiancheng Xue naturally saw Su Mo’s strange expression. Equipped.


“I’m also very uncomfortable, but that’s the reality. Also I just heard from Shawyn Corps Head that they decided to return the III mecha smasher to To the Free Victory Guild, it is said to be the order from above.”

“What about my machine?”

Su Mo asked quickly.

“Don’t worry, you don’t have to give them back. After all, we’re not a regular army, and you grabbed it from the third-party Wet God Guild. Well, let’s not talk about that, let’s get on the transporter. .”


Su Mo nodded.

Soon Shawwin’s troops set off with Boondo’s Legion.

The snow is also getting heavier and heavier, all around is a vast expanse of white.

Two days later, Su Mo was breathing against the transporter’s window. The snow was so heavy that the march couldn’t be faster.

Su Mo’s transport vehicle slowly stopped, and the cold wind blew in with the door open.

Lin Zino hurriedly got up, picked up a bottle of mineral water and a pack of compressed biscuits and handed them to Su Mo.

“It’s time to eat.”

“Why did you stop to rest so early today.”

Su Mo looked at the bracelet and asked with some doubts.

“It seems that we have to wait for the troops of the Free Victory Guild to converge and then go to the large army area. By the way, Su Mo, our work is not finished? Why are we still with them?”


Lin Zinuo thought about it and asked in confusion.

“Where are you going if you don’t follow them? Now that the cup of earth is open, and those poisonous green mists are sweeping over, it’s not safe anywhere. It’s not Xiao Wen and the others who are asking us for help now, it’s our shameless face. Following them will give you the chance to witness the last cup of earth.”

Su Mo explained helplessly to Lin Zino.


Lin Zino couldn’t react for a while.

“Stop talking about that, let’s eat, isn’t this too hard?”

Su Mo lowered his head and bit the compressed cake, which was still as hard as ever, almost breaking his teeth .

“It’s good to have some food. Let me tell you, this is still distributed to us by the Free Victory Association. Under normal circumstances, we should run out of food.”

On the other hand, this At that time, a mobile army of 100,000 people drove over from the side.

Boondo, Xiao Wen, and Qianchengxue stood at the front of the team and watched.

“The transport team is here! Don’t worry about supplies this time.”

Boondo said in a good mood.

Soon the two groups of troops converged, and a middle-aged man with a long beard and a big nose stepped out from the opposite side. He stepped forward and hugged Boondo.

“haha, Old Partner!”

Then Boondo was introduced in a good mood.

“Let me introduce to you, this is Leifen, Legion Corps Head, the 72nd logistician of our Free Association. These two are Xiaowen Corps Head and Qianchengxue Corps Head.”



After a brief exchange of greetings.

Boondo asked with a smile: “You escort so many supplies, should you give me some points?”

“Go away, what a lot of shit, my supplies are other things. Legion pre-ordered, now it’s hard to get some supplies.”

Leifen helplessly said.

“Don’t be so fussy, and give us some points.”

Boondo laughed and scolded.

“Hey~ I’m not kidding you, I really don’t have any supplies. Most of the supplies were in the Alpine Fortress City, and they were all taken away. It’s really what the fuck, and I don’t know if it’s from the Heavenly Dragon guild. What gang of people are so awesome.”

Leifen sighed, spit out.

Xiao Wen and Qian Chengxue became even more embarrassed after hearing this.

(end of this chapter)

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