Star Ring Mission Chapter 333


Chapter 333 Praise

Boone saw that Xiao Wen and Qian Cheng Xue were embarrassed, so he changed the subject with a smile .

“Stop talking about that, let’s hit the road quickly and join up with the main force.”


Leifen didn’t think much of it.

A few days later, their troops arrived at the area just north of the City of Qilong as scheduled, and joined the follow-up support troops of the Freedom Victory Guild.

At a glance, a super spectacular scene comes into view.

The tents erected on top of each other stand in the blizzard, with no end in sight, and there are countless weapons of all kinds.

The troops stationed in the rear of the Free Victory Coalition Force are all gathered here, and the number reaches more than three million.

The scale and number of Su Mo’s scalp are numb, if you have intensive phobia, you will not be able to bear it!

Of course, the logistics staff in it accounted for nearly half.

“It’s finally here.”

Boondo said in a very good mood.

“This is the main battlefield unit?”

Qianchengxue curiously asked, she glanced over. I didn’t see any people from the Heavenly Dragon Guild, but I saw a lot of players from the Amaterasu Guild.

“No, the plan has changed, we will not reunite with the main force, the latest information from the satellite, the green poison mist has already spread over, it will arrive at us in fifteen days at most, and the time is too late. Therefore, the above temporarily changed the decision, concentrated weapons nearby, and concentrated firepower to attack the city of Qilong. It is estimated that the attack time is only ten days. When the time comes, no matter whether it is captured or not, we will leave here through the Sky Canal, and then head to the center of the sea. Leave the continent behind and attack there.”

Xiao Wen briefly explained to Qianchengxue.

“Stop talking about that, let’s go to the garrison area to rest with us.”

Boondo replied with a smile.


Wen Xiao and the others slightly nodded.

Along the way, I met many other Legion players from the Free Victory Guild, who waved their hands excitedly at Xiao Wen.


Xiao Wen smiled and waved in response.

Su Mo leaned against the window of the transporter, looking at the warm welcome outside, with a face full of sincere smiles, in an inexplicably good mood.

Soon they came to the reserved space, all around the friendly forces sent a lot of supplies and tents, Xiao Wen issued the order to station in place.

At this time, Lin Yue stepped forward and said a few words to Xiao Wen, and Xiao Wen’s expression also showed a hint of surprise.

“What happened?”

Qianchengxue curiously asked.

“It’s okay, you guys have a good rest, I’m going offline and going to the group video battle meeting.”


Su Mo and Qiancheng Snow nodded.


In the Imperial Capital Central Military Building, Xiao Wen walked out of the game cabin, left the computer room and moved towards Conference Hall. At this time, a sturdy big man, laughed heartily came up. He stepped forward and hugged Xiao Wen, and then said with a smile on Xiao Wen’s chest.

“You brat has made a lot of credit this time.”

“Wang Hang, big brother, aren’t you mean to me? I’m good luck, it’s not me who really made the credit.”

“Okay, don’t get it cheap and sell it well. I have some gossip. After hearing about your achievements, President Longming was full of praise.”

Wang Hang smiled. teased.

β€œNo way.”

The two men were talking and laughing moved towards Conference Hall.

A moment later, in the Conference Hall of the Military Department, rows of communication images were connected together.

a A resolute face emerges, and everyone sits upright with a tense expression and a serious look.

The Chief-In-Charge of the five dragons was also present at the meeting.

Due to the lack of time, the troops could not fully converge and could only attack on the spot.

Therefore, each guild needs to arrange a meeting for everyone below, and the next battle matters.

At this time, President Longming is listening to the report of Li Ruiqi and the others.

β€œWe still have only 150 Legions left to compile, and more than half of them have suffered heavy losses.”

β€œMy suggestion is to put the Legions that are dissatisfied with the compiled Legions. Merge, temporarily make up a reorganized army.”

After listening to the report, Long Ming frowned, and he was not optimistic. The previous war was a bit too fierce.

The Legion’s condition is not very good now, but it doesn’t matter, without the baptism of blood, the sword will not be sharp.

“There is one more trouble, it’s about the materials.”

“What’s wrong with the materials?”

“There’s nothing wrong with our materials.” , but there is a problem with the Free Victory Guild. They have applied to us for a large amount of materials, which requires you to decide. If we really divide them, we will definitely not have enough ourselves, we must know that we are very nervous. “

Li Ruiqi said with some headache.

It’s a cool moment when it’s typically fried, but crematorium afterwards!


Long Ming replied without hesitation.

After everyone in the audience listened, no one refuted it, just recorded it silently.

At this time, Long Ming thought of something and said.

“Sixteenth Corps Head Xiao Wen is here.”

At this time, a loud voice sounded.

“Report to Sir President! The Sixteenth Legion Corps Head Xiao Wen is here!”

“Very good, but don’t be so strict, just call me President. Xiao Wen, you Legions The performance this time is extremely outstanding, the people below have already reported your achievements, and I hope everyone can learn like the Sixteen Legion.”

Long Ming’s old face showed a faint smile.

“President Long Ming, in fact, the reason why our Legion can achieve this success this time is largely due to the Qianchengxue Corps Head of the Dawning Guild.”

Xiao Wen’s eyes said very firmly.

As soon as the words came out, everyone present looked towards Xiao Wen. In fact, the latent meaning in Long Ming’s words was to reward Xiao Wen, but Xiao Wen delegated the credit to Qianchengxue.

To know how difficult it is to get the award from President Longming, which means that the future is bright, but Xiao Wen let go of this opportunity without the slightest hesitation.

Ye Tian, who participated in the meeting, was even more shocked. He didn’t expect his daughter Qianchengxue to go out on her own, and she actually did this.

You must know that their entire Dawning Guild did their best to go north to support, but what they finally got was just a verbal award from Li Ruiqi.

Long Ming said with a smile: “I understand, since Qianchengxue and the others have made such a big contribution, when the Cup of Earth ends, the credit will be settled together.”

” Thank you, President!”

Xiao Wen responded calmly.

“Of course their credit goes to them. Xiao Wen, you have done a good job. I hope you will be better in the next battle.”

“Yes, President.”

Xiao Wen was very excited to replied, and it was a great honor to be affirmed by President Long Ming.

“Okay, let me tell you now. Let’s attack the City of Praying Dragon.”

President Long Ming said solemnly.


Everyone responded.


In the evening, Su Mo was standing beside the laying killing blade mecha, also had nodded pain. This mecha has fought dozens of battles with his own large and small, and the damage is a little serious. And most importantly, the built-in nuclear fuel rods should also be replaced.

(end of this chapter)

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